10 Brands of Quality Swimming Goggles for Children or Athletes

10 brands of quality swimming goggles for children or athletes

A swimmer who often uses the pool, will definitely need the best brand of swimming goggles. Swimming goggles function as eye protection from chemicals commonly used in swimming pools, namely in the form of chlorine.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Swimming Goggles Brand

1. Choose the Right Lens


Lenses are an important element in choosing swimming goggles. Before buying, make sure the swimming goggles you choose are comfortable in your eyes. It is recommended that you choose a light color lens if you are going to use it in an indoor or closed area, and vice versa.

2. Pay attention to the rubber glasses


The quality of the rubber will usually be known after use under water. Well, to find out the quality of the rubber, you need to share it with the person who bought the brand first. If it is comfortable and suitable, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy the product.

3. Observe the appropriate rope


Straps that do not fit can eliminate the function of the swimming goggles. Even though the rubber is of good quality, water can get into your eyes if the strap isn’t tight. Especially if the rope stretches easily in one or two uses. Things like this we should avoid before buying it.

4. Choose Anti-fog Glasses


The majority of the best brands of swimming goggles feature an anti-fog feature, which is to prevent the glasses from fogging up when worn. If the glass is fogged up, then the quality of the glasses is also worth considering.

That’s because the eyes will be very disturbed and swimming goggles can not function properly anymore.

Recommended Best Swimming Goggles Brand

1. Intex


Intex is a manufacturer of outdoor and indoor sports activity equipment. Intex swimming goggles are made of vinyl and silicone. Aims to keep it light and have good durability. That way, the glasses can be used for a long time and are more durable.

In addition to quality materials, Intex also prioritizes innovation for all ages. One of them issued children’s swimming goggles with a funny and unique look.

Price Range: IDR 38,000 – IDR 325,000

2. Swans


Swans swimming goggles are also one of the recommended brands. Many specifications are worth considering. One of its flagship products is Swans FO X1 Optical. Kind comes with very complete features and packages.

These stylish optical swimming goggles are suitable for anyone to use, because they are specially designed for those with minus eyes. Equipped with anti-fog features, UV protection, and super soft gasket technology. These specifications will make users feel comfortable even when swimming for a long time.

Price Range: IDR 200,000 – IDR 245,000

3. Arena


This German manufacturer of glasses really cares about the quality of all the products they make. Arena products designed its products designed with a material in the form of lycra. This material is very light and able to withstand chlorine in swimming pools.

With these advantages, swimming using Arena goggles can make your eyes safe and comfortable. This technology is suitable for professional swimmers who often linger in the water.

Price Range: IDR 140,000 – IDR 180,000

4. Diadora


Diadora is an Italian manufacturer of sports accessories whose quality is guaranteed. One of its characteristics is that it prioritizes a stylish classic design. In addition, one of the advantages of Diadora products is that they are priced at an affordable price, the price is cheaper than its competitors.

Although the price is quite affordable, every Diadora product is equipped with modern technology. With an attractive design to own, Diadora swimming goggles offer a simple look. However, these glasses are presented with a variety of color choices that are quite attractive to users.

Price Range: IDR 70,000 – IDR 200,000

5. Speedo


Speedo is a very popular brand for swimming equipment in Indonesia as well as the world. So, there is no need to doubt the product. The advantage of these swimming goggles is extra safety for the wearer. All particles and materials used are skin-friendly and adapt to the needs of its users.

In addition, Speedo swimming goggles are specially designed to minimize the risk of danger while swimming. Speedo is a company that specializes in producing the best quality swimming equipment in its class. If there is this brand in your place, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Price Range: IDR 230,000 – IDR 270,000

6. Bestway


For women, the Bestway brand is quite recommended. Because the design favors a feminine look. The pink color is very suitable for female swimmers. Although it looks more calm, Bestway can be an option for swimmers who want to look sporty.

In addition to the appearance, the advantages of Bestway swimming goggles are UV protection lenses to protect the eyes from the sun. Suitable for outdoor swimmers or those who like to swim during the day.

Price Range: IDR 149,000 – IDR 200,000

7. Lasona


Lasona is often the brand chosen by swimming athletes to complete their activities. One of its products is the Lasona Voyager KC-VYG, the best series that provides comfort and safety when doing activities in the water.

Lasona also manufactures other sports equipment. Such as fitness clothes, yoga, cycling, and others. All Lasona products are more concerned with quality than design. Therefore, in terms of appearance Lasona is considered less attractive to some people.

Price Range: IDR 70,000 – IDR 145,000

8. Eyeline


Eyeline is a brand of swimming goggles specially designed for children. Eyeline glasses have technology such as very easy buckle adjustment, UV protection, and anti-fog. No need to worry, Eyeline also has several types for adults.

Eyeline is very suitable for toddlers, children, and teenagers because it is specially designed for minors. The lenses of swimming goggles are made of polycarbonate which is guaranteed to be safe for use by all ages.

Price Range: IDR 100,000 – IDR 115,000

9. Copozz


Copozz glasses are designed to be slim and lighter. It has 180 degree panoramic vision technology. That way, goggles can make a swimmer’s vision big enough.

The lenses are curved so that swimmers can see their surroundings more broadly. Another feature worth taking into account is the integrated rope loop.

The design is made to make it easier for swimmers to move freely in the water without fear of these glasses coming off. Thus, you can show maximum performance in the pool.

Price Range: IDR 90,000 – IDR 134,000

10. Madwave


X-look Yellow Mirror is Madwave’s flagship product. That’s because this product has been certified by the International Swimming Association (FINA). Polycarbonate is the material used in mirror lenses.

It serves to reduce glare through the effect of black smoke and improve vision in bright conditions. This Madwave is suitable for professional swimmers, because it will make the swimmer’s eyesight increase while underwater.

Price Range: IDR 400,000 – IDR 500,000

You can choose the recommended brand of the best swimming goggles that have been reviewed above. You also should not be wrong in making choices before buying it, the way is to identify the product first before regretting it later.


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