10 Wardrobe Deodorizer Brands That Smell Lasts

Usmile.id – Still finding clothes that smell bad because they have been stored in the closet for too long? It could be that you forget not to add fragrance to your wardrobe, it turns out that it not only gives a fresh scent but can eliminate musty and unpleasant odors. Especially if there are too many clothes in the closet.

There are now many of the best clothes deodorizers with their respective scents and uses, even classified as safe for children. So you don’t have to worry about giving special fragrances to your closet, because there are many choices, you should choose what you want.

Tips for Choosing a Durable Wardrobe Freshener

It’s not just according to taste in terms of aroma, it turns out that there are many more uses with the provision of cupboard camphor that users often don’t know about. Not just choosing, it turns out that there are several more benefits that can be obtained. Try to identify the best selection method according to your needs.

  • 1. Fragrances that match clothes hanging

Still using mothballs for hanging clothes, this obviously doesn’t provide any other benefit. Clothes even still smell musty when reused, it could be because they are too full or they haven’t been used for a long time. It is better to use a clothes deodorizer that can be hung.

Usually it will be attached, tied or simply hung on a clothes hanger. The goal is that clothes are not easily musty, eliminate odors and spread a fragrant aroma when the closet is opened. The scent won’t stick to clothes but usually only lasts up to 30 days.

  • 2. Deodorizer suitable for clothes in piles

It is different with camphor for clothes that are piled up, usually known as camphor. The shape is like chalk with white color, even now it is colorful. How to use it is enough to place it at the end or corner of the wardrobe.

This will remove musty, foul odors and make the cupboards smell better. It’s a good idea to use white and tends to be clear, because it won’t leave color if it’s exposed to clothes directly.

  • 3. Fragrances with fragrances

This is just a matter of taste, usually clothing camphor has a special flavor, the goal is to release the aroma. If you choose a fragrance, don’t be surprised by the strong and often fragrant smell. Because its main function is to disguise bad odors in wardrobes and clothes.

Flavors that many women use are often floral scents such as lavender, rose or jasmine. There are also fresher fruit flavors such as lemon or citrus which are more neutral. For men, they often choose the aroma of coffee or citrus which gives a masculine impression and is not too feminine.

  • 4. Fragrance with a neutral scent

Don’t like scented camphor, it’s better to choose a neutral scent. Don’t be surprised if you open it but don’t smell anything, it’s usually just to prevent the musty smell and get rid of the stuffiness.

Its function is more to absorb unpleasant odors and make the wardrobe smell neutral. Even the smell still smells of clothes deodorizer or ironing lubricant used. If at first the cupboard smells, you should use chemicals first before replacing it with camphor sticks.

  • 5. Fragrance reduces musty odor and antibacterial

Wardrobe deodorizers are widely used for babies and children, because certain scents will eliminate the baby’s good smell. In addition, antibacterial has been chosen to eliminate bacteria that might re-attach to clothes after a long period of not being used or stored in the closet.

Usually in the form of hanging camphor or camphor, depending on taste and place of use. Like neutral-scented camphor, it won’t give off odors and only serves to neutralize the scent in the cupboard.

The 10 Best Choices for Wardrobe Scents That Last and Scent

Decide which wardrobe deodorizer to use, each storage area will require different camphor. Here are some recommendations for fragrances that are widely used, available in a variety of flavors and suitable for all storages.

1. Fogo Stella Wardrobe Freshener


Stella is a highly sought after fragrance, even a best seller for wardrobe fragrances in Indomaret, which is available with many flavor choices, the aroma is soothing and not too strong. So it’s the right choice to deal with mosquito nests in the closet and avoid getting attacked on clothes.

In addition, the price of stella cupboard fragrances is quite affordable, easy to install on a clothes hanger because it includes a hook. There are several choices of aroma, brezee is the right choice for neutral and fresh. As for fruit and flower scents, there are floral and fresh options, usually women’s choices.

The advantages of Fogo Stella Wardrobe Freshener

  • It is small in size and can be tucked between clothes
  • The smell is not overpowering
  • Equipped with hook
  • Does not emit gas or liquid
  • The shape is simple and does not leave stains on clothes

Disadvantages of Fogo Stella Wardrobe Freshener

  • Shelf life of only 6 weeks (less if the cupboard is opened frequently)
  • Only provides 3 scents
  • The smell is quite strong and sticks to clothes

Price Fogo Stella Wardrobe Freshener

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 6,200 30 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 8.000 30 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 8.000 30 grams
Lazada Rp. 8,750 30 grams
Blibli Rp. 8.000 30 grams
Jd.id Rp. 12,000 30 grams

2. Glade Hang It Fresh


The cupboard deodorizer at Alfamart is cheap, good and durable. Very easy to get and available with many flavor choices, how to use is also easy, just hang it in the cupboard. A cupboard deodorizer that will eliminate musty odors, wood odors to repel insects.

It’s even become the best-selling wardrobe deodorizer that has a fresh scent variant such as Cool Fresh which many men like because it feels more masculine. Usually, women prefer the fresher Fruity Fresh scent or Floral Fresh which gives off a floral scent. Glade’s fragrance won’t stick to clothes.

Advantages of Glade Hang It Fresh

  • The aroma is fresh, not overpowering and makes you dizzy
  • Small in size and easy to place on the hang
  • Does not leave a scent on clothes
  • Can get rid of musty smell
  • Reduce insect attack.

Disadvantages of Glade Hang It Fresh

  • Only lasts 30 days (could be less)
  • Only 3 flavors available
  • The smell will be strong if the clothes are too full
  • Leaves stains on wood if it sticks directly

Glade Hang It Fresh Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 8,500 8 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 8,900 8 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 8.000 8 grams
Lazada Rp. 10,000 8 grams
Blibli Rp. 7,000 8 grams
Jd.id Rp. 10,000 8 grams

3. Stella Fogo Paper Princess


Foggo collaborated with Stella with the release of paper fragrances that were shaped super feminine, Camphor hanging Stella with the shape of a women’s dress. The size is thin and doesn’t leave stains when it hits clothes, it doesn’t even cause a musty or pungent smell when the wardrobe is full.

Hanging perfume that is equipped with a hook, easy to install. Take it out of the package, hang the rope that is already available, then this perfume will last up to the next 30 days. One fragrance is suitable for a 1 x 2 meter hanging wardrobe.

Advantages of Stella Fogo Paper Princess

  • The model is unique and the shape is thin
  • The aroma is fragrant and not overpowering
  • Does not leave stains and odors on clothes
  • Can get rid of bad odors and insect attacks
  • The smell doesn’t sting when the cupboard is full
  • The fragrance won’t stick to clothes

Disadvantages of Stella Fogo Paper Princess

  • There’s only one scent to choose
  • Quickly sold out only 30 days
  • The price is quite expensive for paper fragrance

Price of Stella Fogo Paper Princess

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 7,500 12 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 9.250 12 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 12,000 12 grams
Lazada Rp. 8,750 12 grams
Blibli Rp. 8.000 12 grams
Jd.id Rp. 10,000 12 grams

4. Good Anti-Smell Wardrobe



Good cupboard camphor is best suited for removing the damp smell of rotting wood and does not give off a pungent smell. This odorless fragrance only absorbs pungent odors, whether perfume or not and makes the wardrobe smell neutral without any odor.

Good anti-odor cabinets also do not leave any stains, the shape is just a box and can be placed in any corner. Suitable for hanging cabinets or piles of clothes, absorbs aromas very well, the smell of perfume will also not be smelled later.

Good Advantages of Anti-Smell Wardrobe

  • Effectively eliminates pungent odors instantly
  • Can neutralize or make cabinets without any scent
  • Can last up to 90 days
  • Suitable for hanging or stacking cabinets
  • Does not leave marks, odors and residual perfume
  • After it’s finished it won’t leave any smell

Disadvantages of Good Anti-Smell Wardrobe

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Only available in major supermarkets or online stores
  • Absorbs all odors not only eliminates musty and unpleasant odors

Good Price Anti-Smell Wardrobe

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 10,000 10 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 11,000 10 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 11,900 10 grams
Lazada Rp. 12,000 10 grams
Blibli Rp. 11,800 10 grams
Jd.id Rp. 10,000 10 grams

5. Zwitsal Robijn Geurbuiltjes


Children’s skin is often sensitive, even though they have washed clothes properly. Try using zwitsal fragrance which is a child for sensitive and often irritated skin. The reason is that it does not contain chemicals and alcohol, just pure perfume extract

The special fragrance for children does not emit a pungent smell, but children’s clothes will still smell good until they are used again. In addition, it is suitable for baby clothes camphor which is quite sensitive, its multifunctional shape can be used for wardrobe hangers to piles of clothes.

Advantages of Zwitsal Robijn Geurbuiltjes

  • Smells special for kids
  • Contains anti-bacterial to get rid of bacteria that stick to clothes
  • Get rid of musty, unpleasant odors to mold on clothes
  • Without using harmful chemicals, without alcohol and artificial fragrances
  • The shape is multifunctional, can be hung or stacked

Disadvantages of Zwitsal Robijn Geurbuiltjes

  • There is only one variant
  • Hard to find, only available online or in big supermarkets
  • The price is quite expensive for the small size

Price Zwitsal Geur Robjin Guerbuiltjes

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 82,000 Fill 3
Tokopedia Rp. 87,000 Fill 3
Bukalapak Rp. 89,500 Fill 3
Lazada Rp. 95,000 Fill 3
Blibli Rp. 89,000 Fill 3
Jd.id Rp. 101,000 Fill 3

6. Swallow Naphthalene Disk Ball


Swallow camphor is the choice of many mothers to overcome musty and unpleasant odors in the wardrobe. Shaped like candy, round and flat. Durable used up to 2 weeks or more, depending on the cabinet is often opened and closed or not.

The price is economical and can last up to one year after the packaging is opened (make sure to close tightly so that the camphor does not shrink). The color is white, tends to be clear, will not leave stains, but the aroma is quite pungent and obscures the smell of clothes.

Advantages of Swallow Naphthalene Disk Ball

  • The price is affordable
  • A scent that many people like
  • Easy to get
  • Sold in small to super large
  • Effectively removes fleas that lodge in clothes
  • Can get rid of the musty smell with enough use

Disadvantages of Swallow Naphthalene Disk Ball

  • Can obscure the smell of clothes
  • Quickly shrinks if the cupboard is not tightly closed
  • Less effective at removing bad odors

Price Swallow Naphthalene Disk Ball

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 27,000 300 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 30,000 300 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 33,400 300 grams
Lazada Rp. 61,000 500 grams
Blibli Rp. 38.000 300 grams
Jd.id Rp. 43,700 300 grams

7. Good Hangers


Camphor hanging cupboard is a good brand that is liked by many consumers because it is easy to use, available everywhere and the price is affordable. This fragrance that contains paradichlorobenzene is indeed effective at warding off unpleasant odors, overcoming mold and mildew without leaving stains.

Easy to use, just open the package. Hang it with the hook provided and it will last up to the next 30 days. For hanging cabinets without cabinets, they can only last up to 15 days or less, depending on whether they are placed in an airtight room or not.

Good Advantages of Hangers

  • The price is affordable
  • Easy to get
  • The smell is not overpowering
  • Does not leave stains when attached to clothes
  • There is an outer layer that protects the camphor and clothes
  • Can overcome musty and unpleasant odors
  • Prevents mildew on clothes

Good Drawbacks of Hangers

  • Only available in one variant
  • Only lasts 30 days or less
  • Not suitable for a full cupboard because the camphor can stick

Good Price Hangers

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 19,800 100 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 16,100 100 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 18,900 100 grams
Lazada Rp. 18,800 100 grams
Blibli Rp. 19,800 100 grams
Jd.id Rp. 15,000 100 grams

8. Fumakilla Elephant Wardrobe


Elephant cupboard camphor is effective for eliminating pungent, musty and unpleasant odors in cupboards. The shape is multifunctional, can be used for hanging or stacking cabinets, it can even eliminate unpleasant odors in the room. Contains active carbon up to 50 percent so that it is effective in eliminating pungent odors.

The material is safe and will not be toxic when inhaled at close range, will not leave stains or odors on clothes. Camphor which absorbs all pungent odors, can even eliminate the smell of perfume. It lasts up to 6 months and the camphor will not change.

Advantages of Fumakilla Elephant Wardrobe

  • Effectively removes pungent odors
  • Create neutral or odorless scented cabinets
  • Will not leave stains and odors on clothes
  • Can be used for hanging or stacking cabinets
  • Can last 6 months or more
  • Suitable for removing all odors with a high concentration of active carbon

Disadvantages of Fumakilla Elephant Wardrobe

  • The price is expensive
  • Only available in online stores or large supermarkets
  • Can absorb all pungent odors even perfume at once

Price Fumakilla Elephant Wardrobe

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 6.450 75 ml
Tokopedia Rp. 7,500 75 ml
Bukalapak Rp. 12,000 75 ml
Lazada Rp. 14,000 75 ml
Blibli Rp. 9,000 75 ml
Jd.id Rp. 7,500 75 ml

9. 3M Scotch Brite Air Freshener


Want to make a wardrobe with the aroma of coffee, this can be done by adding air freshner from Scoth Brite. The reason is that it has several scents of coffee, jasmine and sweet berries. The scent is fresh and calming, not too overpowering and leaves a bad smell on clothes.

Effective for removing musty odors, unpleasant odors or dampness due to wood. Suitable for hanging cabinets and there is already an applicator for hanging on the ralling. Can last 30 days or less, because the camphor is in the form of thick paper which makes the aroma spread and fade faster.

Advantages of 3M Scotch Brite Air Freshener

  • Hanging wardrobe perfume with a fresh and calming scent
  • The smell is not overpowering and I like it
  • The shape of perfume paper is easy to tuck into clothes
  • There are several types of flavors with the same price range
  • Can get rid of bad odors
  • Make your wardrobe smell good
  • Does not leave a strong odor on clothes

Disadvantages of 3M Scotch Brite Air Freshener

  • The fragrance lasts no more than 30 days
  • The price is quite expensive for perfume paper
  • Can leave stains on white or plain clothes if attached directly

Price 3M Scotch Brite Air Freshener

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 29,000
Tokopedia Rp. 22,000
Bukalapak Rp. 26,000
Lazada Rp. 25,500
Blibli Rp. 24,000
Jd.id Rp. 32,000

10. Dahlia Freshgo


Dahlia cupboard camphor is the easiest to get because it is available in traditional markets, the price is affordable and has a large selection of aromas. Effectively helps remove moths and insects that are in the closet or stuck to clothes. Smells closet and doesn’t leave a bad smell on clothes.

Effectively removes unpleasant odors, musty aromas to the smell of rotting wood. The form of a solid gel so that it can last for a long time, is most suitable for use in hanging cabinets. Easy to use, just tear off the package, attach the applicator and the cupboard will smell good for up to 8 weeks.

The advantages of Dahlia Freshgo

  • The price is affordable
  • Easy to get
  • There are several flavors
  • Can last up to 8 weeks
  • Effectively removes moths and insects from clothes to closets
  • Suitable for application on hanging cabinets
  • Does not leave odors and stains on clothes that stick directly

Disadvantages of Dahlia Freshgo

  • The smell is quite pungent
  • Can obscure the smell of clothes
  • Can leave stains on cabinets if sticking directly

Dahlia Freshgo price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 7,000 30 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 6,100 30 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 6,000 30 grams
Lazada Rp. 6,500 30 grams
Blibli Rp. 6,100 30 grams
Jd.id Rp. 9,000 30 grams

Recommended Best Wardrobe Freshener Products

All of the recommended products above, for the best wardrobe fragrance, glade hang it fresh. The smell is not overpowering, it feels good when you open the cupboard and there is no transfer of fragrance to the clothes. Even when it sticks directly, it won’t leave stains on clothes.

Can last up to 30 days, could be more if the cupboard is tightly closed and not opened too often. Won’t leave stains or marks when the fragrance wears off, usually deflates and feels lighter.

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All of the wardrobe fragrance products above choose different scent variants, just adjust it to your taste. We recommend that when choosing camphor for the closet, first look at its shape. For hanging cabinets, you can use hang it camphor, while stacking cabinets can use camphor.

Thank you for listening to all the information about wardrobe fragrances, especially clothes, if you like the information above, you can like and comment. You can even share it with other friends so they can get camphor for the best wardrobe.

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