10 Brands of Body Scrub Good for Smoothing & Whitening Skin


Dull skin problems due to pollution or sun exposure can be overcome with a body scrub. Body scrub or scrub is an exfoliator cream whose function is to remove dead skin cells. The following are recommendations for the best body scrub brands and how to choose them.

Tips for Choosing a Body Scrub

1. Determine the type of scrub


On the market, there are many types of body scrubs ranging from sugar, baking soda, salt, to walnut flakes. Different types of scrubs will affect the fineness or coarseness of the granules in the product. If you have sensitive skin, choose a scrub with salt or baking soda.


You can choose a scrub with baking soda if the dead skin cells seem stubborn. Baking soda is able to clean blemishes on the skin down to the pores. This material also tends to be safe for those whose skin is easily red due to irritation.

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