10 Good, Cheap Acrylic Paint Brands, and Tips for Choosing Them

For those of you who are starting to pursue a hobby of painting, Acrylic paint is the ideal paint choice. The reason is, you don’t have to wait long to do overcoating. Due to many requests, Acrylic paints have been widely circulated in the market. However, can you choose a good brand of Acrylic paint?

So that you can choose a good and quality Acrylic paint, we will provide useful and helpful tips. We will also provide recommendations for quality acrylic paint brands for you. Therefore, read this article to the end and don’t miss anything, OK!

Tips for Choosing a Good Acrylic Paint

Compared to other types of paint, this acrylic paint is faster to dry and harden, so you will find it easier to overcoat or overcoating with other colors. However, choosing a good acrylic paint is not easy, especially for those of you who are beginners.

So that you who are beginners can be helped to choose acrylic paint, here we provide tips for choosing a good acrylic paint:

1. Choose the Acrylic Paint Grade that Suits Your Needs


Acrylic paint is divided into two grades, namely artist quality and student quality. For those of you who are beginners, acrylic paint with student quality grade is very suitable to have because the price is cheap.

However, if you want acrylic paint with many color choices and also smooth pigment, you can choose acrylic paint with artist grade quality. That way, your painting will be smoother and more alive.

2. Choose Acrylic Paints that are Resistant to Painting Media After Drying


Paint resistance on painting media or in technical language is permanence or lightfastness, is the ability of pigments to be able to retain color when exposed to light. Acrylic paints have a higher degree of permanence or lightfastness than oil or watercolor paints.

You can choose permanence according to several standards. For example, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) categorizes permanence into 3 grades, namely ASTM I for excellent, ASTM II for Very Good, and ASTM III for Not Sufficient.

Recommended 10 Good Acrylic Paint Brands

If you have determined the acrylic paint you want to buy according to its grade and permanence, we will provide 10 recommended brands of acrylic paint that are good for you. The 10 brands include:

1. Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint


This Australian brand comes with artist quality which consists of two sets of choices, namely 5 and 10 colors. Acrylic paint from this brand has good pigment and color quality and comes with bright colors.

After this paint dries, there will be no cracks or shards so your painting will be smooth. Although this paint is washable, Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint has a very good level of resistance so it does not fade easily.

2. Fila Giotto Décor Acrylic Matt


The next Acrylic paint is an acrylic paint with student quality that is suitable for children, because it is made with a non-toxic and harmless formula. This Fila paint does not take a long time to dry, because it is made with a water-based formula.

To clean paint that is on your hands or left on your brushes, you can easily use soap and warm water.

3. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint


With high viscosity and pigmentation, you will save more paint when painting because it only requires a small amount of paint to produce clear and sharp colors. The finish or finish of this paint is satin, which will last a long time and is also water resistant.

4. Tesla Paints Acrylic


Acrylic paint from this local brand offers high quality that you can get at a relatively cheap price, when compared to other products. This product from Tesla that lasts for decades, makes your painting results in deep color.

5. Mr. Hobby Acrysion


A Japanese brand produces acrylic paints that dry faster than other acrylic paints. Because of this, you can save time in finishing your painting. Unlike other acrylic paints, you can use a brush to apply this acrylic paint.

6. Marie’s Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs


This acrylic paint has been widely used by reliable artists on an international scale, because it provides a variety of beautiful colors. This paint also takes a short time to dry and does not fade easily.

You can use this Acrylic paint on a variety of painting media, such as wood, paper, cement, textiles, and even bamboo.

7. Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint


As the name suggests, this Acrylic paint is made with a special formula so that it can be applied to leather painting media. With this formula, this paint will not easily peel or crack, even though the skin as the painting medium is folded.

This paint is usually widely used on bags, wallets, belts, shoes, sofas, leather jackets, or other leather products.

8. Sakura Acrylic Color


With high quality pigments that create vibrant colors, these Acrylic paints are transparent. Thus, paint can be used with painting techniques such as using oil paints. The finish or the end result of using acrylic paint is glossy or transparent.

With a very wide color range of 58 colors, your creativity when painting is facilitated and you can produce paintings with a variety of unique colors.

9. Faber-Castell 12 Acrylic Colors


This well-known brand as a stationery manufacturer provides acrylic paints in various bright colors, making it suitable for children’s tastes. You or your child can use this Acrylic paint on canvas, wood, glass, t-shirts, bags, or shoes.

With a minimal budget, you can already get 12 colors of Acrylic paint that won’t fade when exposed to water, bonus grip brushes, and also a bonus palette.

10. TiTi Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs


Originating from South Korea, this Acrylic paint product from the TiTi brand has a high level of pigmentation. That way, you only need to use a small amount of paint to produce a vibrant color.

The color results from this painting using acrylic paint give off an opaque color. While other premium brands can only be found at well-known bookstores, you can find this TiTi brand at the nearest bookstore or bookstore.

The list of good Acrylic paint brands, which we have reviewed above are the best selling brands. That way, you won’t be disappointed when you buy it. However, you need to remember, choose according to your needs and budget!


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