10 Good Brands of Men’s Jeans (Local and Overseas)

10 good brands of mens jeans local and overseas

Did you know that in the past, jeans were only used by mine workers and factories? But now jeans have become a must-have fashion item for both men and women. Choosing a brand of men’s jeans to support your appearance and fashion is very important.

If you are looking for a brand of men’s jeans to buy, we have summarized tips for choosing jeans and also recommended some good and quality jeans brands for men especially for you.

Tips for Choosing Jeans for Men

Because jeans are easy to mix and match with other fashion items, from t-shirts, sweaters to shirts, jeans are a favorite for many people. Choosing the right jeans is very important.

Here are some tips so you can choose the right jeans:

1. Choose the right jeans model


Not only look good and cool, jeans should also be comfortable to wear. Therefore, you can choose a jeans model that suits your body shape. For example, for those of you who are slim and small, you can choose regular jeans or slim models.

As for those of you who have an athletic body that is not too muscular, jeans with a relaxed cut can also be an option. If you have wide hips, choose a relaxed-fit one size above your original size so it doesn’t look too tight at the crotch.

2. Make sure the size of the pants fits your body


This is the most important thing in choosing jeans. Make sure that the pants you choose have the right size and are also comfortable to wear. Stomach circumference and leg circumference are things that you must pay attention to so that they are not too tight when used.

3. Choose the right color of jeans


For a more casual look, you can choose jeans with a slightly faded blue color. If you want to wear jeans on a more formal occasion, dark jeans will be better to wear.

But if you want to buy jeans that can be used in various occasions and events, choose original blue jeans.

Recommended 10 Brands of Men’s Jeans

A brand or brand will be famous and widely used if the quality of the product offered is good and liked by consumers. Likewise with men’s jeans, well-known brands usually have high quality and are also available in various models and colors.

we have summarized 10 brands of men’s jeans as a recommendation for those of you who are looking for or want to buy jeans. The 10 brands include:

1. Levi’s


This brand is a brand of men’s jeans that is very well known both in Indonesia and abroad. Created since 1873, this brand is often referred to as the father of jeans. This brand provides many models and is known for its durability.

You can adjust the model of jeans to your body shape as we have said before because of the many choices.

2. Nudie


This Swedish jeans brand is very well known for its quality and durability. The nudie jeans brand also uses materials obtained from recycling used jeans so that it becomes the main attraction of this brand.

3. Diesel


The next recommended brand of men’s jeans is Diesel. Those of you who like jeans with cut or skinny cuts will definitely like the Diesel brand. The skinny jeans model is synonymous with discomfort, but that doesn’t apply to this Diesel brand.

Although famous for its skinny model, this brand also offers comfort for its users. You can buy Diesel Jeans for anywhere from 350,000 to around 2.5 million.

4. Wrangler


In addition to the Levi’s brand, Wrangler is also a well-known brand of men’s jeans. These Wrangler jeans are known for their vintage wash denim design. This wash denim material allows you to move more easily.

5. Leah


Although many people mistakenly think that this brand is an American brand, did you know that Lea is a brand of men’s jeans originating from Indonesia and has penetrated the international market?

This brand is known by many people for its comfort when used, especially the Lea Jeans 606. The cut used in this variant of Lea jeans later became the signature of this brand.

6. Zara


Not only selling women’s clothing, Zara also sells men’s clothing ranging from shirts and jeans. These Zara brand jeans are made with flexible and stretchy materials. Although the design of Zara jeans is simple, products from this brand are still fashionable and also follow fashion trends.

7. Lee Cooper


This brand is known as the leading jeans brand in Europe. First produced in 1908, this brand is famous for its wide range of models. The most popular model from this brand is the blue wash denim with regular fit selvedge and ultra slim fit models.

8. Carvil


Maybe you are more familiar with Carvil as a footwear brand, both sandals and shoes. However, Carvil also produces men’s jeans at relatively economical prices. The material used in the Carvil brand is denim cotton which is more flexible and comfortable.

You can buy jeans from the Carvil brand with only a starting capital of 160 thousand rupiah, you know! For those of you who support local Indonesian products, this brand is one of the brands of jeans that you can buy.

9. Guess


Guess supports you to be able to look fashionable, stylish but still elegant. Compared to other brands of jeans, the material used in the Guess brand is relatively thinner, thus increasing comfort.

Besides being available with wash jeans, Guess jeans are also available in dry denim which will make your appearance look more vintage and old school.

10. Lois


The last recommended brand of men’s jeans comes from Spain. For those of you who like to travel, this Lois brand is the right brand of jeans for you. Although famous for its Slim Stretch collection, Lois Jeans also provides a Black Jeans collection.

This brand even provides a choice of Destroy Denim models with torn designs that add an adventurous and casual impression. Coupled with a touch of Faded Jeans, your look will be more memorable.

You can choose jeans from the 10 brands of men’s jeans that we have conveyed according to your wishes and needs. Don’t forget the tips that we have conveyed about tips on choosing jeans so that you choose the right jeans. Good luck!


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