10 Best Electric Welding Machine Brands

In the industrial sector that uses materials such as metal and iron, a welding machine is the main tool and must be owned. The reason is, the welding machine is used in the splicing phase between these materials. Well, for that, you need to know the brand of an electric welding machine in order to have a quality machine.

Why is it necessary to know? Because in this fast-growing era, various machines with different brands also appear. If you don’t know which brand is a good one, you may be deceived and the machine you purchased turns out to be of poor quality.

Tips for Choosing a Brand of Electric Welding Machine

Before knowing the brands of electric welding machines, you should also need tips on choosing the brand of the machine. Here are some tips for choosing an electric welding machine:

1. Calculating the Cost of Your Company or Business


This is the most basic way before buying an electric welding machine. Pay attention to the costs or finances of your company or business. For example, if you want to buy a slightly good machine, then prepare a large amount of money.

If you just want to buy a machine that has good quality but is not complete, you don’t need to spend too much money.

2. Pay attention to the duration of use


This also needs attention. How long will you use the machine during the day. For example, you want to use the machine for 8 hours without stopping.

Well, it can also be taken into consideration when you want to buy the machine. If your needs are that long, choose a machine that can be used for that long.

3. Generator


Genset is also something that needs to be considered when you want to open an electric welding business. Because sometimes in your place you may often experience power outages or similar problems.

If that’s the case, also pay attention to the welding machine and generator. Can the welding machine that you are going to buy apply its power through a generator?

10 Best Recommended Electric Welding Machine Brands

1. Lakoni


In the world of welding equipment marketing, various welding machine manufacturers have filled sales spaces, one of which is Lakoni. Lakoni is a welding machine manufacturer whose background is suitable for the lower middle class.

Falcon 141GE is the flagship electric welding machine. This type has been floating around in the sales scene. Among the machines they have, only this Falcon has the highest selling value. Lots of people are interested in this machine.

For the price, the Falcon 141GE is still affordable because it is quite cheap. This machine has a price of around Rp. 1.2 million to Rp. 1.7 million. Machines that have a Duty Cycle specification of 60% at 140 A and 100% at 100 A only require a minimum of 900 watts for power.

With a current output of 20-140 A, the diameter of the existing electrode is estimated to be approximately 2.0 to 4.0 mm.

2. Multipro brand


not much different from the Lakoni brand. This Multipro welding machine brand is also suitable for people from lower to middle backgrounds. Multipro has issued many electric welding machines with various types.

Well, for that, there is a suggestion for the most recommended electric welding machine from this brand, namely the EG120A-SC type machine. This type of machine does not really require a large amount of electricity, in fact you should not be surprised because this machine can run at 400 watts of power.

Use the EG120A-SC machine to weld GTAW and SMAW processes. However, there is something you need to take note of, when you want to use this welding machine for the GTAW process you need to equip it with other equipment, such as torches, gas cylinders, and cables.

Even the price of this machine is even more surprising, around Rp. 525 thousand to Rp. 750 thousand. Not only that, this machine is equipped with a current output of about 20-120 A and has a usable electrode diameter of 2-3.2 mm.

3. Brand Redbo


The Redbo brand also doesn’t want to be left behind, they issued the Redbo brand with the TIG 160 A type. This electric welding machine can function for two things, namely for SMAW and TIG (Argon welding).

The current capability is around 20-140 A for SMAW use, while for TIG it is around 20-160 A. This machine has a price that is enough to make you spend more money, which is around Rp. 2 million – Rp. 2.5 million.

But don’t worry, with that price you can enjoy a complete package such as torch, chipping hammer, steel brush, and so on. As for electrical power you need to have a rather large power, approximately 1,300 watts for maximum engine performance.

4. Esab brand


This brand is a welding machine made in Japan. Of course for the quality you do not need to doubt it anymore. Because everything made in Japan never disappoints, especially when it comes to machines.

Well, for the Esab brand, the recommended type of electric welding machine is the Buddy Arc 180 type. Because this type has a fairly promising performance, namely by having a fairly large amperage output.

For the price, it’s pretty good to make you sweat if you have a lower-middle background. Because you have to spend Rp 6.3 million to buy this machine. However, there are cheaper ones, namely the type below the Buddy Arc 145 at a price of Rp. 4.3 million.

5. Krisbow Brand


The Krisbow brand produces various types of electric welding machines. However, there are two types that are most recommended, namely the 160A and 200A inverter types. About the price, of course both have different prices.

For the 160A type, it is around Rp. 1.6 million, while for the 200A it is around Rp. 1.9 million. While the electrical power that needs to be used is about 1,300 watts.

6. Brand Rhino


This brand of electric welding machine is a brand that is very suitable to be on your shopping list when you want to buy welding equipment. The reason, the price of this machine does not make your breath out of breath.

Not without reason, the price of this machine is only around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 600 thousand. While the power required is only 450 watts.

Oh yes, there is an important note, if you want to only use 450 watts, you should not have other electronic devices there, because it will not optimize the performance of the machine. But if you have to, you should use only 900 watts of power just in case.

7. Brand Tomeco


This Tomeco brand is not very familiar to the public. However, you can take this branded machine into consideration. In addition to good quality, this brand has an average price, around Rp. 1.3 million. However, you will get other additional equipment.

8. Brand EWM


This EWM branded electric welding machine is a machine made in Germany. But usually these branded machines are more widely used for FCAW and GMAW welding processes. If you ask about the price, you need to be mentally prepared.

The reason is, the price of this German-made machine can reach Rp. 66 million. But when buying this machine, you should throw away the doubts that surround yourself. The reason, already get a guarantee if this machine is very high quality.

9. Daiden brand


The Daiden brand also doesn’t want to lose. They issued a machine that costs around Rp. 3 million rupiah. When it comes to quality, Daiden can still compete with other brands, really. So, you can make it an option right now!

10. Brand H&L


This brand of machine also issued the same machine, namely the Inverter 120 A series with a fairly friendly price in the range of Rp. 500 thousand – Rp. 700 thousand only. Very cheap when compared to other brands.

By paying attention to some of the brands and the tips above, you can make you a careful and conscientious buyer. Buying is not only trusting the seller, but also knowing how it functions and so on. Careful buying is the beginning of the success of your business.


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