10 Cheap and Quality Kitchen Sink Brands (Anti-Rust!)

Family health is the main thing that must be prioritized. Maintaining health, of course, cannot be separated from cleanliness. The cleanliness of the room and kitchen must always be maintained, including the kitchen sink (where to wash dishes). For that, you must choose a quality and safe kitchen sink brand.

The need for a place to wash dishes in the kitchen is a must. Here are some tips you can use to choose a safe dishwasher:

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Sink

1. Stainless Material


Kitchen furniture will never be separated from the water. That is why most kitchen furniture is made of stainless steel, a material that does not rust easily and is a good conductor.

Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel will make it easier for you to care for and clean them. With this material, the dishwasher will always look shiny after cleaning and will not rust easily.

2. Not easy to leak and not easy to scratch


The choice of thick material will make the dishwasher not easily scratched and leaked. To anticipate this, designers usually use additional materials that are not easily scratched, such as brass and nickel.

3. Mixer Tap That Fits the Kitchen Concept


The type of faucet you use on the kitchen sink must be a safe and quality type. Of course, it must also be adjusted to the type of your kitchen. If your type of kitchen is minimalist, then you should choose a small faucet.

4. Single Basin or Double Basin


For those of you who often cook with large and large equipment, you should use a kitchen sink with a double basin or triple basin type. This will make it easier for you when washing kitchen utensils, so that around the dishwasher is not dirty.

5. Deep Basin with High Water Faucet


The selection of a deep dishwashing basin will help your work, so that no splashes of water come out while you are washing. The selection of a high water faucet will make it easier for you when washing large furniture.

6. Quality Brand


To get safe and quality materials, of course not just any brand has them. You must be careful and observant in choosing a kitchen sink that is both safe and durable. To get a quality brand, you can buy it from a manufacturer that has been proven to be good according to the public.

Recommended Durable and Cheap Kitchen Sink Brands

To choose a quality kitchen sink is indeed difficult and easy. Here are some recommendations for durable and inexpensive dishwasher brands:

1. Onan


Onan is a place to wash dishes made with quality and anti-rust materials. Although the shape of the Onan brand is classified as a minimalist type, this kitchen sink is more suitable for use in a large kitchen.

This product is already available in the marketplace with prices starting from Rp. 750,000.00 to Rp. 900,000.00 only.

2. Royal


The royal SB 42 brand is one of the super cheap dishwashers, but still has quality. This brand is made of stainless steel so it is anti-rust and safe for washing all kitchen utensils, vegetables, and fruit.

This dishwasher is very suitable to be installed in a minimalist home model because of its simple shape and not too big, so it looks elegant. This kitchen sink is also very easy to clean. The price for this Royal brand is around Rp. 170,000.00 to Rp. 1900,000.00 only.

3. Puzzle


This dishwashing brand has a simple shape so it is very suitable to be placed in various kitchen models, be it a minimalist or ordinary kitchen. The price of this product is also standard, which is around Rp. 1,000,000.00.

The advantages that exist in this brand include being made of quality materials that are durable and anti-rust, namely stainless steel. In addition, it is also equipped with a dish dryer and a charming color such as silver.

Because it is made of stainless steel, this dishwasher is very safe to use for washing fruits and vegetables. In addition, this product is also easy to clean.

4. Balzano


Balzano is a brand that is suitable for those of you who have a house with a spacious kitchen model. The reason is, this brand has a fairly large size, which is 62 × 43 cm, with a price of around Rp. 1,000,000.00 to Rp. 1,300,000.00.

The advantage of this brand is that it is more hygienic and safe because it has a depth of about 22 cm, so that splashes of water do not come out when washing. The use of quality materials and equipped with a rinse bed makes this kitchen sink look more elegant.

5. Blanco


One of the recommended kitchen sink brands for you is the Blanco brand. This brand has several advantages, including being made of quality stainless steel that is anti-rust.

This brand has a minimalist model, perfect for those of you who have a simple and narrow kitchen. The price offered for this brand ranges from IDR 1,100,000 to IDR 1,700,000.

6. Modena


For those of you who have a luxury home like a palace, the Modena brand is the right choice. First, because the model it has is very beautiful, elegant, and has two dishwashers, of course with a different design from other kitchen sinks.

Second, it is made of thick stainless steel which makes the Modena brand look very sturdy. To get the various advantages of this brand, the price is worth it. You only need to prepare Rp. 2,800,000 to Rp. 4,000,000.00.

7. Lavenia


Lavenia is a brand with affordable prices, simple designs, and guaranteed quality. This brand is very suitable to be installed in a kitchen with a minimalist model. To get it, you only need to prepare Rp. 375,000.00 only.

8. Linea


Linea is a brand with a simple and economical design. Made of stainless steel making it more durable and long lasting. To buy it, you only need to provide approximately IDR 350,000.00.

9. Domo


The Domo brand is made of premium stainless steel, making it rust-resistant and resistant to all seasons. With the double basin model (two dishwashers), the water will quickly flow to the disposal.

Usually, this brand is often used in cafe and restaurant kitchens because it can accommodate more plates. To get this brand, you only need to spend around Rp. 1,000,000.00 to Rp. 1,500,000.00.

10. Wasser Sylvia


This one brand is made of thick and strong stainless steel, so it is durable. Because the material used is thick and has a smaller water filter, this kitchen sink is not easy to smell and the rest of the dirt will not enter the water pipe.

This brand has a model that is quite large with two dishwashers, so it is suitable for large types of kitchens. The price for this brand is around Rp. 1,500,000.00.

Some of the kitchen sink brands above you can choose as recommendations. If your home is minimalist, then choose a minimalist dishwasher. Of course you know better which one is more suitable for your home.


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