10 Best Raincoat Brands, Cheap and Not Easy to Tear

10 best raincoat brands cheap and not easy to tear

Have you recently been exposed to rain while driving a motor vehicle? It is now the rainy season, especially when the strong winds make driving a motor vehicle when it rains more difficult. For that you have to use a good brand of raincoat.

If you are currently looking to buy a raincoat but are confused about choosing a raincoat along with the brand you should buy, we have some tips for choosing a raincoat and also 10 recommended raincoat brands for you.

Tips so as not to be mistaken in choosing a raincoat

With high rainfall and accompanied by strong winds that are currently hitting many areas in Indonesia, you must choose a raincoat that fits and is safe to use. There are several things that are tips and you must remember when you want to buy a raincoat.

The tips for choosing a raincoat so as not to be mistaken when buying include:

1. Make sure that the raincoat can withstand water


The materials used to make raincoats are waterproof, but you also need to know that not all waterproof materials are of the same quality.

The quality of the waterproof material used in raincoats can vary in the level of resistance to water pressure and also the power of humidity.

2. Choose a raincoat product with a high level of water resistance (resistance)


The higher the level of resistance or resistance of the waterproof material to water pressure, the less amount of rainwater that will seep into the inside of your raincoat.

To withstand heavy rains and heavy rains that are currently hitting you, you can choose a raincoat with resistance or resistance to water pressure of about 10,000 MM. but if you want to guard against rain with strong winds, the required water pressure resistance is around 20,000 MM

3. Choose a raincoat product with high moisture absorption


Perhaps you have previously experienced the event that the inside of your raincoat got wet. To avoid this, you can choose a raincoat with high moisture absorption, such as a raincoat made of Gore-Tex material.

Top 10 Best Raincoat Brand Recommendations 2021

After you know the things that must be considered and also tips so as not to be wrong when choosing and buying a raincoat, you must determine the brand of raincoat that you will buy. We have summarized the 10 best raincoat brand recommendations.

The 10 brands of raincoats that we recommend are:

1. Axio


Raincoat products from the Axio brand have long been a favorite for motorcyclists because they are equipped with many features. This Raincoat 882 type raincoat from Axio is made with 2 layers, namely the inner layer made of non-hot furing material.

While the outer layer is made using teslan waterproof and windproof as the manufacturing material.

2. Twin Elephant


This raincoat, which is dominated by gray and blue, is an alternative brand of raincoat that you can choose if you have a minimal budget to buy a raincoat. Even so, this twin elephant raincoat is of good quality.

In the raincoat set, you will get a shirt with a hood equipped with a zipper closure. This zipper closure is a system that is used on the hood to adjust its tightness by pulling.

3. ASV


Made from PVC material which has strong yet lightweight characteristics, this Carbon Rubber Type 4 raincoat from the ASV brand is priced quite high compared to its competitors. In addition, you do not need to be afraid of being exposed to water seepage if you use this raincoat.

This is because the connection to the ASV Carbon rubber Type 4 raincoat uses a press system or a press system and does not use stitches.

4. Kitaco


This raincoat can be a solution for those of you who are big because it is made using elastic, stretchy and not easily torn materials. In addition to the material, the stitches used using Full Seam Seal Technology also make the raincoat not easy to leak or seep.

5. Sea Lion


Besides Kitaco, another raincoat brand that is not easily damaged is from the Sea Lion brand. Made from polyester nylon, this brand’s raincoat is known for its strength. Raincoats from this brand have often become best sellers on various online buying and selling platforms.

6. Sunflower


You can rely on this raincoat from the Sun Flower brand in heavy rain but still comfortable to use. Like the raincoat from the Axio brand, the Sun Flower raincoat is also made of two layers of material.

Coupled with the type of hotpress double seal stitch used, this raincoat will resist rainwater and also seepage into the clothes you are wearing.

7. Rosida


In addition to Axio and Sun Flower, Rosida finally issued a Sporty 882 raincoat made with 2 layers. In addition to anti-seepage, this raincoat is also made with a modern and sporty design and a variety of color choices.

8. Takachi


Japanese brands are usually known for their durability and durability, as well as this raincoat brand. Raincoats from Takachi are known to be durable because they are made of PVC Grade A+, which is a high quality material with high elasticity.

Materials like this can also be helpful for those of you who carry a backpack but don’t have a bag cover, you can carry a backpack and then wear this raincoat so that the backpack and its contents are protected.

9. GMA


The next brand we recommend is GMA. For those of you who want a raincoat that can be carried everywhere, a raincoat from GMA is the solution for you. It doesn’t take up much space, the GMA raincoat is lightweight and compact.

10. M2


Previously we had explained that a good material to use on a raincoat is Gore-Tex material. The M2 brand issued a raincoat with Gore-Tex material, namely the Unisex Gore-Tex Raincoat type.

In addition to having a high moisture absorption capacity, this Gore-Tex material can bind heat so you won’t feel cold even if it’s rained and hit by strong winds.

In addition to being waterproof and also see-through, a raincoat must also be comfortable to use. Don’t forget the 10 recommended raincoat brands that we have given you when you are going to buy a raincoat later, OK!


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