10 Best, Cheap, and Quality Bicycle Helmet Brands 2021

Currently, cycling is being loved and loved by various groups of people. When cycling, you must also prioritize safety by using a variety of safety equipment. You have to choose the best bicycle helmet to use.

If you are still confused about choosing a bicycle helmet that can be used, you should listen to this article to the end. We have summarized some tips for choosing a bicycle helmet along with recommendations for a bicycle helmet specifically for you.

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet

Before deciding on a brand or brand, you must first determine a suitable bicycle helmet. Here are some tips from us that you can use to choose and buy a bicycle helmet:

1. Choose a Helmet Entry Model that Fits the Shape of the Head


In general, the shape of the human head is divided into two, namely round which is usually owned by Asians and also oval which is usually owned by Westerners.

By choosing a bicycle helmet according to the shape of the head, it will create a sense of comfort when using it and also more guaranteed security.

2. Choose a Certified Bike Helmet


Don’t forget to choose a helmet that has been certified by SNI, because a certified product definitely has good quality and is guaranteed.

In addition to SNI, you can also choose a helmet with a Snell certificate, ASTM F1447, or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

3. Choose a Helmet that Suits the Activity


The type of helmet that must be used of course must adjust to the activity you are doing. If you like cycling on the streets or road bikes, you can choose the type of aerodynamic helmet.

However, if you prefer to ride freeride, downhill or dirt jump, a full face helmet is safer to use. Other types of helmets that can be chosen, such as mountain bike helmets, leisure helmets, kids helmets, aero road helmets, and many other types of bicycle helmets.

Best Bike Helmet Recommendations

After understanding the tips for choosing and buying a bicycle helmet, you can choose the helmet you want or need. We have 10 recommendations for the best bicycle helmets for you. The bicycle helmets include the following:

1. Polygon Kids Wave Bicycle Helmet


For children who like cycling, you have to provide extra protection, for example by using a bicycle helmet from the Polygon brand. To minimize the impact that can be received by the child in the event of a collision, the helmet shell of this helmet is combined with lightweight foam.

The air circulation of this helmet is quite good, because it has ten ventilation holes. If your child is going to take part in a bicycle race, this helmet can be used while racing because it meets CE or Chartered Engineers standards.

2. Limar 555


If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that has a high level of safety, this helmet can be an option. This helmet from the Limar brand can protect you from hard impacts because it has in-mold technology.

This Limar 555 helmet is not easily damaged, has a good air circulation system, and also has a removable pad for washing. That way, your helmet will stay clean and smell good.

3. Genio


Not always products that have low prices are products that are not of high quality, for example this bicycle helmet from Genio.

Although priced at a low price, this bicycle helmet is of high quality and is equipped with a visor to cover your eyes from direct sunlight.

4. Avand


In addition to bicycle helmets from Genio, the Avand brand bicycle helmet can also be an option for those of you who are looking for a bicycle helmet at an economical price. Made from EPU fiber or elastomeric polyurethane, this bicycle helmet can absorb shocks to the maximum.

The pads or pads in this helmet are soft, thus minimizing the impact on your head. Besides being able to absorb shocks, the use of EPU material also makes this bicycle helmet stronger and also more elastic.

5. Rockbros Bicycle Helmet


Rockbros is a brand that produces many types of bicycle helmets, for example, a bicycle helmet which has a retro 90’s design. This helmet has high impact resistance and is equipped with a webbing strap.

6. Rockbros MTB Helmet


In addition to bicycle helmets, Rockbros also produces MTB Helmets with a sporty design for those of you who often ride mountain bikes. Keeping your head cool, this helmet is equipped with a moisture wicking pad that can absorb sweat optimally.

Good air circulation from this helmet will keep the inside of the helmet dry. That way, you don’t have to worry about odors or mold.

7. Aerogo Bicycle Helmet Gloss Titanium


Although it is priced relatively more expensive than other brands and types of bicycle helmets, the Aerogo Bicycle Helmet Gloss Titanium is very durable. You can even use this helmet for years.

Made from a microshell outer shell, this bicycle helmet has anti-corrosion properties as well as high durability. To add durability and durability, a microshell le foam liner is printed from this bicycle helmet.

8. Inbike Core Bike Helmet


Inbike manufactures bicycle helmets made from a mixture of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) shell with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), so it has a high impact absorption rate. Your safety will be guaranteed if you use this bicycle helmet.

In addition, this bicycle helmet is equipped with a windproof lens that can protect your eyes from wind and dust. You can remove or attach this lens whenever you want because it is magnetic.

9. Limar Bicycle Helmet


This bicycle helmet from Limar has Superweight technology which makes this helmet feel light, so it won’t hurt when you use it. Air circulation from this helmet is very smooth because it is equipped with 24 ventilation holes.

This helmet is very comfortable to use when you are cycling because it is lightweight, and also will not make your head hot quickly. Having very good quality, this bicycle helmet is priced at around 800 thousand rupiah.

10. Endura Luminite Helmet


Having passed CE (Chartered Engineers), this bicycle helmet is safe for you to use because it can absorb impacts, so it doesn’t directly impact your head. If you use this bicycle helmet in dark conditions, the safety reflective on all sides will light up.

This will then cause other road users to know and be aware of your existence. Not only safety reflective, rechargeable LEDs are also mounted on the back of this bicycle helmet to give you extra security.

Don’t forget to choose the best bicycle helmet that is comfortable when used to accompany your cycling activities. Use the tips on choosing a bicycle helmet that we convey and the recommendations so that you don’t have to be confused.


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