10 Best Good and Quality Gopro Camera Brands

10 best good and quality gopro camera brands

Gopro is one of the most famous cameras in Indonesia. This camera, especially the HERO series, is considered the best Gopro camera brand, because of its affordable price and decent quality. As the brand that releases the most action cameras, Gopro seems to be the main camera if you want to take pictures for extreme outdoor activities.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gopro Camera Brand

If you are interested in buying an action camera, there are a few things you should know. There are various brands of action cameras on the market and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. To make it easier for you to choose, here are some tips for choosing the best Gopro camera brand that suits your needs.

1. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each camera


Action cameras such as the Gopro are small and light cameras but have a high resolution so they are widely used for taking pictures outdoors. This camera has a protective casing that is very strong and waterproof, so it can be used in places that ordinary cameras cannot reach.

Action cameras from several brands certainly have differences with Gopro, so it’s a good idea to know first the advantages and disadvantages before buying it. The difference usually lies in the results of the image obtained, the price, and its features.

2. Get to know the durability of the camera


Although suitable for covering in extreme places, each action camera has a different durability. Know the durability of the camera you are going to buy, so that the camera is not easily damaged. Pay close attention to the instructions for use so the camera will last a long time.

3. Pay attention to the battery


Batteries are very important for action cameras. To get the most out of it, you should choose a camera with a large battery so that the shooting process can last longer. One example is the Gopro HERO4 camera which has a battery with a capacity of 1160 mAH, with a capacity of that size this camera can record images for 1 hour if wifi is not activated.

4. Pay attention to the video quality


Action cameras can now record images with resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160). As for the standard resolution (720p-1080p), you can get high frames. This will certainly be very helpful in creating slow motion videos.

5. Camera support features


Supporting features are the last thing you need to pay attention to when buying a Gopro. The most common feature found in action cameras is usually the wifi feature. With this feature, you can easily take pictures through other devices you have. In addition to wifi, other useful additional features include burst, time lapse, micro SD support, and so on.

6. Adjust to the budget


The price of action cameras, especially Gopro, is not cheap. If you have enough budget, it’s a good idea to choose the latest Gopro series to get the best quality. However, if you have a limited budget, you can choose the cheaper old Gopro series. Even though it’s an old series, the quality is still pretty good when used outdoors.

You can use the tips for choosing the best Gopro camera brand above, whether you buy a new Gopro or a used Gopro. As long as it still works well, there’s nothing wrong with buying a used Gopro camera that has adequate features. However, keep in mind to always be careful when buying electronic equipment and cameras. Make sure you buy at an official place to avoid being scammed.

Best Gopro Camera Brand Recommendations

If you intend to buy a Gopro camera, it’s a good idea to first know what kind of camera you need. Each Gopro camera has a different quality. In general, the latest series is the best product compared to the previous series. Well, here are some recommendations for the best Gopro camera brands for you.

1. Gopro HERO


Morning beginners, this camera is recommended because this camera has a pretty good quality and an affordable price. Gopro HERO itself consists of 2 versions, namely HERO LCD edition and HERO. Both have the ability to record full HD 1080p images with 25,30.5 and 60 fps recording modes. The only difference lies in the absence of an LCD on the HERO+.

This Gopro camera also offers other advantages, namely auto low light mode and superview mode which are very useful for recording images when conditions are low light. This type of Gopro is capable of recording images with 12 MP quality, so it is quite good for making videos. In the market, this camera is priced varying from 4-10 million rupiah depending on the series.

2. Gopro HERO+ wifi


If you intend to try the capabilities of a Gopro camera, then you should buy this type of camera. This action camera is really standard, simple, and powerful. Even without an LCD, the resulting image quality is still good. Gopro Gopro HERO+ wifi can record images or videos with full HD quality up to 1080p and with fps settings around 25-60 fps.

In addition, Gopro HERO+ wifi also offers quality shooting quality, namely with an image size of up to 8 MP accompanied by DLSR (burst mode up to 30fps). The battery is quite durable. For the price issue, this camera is priced below 1 million rupiah for a used one.

3. Gopro HEROLCD


This one camera already has an LCD touch screen, so it will be easier for you to see the object to be photographed. Similar to its brother, this camera has shooting quality with image sizes up to 8 MP and has an ultra wide angle lens.

The recording is of sufficient quality because it is full HD 1080p and has a fps setting between 25-60 fps. This camera is also equipped with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. The problem of price, on various online platforms this camera is priced at around 5 million rupiah for a new camera. Meanwhile, the price of a used Gopro HEROLCD starts from 2.5 million rupiah.

4. Gopro HERO 4 Silver


This camera is the most popular Gopro series. This action camera has a touch screen that makes it easy for users to take pictures. This camera has very good and clear image quality (4K). Meanwhile, as a still camera, this one camera has 12 MP quality with an ultra-wide wide angle lens that will maximize image capture.

Meanwhile, for the problem of durability, this camera is able to survive in water up to a depth of 10 meters. For connectivity, this camera has a wifi feature, making it easier for you to take pictures from other devices. For the price, this camera is priced at around 2.5 million rupiah (new) and 1.5 million rupiah for the used one.

5. Gopro HERO 4 Black


The features of this camera are exactly the same as the features of the Gopro HERO4 Silver, but minus the touch screen. Just like the silver series, this camera has very good and clear image quality (4K). To record the HD 1080 version, you can use fps settings ranging from 20-60 fps for maximum results.

In terms of toughness, this camera can withstand a depth of 40 meters and has a 12 MP image quality. To get it, you have to spend 2.5 million rupiah in new condition and 1.5 million rupiah for used condition.

6. Gopro HERO4 Session


The Gopro HERO4 Session is the best Gopro camera brand in terms of size. This camera is the smallest action camera among other Gopro camera series. Its size is 50% smaller than normal Gopro cameras, so it is very light and easy to carry, even up to 10 meters underwater.

To record images, this product is capable of recording with super HD quality 1440p at 30 fps and HD 1080 quality at 60 fps. As a still camera with an 8 MP sensor, this camera is capable of displaying good images. To get it, you have to spend around 3 million rupiah for a new one and 2.6 million rupiah if you buy it in used condition.

7. Gopro HERO 5 Black


If you are looking for a flagship product, then this camera is the right choice. As one of Gopro’s flagship products, this camera is equipped with solid features, such as a 2-inch touch screen, mic, speaker, and wifi.

In terms of image recording capabilities, this product is capable of recording 4K quality images at 30 fps. For still cameras, this product is capable of taking pictures with 12 MP quality. In terms of durability, this camera can withstand water up to a depth of 10 meters. This product is priced starting from 5 million rupiah and 3.5 million rupiah for a used camera.

8. Gopro HERO 5 session


Although light, the performance of this camera is still powerful and can record 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, and 1080p videos with the video correct distortion mode feature as distortion remover. As a still camera, this product can take pictures with a capacity of 10 MP. To have it, you only need to spend a budget of around 5 million rupiah. If you want to buy used, you only need about 3 million rupiah.

9. Gopro HERO 6 Black


As Gopro’s flagship product, this camera is indeed very powerful. To record images, this product is capable of recording 4K images at a speed of 6 fps while for 2.7K and 1080p quality it can reach 120 fps and 249 fps. Meanwhile, as a still camera, the quality reaches 12 MP.

In addition, this product is also equipped with features such as touch screen, voice control and wifi. This product is also strong enough to survive at a depth of 10 meters. To get this camera, you have to prepare a budget of around 8 million rupiah to buy a new one and around 6.5 -7 million rupiah to buy a used one.

10. Gopro Fusion


This product is a single camera capable of recording images and audio up to 360° spherically. However, in terms of size, this camera tends to be larger than other Gopro cameras but is suitable for pairing with other Gopro accessories.

This product is equipped with a pair of hemispherical lenses with a resolution of 5.2K 60 fps on the front and 3K 60 fps on the back. With a resolution of 4K, users can get high-resolution images that are not broken even when digitally cropping the image.

In addition, Gopro embeds the Mobile Over Capture feature which allows users to crop HD 360° videos with 5.2K quality easily via smartphones. Not only that, this product is also equipped with a battery that can last up to 75 minutes.

Interestingly, this camera is also able to survive up to a depth of 5 meters. For the price, this product is priced at around 10 million rupiah.

The ten best Gopro camera brands above are a few of the cameras that are suitable for outdoor activities. There are various other brands that have the same features as Gopro, but at different prices. If you are planning to buy one of the cameras above, we recommend that you buy it at an official place because it is easier to trust.

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