8 Best Air Purifier Brands That Are Good And Durable

Usmile.id – Fresh and clean air is definitely needed by everyone, especially after a day of dealing with dirty air on the streets. The use of an air purifier is one solution that is often done to create better indoor air quality. Clean or not the air affects everyone’s health, therefore make sure to know the best brand of air purifier that is good and durable.

Even though you are in the house, the air produced is not necessarily clean and free from pollution. Bacteria and viruses can spread quickly and affect the health of family members. Therefore, the use of air purifiers is increasing along with everyone’s awareness of the importance of breathing fresh and clean air.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Air Purifier

Choosing household electronic products must be taken seriously, this is because the costs incurred are not small. In addition, of course, the use of electronic products is expected to last for a long time. The function of the Air Purifier is indeed very important, but choosing the wrong product will actually make the air quality in the room worse.

There are still many who think that AC is an Air Purifier, but it turns out that AC is not an Air Purifier. Before buying, make sure what needs you want to meet. In addition, also pay attention to the following tips when buying an Air Purifier.

  • Type

Currently there are various types of air purifiers that can be found in the market, these various types have different functions. Make sure what kind of air purifier you want and then look for the right type. Is an air purifier needed to remove dust, bacteria, smoke or just to remove odors.

  • Room Size

Pay attention to where the air purifier will be placed, whether the size of the room is large, medium or small. After determining the size of the room, then look for products that are able to clean the air with a sufficient range. A larger range will certainly be better so that all corners of the room can be filtered.

  • Electrical power

As an electronic device, of course, the use of electricity is something that must be considered. If the use of electricity a lot, then the costs to be incurred are also quite a lot. Choose products that require low electrical power so you can save. The choice of suitable wattage for air purifier products is 50 to 200 watts.

  • Brand

Well-known brands will certainly attract attention because of the quality that has been trusted by many people so that their products can survive. In addition, well-known brands have official guarantees so that if there is damage to the product, you can immediately come to the official warranty.

  • Price

One of the big reasons that make people hesitate to buy a product is the price, when the quality is as expected but the price is still far from the budget. Therefore, first make sure what price is included in the budget, then look for products that are in that range.

Choosing an air purifier is not easy, but by following these tips, it will be easy to get your dream product. Do not be careless in choosing electronic products, because of course electronic products are projected for long-term use. By using quality products, it will certainly improve the quality of life.

List of 8 Best and Durable Air Purifiers

Having fresh air in the room is a necessity that seems expensive for residents of the capital city, especially those whose houses are on the edge of the road. No need to worry, the house can still have clean air by using an air purifier. All dust, bacteria, viruses to small dirt particles can be filtered using this product. Here are the recommendations for the best air purifier brands

  1. Panasonic F – PBJ30A


Panasonic is one of the best electronics brands on the market. With their various electronic products, Panasonic is trusted as an electronic brand that maintains quality. Panasonic has various types of air purifiers to choose from, including the Panasonic F – PBJ 3A. This product has good quality and is suitable for making the air healthier.

The nano technology feature of this air purifier can help maintain air quality by killing bacteria and viruses. This product is suitable to be placed in the family room or bedroom inhabited by children. Of course, children will be healthier because they are free from bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

Advantages of the Panasonic F – PBJ 3A

  • Guaranteed superior and good quality
  • Has the latest technology to eliminate bacteria and viruses
  • Has 3D circulation airflow which can make the air cleaner
  • Requires less electricity so it’s more efficient
  • Suitable for use in narrow spaces
  • Light weight size so easy to place anywhere

Weaknesses of the Panasonic F – PBJ 3A

  • Not very attractive design
  • The price is not too cheap
  • Unable to reach a room with a larger size

Price of Panasonic F – PBJ 3A

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 2,310,000
Tokopedia Rp 1,699.00
Shopee IDR 1,700,000
JD ID IDR 1,880,000
Lazada IDR 1,690,000

  1. Xiaomi Mi Small Air Purifier 2


So far, Xiaomi is known as a mobile phone brand and digital watch, but it turns out that this brand also produces household products. One of them is the Xiaomi Mi Small Air Purifier 2 which has 3 layers to filter air, dust and other impurities.

Each layer has its own function and task, such as the third layer which is able to more efficiently edsorb chemicals and harmful substances. In addition, this tool is also able to overcome unpleasant odors in the room.

Pros of Xiaomi Mi Small Air Purifier 2

  • The model is minimalist and elegant
  • The size is not too big
  • Has 3 filter layers
  • Able to remove unpleasant odors
  • Easy to move because of the light size

Weaknesses of Xiaomi Mi Small Air Purifier 2

  • Hard to find in conventional stores
  • Compared to other electronic brands, the engine quality is not very good

Xiaomi Mi Small Air Purifier 2 Price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 2,190,000
Blibli IDR 2,480,500
Shopee IDR 2,475,000
JD ID IDR 2,510,000
Lazada Rp 2,199,800

  1. Sharp FP FM40 Y B


When it comes to electronic products, the Sharp brand is one of the leading brands. Various products produced by Sharp sell well in the market because of their proven quality. Including an air purifier from Sharp, the Sharp FP FM 40 Y B, which has a classy design and looks expensive. Not only design, the excess features of this product are also an added value.

In addition to having a good main feature, which is to clean the air, this product is also able to repel mosquitoes. This is because this product is equipped with the Mosquito Catcher feature. In addition to the mosquito repellent feature, this product is also equipped with plasmacluster technology with a high density of 700. With this feature, it’s no wonder that the quality of this product’s air filter is one of the best.

The advantages of Sharp FP FM 40 Y B

  • Attractive and charming design
  • Has good air filtering ability
  • Able to repel mosquitoes
  • Has plasmacluster technology
  • Can overcome unpleasant odors in the room

Weaknesses of Sharp FP FM 40 Y B

  • Consumes a large amount of electricity
  • No color options available

Price Sharp FP FM 40 Y B

Store Name Price
Bukalapak Rp 3.560.00
Blibli IDR 3,700,000
Shopee IDR 3,590,000
JD ID IDR 3,800,000
Lazada IDR 3,650,000

4. Amway


The Amway brand is known as one of the manufacturers of beauty, fitness, health and household products. Air purifier products are also issued by Amyway which are able to clean the air optimally.

This product is able to filter the air well because it has 3 layers, with 3 stages of filtering it is able to filter the air well. Even small particles can be removed by using this product.

Amway Advantages

  • There is an LED button for easy use
  • Able to filter the air until clean
  • Has 3 filtering stages
  • Can remove odor
  • Guaranteed quality

Amway’s Weaknesses

  • Hard to find in conventional stores
  • The price is quite expensive

Amway Price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 6,440,000
Blibli Rp 6,430,500
Shopee IDR 6,460,000
JD ID IDR 6.490.000
Lazada IDR 6,470,000

  1. Blue Air Classic 405


Clean air and free from viruses and bacteria is very important, especially for children. Using an air purifier can help improve the air quality in one room. The product to choose from is Blue Air Classic 405 which can filter out bad particles even those that are very small in size.

The advantage of this product is the wide range of the room that can reach 40 square meters. In addition, this product can also overcome air problems caused by cigarette smoke. The elongated shape allows this product to be tucked away so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Advantages of Blue Air Classic 405

  • Minimalist and elegant design
  • Can overcome air problems caused by cigarette smoke
  • Can reach a large room
  • Can kill harmful bacteria and viruses
  • There are LEDs and Wifi to improve product performance

Disadvantages of Blue Air Classic 405

  • Not saving electricity, this product requires up to 90 watts of power
  • The price is quite expensive

Price Blue Air Classic 405

Store Name Price
Bukalapak Rp 9.940.000
Blibli Rp 9,933,500
Shopee IDR 10,925,000
JD ID Rp 11.900.000
Lazada IDR 10,910,000

  1. Pisen USB Air Purifier



There is an air purifier product that can be taken anywhere, including when staying at a hotel. This air purifier is a Pisen USB Air Purifier which has a small size so you can take it anywhere. Users can use this product using USB.

Although the air range is not too wide, this product is suitable for filtering dust in the room. The odor is not moderate and this product is able to remove various harmful dust and dirt.

Advantages of Pisen USB Air Purifier

  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Has a HEPA Filter
  • Low price
  • Simple design
  • Using USB as a power source

Weaknesses of Pisen USB Air Purifier

  • Small room reach
  • Cannot be used for a long time

Price Pisen USB Air Purifier

Store Name Price
Bukalapak Rp 198.000
Blibli IDR 183,500
Shopee IDR 178.000
JD ID IDR 220,000
Lazada Rp 194,000

  1. Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier


Not all air purifiers require a large amount of electricity, Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier is a product that saves electricity. In addition to saving electricity, this product can also be used for a long time. With this savings, users can breathe cleaner air.

This product has an energy-saving feature that requires only 7.5 watts of power. There is a HEPA feature that can filter the air from various viruses, bacteria to dirty particles.

Advantages of Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier

  • Has a feature that can provide information about air quality
  • There is an automatic fan setting
  • Uses low power
  • Has easy-to-use touch controls
  • Does not make noise
  • Makes the air cooler

Weaknesses of Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier

  • The price is expensive
  • Limited color choices

Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier Price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 5,267,000
Blibli IDR 5,278,500
Shopee IDR 5,278,000
JD ID IDR 5,277,000
Lazada IDR 5,297,000

  1. Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6


An air purifier that is suitable for use outside the family is the Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6 which can reach a large room. Equipped with modern filtration technology, this product is able to filter the air more cleanly. Eliminate viruses and bacteria so as to make the family healthier.

The room will also be odor-free because this product is equipped with a streamer deodorising catalyst that is able to eliminate the source of odors. In addition, this product is also able to overcome the bacteria that cause allergies.

Advantages of Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6

  • Has a wide range
  • Able to remove odor
  • Capable of dealing with viruses and bacteria
  • Can eliminate allergic bacteria
  • There is the latest filter technology

Disadvantages of Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6

  • Not very attractive model
  • The price is quite expensive

Price Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 4.317,000
Blibli IDR 4,320,000
Shopee Rp 4.728.000
JD ID Rp 4. 339,000
Lazada IDR 4,340,000

Best Product Recommendation

Of the various best products, the recommended product to have is the Panasonic F – PBJ 3A. Panasonic is believed to be the leading electronic brand in Indonesia. This product has the latest technology that is able to remove dust, bacteria, viruses and eliminate unpleasant odors. A good and contemporary design makes this product able to beautify the room so that it looks more luxurious and classy.

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Good air can make health more awake, but it seems difficult to get air that is free from dust, dirt and pollution even in the house though. Therefore, the use of an air purifier is one of the helpers for the people of the capital city who want to breathe fresh air and make the room stay healthy and smell good.

Have you made your choice to buy the best air purifier? Choose a product according to your needs and costs that fit your budget. Follow the tips on choosing the best air purifier that has been mentioned and choose the best brand of air purifier that is good and durable

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