10 Best Fan Brands That Are Good and Durable

Usmile.id – One of the must-have items for families in Indonesia, which is famous for its hot weather, is a fan. Choosing a fan must be done properly so that the weather at home can be cooler and make the family comfortable gathering at home. As one of the electronic goods, the buyer must know the Best Fan Brand that is Good and Durable.

There are many brands of fans on the market, but not all fans are of good quality so they last long. Of course, when buying a fan, every buyer wants something that is durable so that it can be used for years. It is not easy to choose a fan that is durable, choosing the wrong fan actually makes the item easily damaged and a waste of money.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fan

Choosing electronics must be taken seriously, because electronics are bought for long-term use. Especially if the item is used every day, such as a fan that can be used for hours. Therefore, before buying, make sure the type, brand and needs of the fan model you want to buy.

There are two types of fans, namely plastic fans and iron fans. So far, many people compare iron vs plastic fans before deciding to buy one. Everything depends on the needs and desires of the house. The following are tips for choosing the best fan that you can use:

  • 1. Place the Fan

The first thing to consider before buying a fan is where the fan will be placed. If the room is small and not too wide, then the right fan is a wall fan or a ceiling fan. However, if you want the fan to be placed in various places and can be moved, you can use a sitting fan or a standing fan.

  • 2. Fan Size

Before choosing a fan, make sure the size of the fan needed is how big. Determining the size of this fan will affect the blowing of the fan. The bigger the size, the faster the blowing and the easier it is to make the room cooler. However, this is also proportional to the power required.

  • 3. Fan Features

Currently, there are lots of fans that not only make the room air cooler but also have various other features. Before buying a fan, make sure whether the available features are really needed or not. If you really want a sophisticated fan, then you can choose a contemporary fan that has advanced features.

  • 4. Pay attention to the brand

Directly or indirectly, the brand affects the quality of a product. Of course, buyers will trust products from well-known brands because their quality is guaranteed. In addition, the product brand will be big because the product is trusted by many people.

List of 10 Best Fans

Although currently the use of air conditioners is increasing, fan fans have not decreased. Of all the fan brands on the market, there are several brands that are indeed superior in the community. The following are recommendations for the best fan products to choose from.

1. Cosmos 16-WFC Wall Fan


A wall fan is one of my favorite fans because it doesn’t disturb the size of the room and the cool breeze can fill a room. The choice of the best product for the first fan comes from the Cosmos brand, which is already known as the pioneer of the best electronic brand. This wall fan model is very elegant and easy to install.

The size of this fan is 16 inches and is able to cool every corner of the room. In addition, the required electrical power is also low, making it suitable for boarding children who save on electricity use.

Advantages of Cosmos 16 WFC Wall Fan

  • Charming design
  • Easy to install
  • Has many color variants
  • Reliable quality
  • Saving electricity

Weaknesses of Cosmos 16 WFC Wall Fan

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Only one size available

Price Cosmos 16 WFC Wall Fan

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 260,000
Blibli IDR 229,000
Shopee IDR 240,000
JD ID IDR 230,000
Tokopedia IDR 229,000

2. Miyako Fan Stand Fan


When it comes to fans, one of the well-known fan products is the stand fan from Miyako. Miyako is known as a cheap electronic brand and is widely used by the people of Indonesia. The electric fan brand is also pinned by this fan product.

This fan can be positioned in an ordinary high or low standing position according to the needs of its users. With this convenience, it’s no wonder that Miyako is often used in various places from homes to food stalls. The low price also makes Miyako fans have a place in people’s hearts.

Advantages of Miyako Stand Fans

  • Cheap price
  • The wind range is quite far
  • Low electric power
  • Easy to find
  • Size can be customized

Weaknesses of Miyako’s Stand Fan Fans

  • The material is made of plastic, it doesn’t seem luxurious
  • Limited color options

Price Stand Fan Miyako

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 204,000
Blibli Rp 204,800
Shopee Rp 249.000
JD ID IDR 250.000
Lazada IDR 247,000

3. Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1


As a household brand, Sekai also has quality fans. There are various types of fans according to the needs of users. One of Sekai’s mainstay fan products is the Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1.

This fan has different functions as the name implies, the placement of this fan can be placed on the table or on the wall. The size of this 12-inch fan is able to make the room cooler. Made of iron, making this fan stronger and more durable.

Advantages of Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1

  • Multifunction
  • Has a strong and sturdy body
  • Has a wind speed control
  • Propellers made of quality aluminum
  • Has an engine heat guard element to maintain engine performance

Weaknesses of Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1

  • The price is quite expensive
  • No color options

Price Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 275,600
Blibli IDR 289,000
Shopee IDR 279,000
Tokopedia IDR 269,900
Lazada IDR 290,000

4. Regency Tornado Fan WF 20 Inch


Want to have a fan with premium quality? Tornado fan brands are one of the best choices. The fan product that has premium quality is the WF 20 Inch Tornado Fan. With a large blade size, this fan is able to cool the room quickly.

Its sturdy form is equipped with the latest technology that makes it easier for users, such as the advanced swing system technology. This system is able to make the wind blow more evenly throughout the room. There is a special bracket that can make it easier to install this fan on the wall.

Advantages of the Tornado WF 20 Inch Fan

  • Big propeller size
  • Sophisticated technology
  • Has three speed levels
  • Sturdy and strong form
  • Able to blow air evenly

Weaknesses of the WF 20 Inch Tornado Fan

  • No color options
  • High price

Price for Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 657,000
Blibli IDR 665,500
Shopee Rp 699,000
JD ID Rp 669,000
Lazada IDR 670,000

5. Krisbow Wall Fan 20 Inch


It turns out that there are many premium fan options to choose from and are available in the market, the next fan brand is Krisbow. This product is not only able to cool a large enough room, but also can improve air circulation in the room.

No need to worry about the noise that will appear, because the quality is good, this fan does not make a sound. Made of iron, this fan is very sturdy and strong so that this product can be used for a long time.

Advantages of Krisbow Wall Fan 20 Inch

  • Proven superior quality
  • Sturdy and strong fan body
  • Has a relatively large diameter
  • Has a wide range of wind gusts
  • Does not make noise

Weaknesses of Krisbow Wall Fan 20 Inch

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Hard to find in ordinary electronics stores

Price Krisbow Wall Fan 20 Inch

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 1,435,000
Blibli Rp 1,452,500
Shopee IDR 1,380,000
JD ID IDR 1,235,000
Lazada Rp 1.132.000

6. GMC 508 . Fan


In addition to foreign products, buyers can also get fans from local products which are cheaper. Among them is the GMC 508 fan which is able to make the room cooler. In addition, the performance of this fan engine is quite good for the size of the fan at a low price.

With a diameter of 16 inches, this fan is able to cool the room in a relatively fast time. In addition, this fan is also able to maintain air circulation in the room so that it is maintained.

Advantages of the GMC 508 . fan

  • The price is quite affordable
  • Does not produce noise
  • Has a pretty good performance
  • Can cool the air well
  • A local product

Disadvantages of the GMC 508 . fan

  • Unattractive design
  • Made of plastic so it’s not too strong

GMC 508 fan price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak Rp 148.000
Blibli Rp 136.000
Shopee IDR 120,000
JD ID IDR 135,000
Lazada IDR 140,000

7. Sanex Wall Fan 12 Inch



The size of the fan does not always have to be large, adjust the size of the fan to the room where the fan will be installed. One small fan that can be used as an option is a 12-inch Sanex wall fan. This fan is suitable for beds that are too wide.

The quality of Sanex fans has been trusted for a long time, therefore there is no harm in choosing a fan from this brand. This fan has three levels of wind speed that can be adjusted according to needs.

The advantages of sanex wall fan 12 inch

  • The price is quite affordable
  • affordable, saving electricity
  • Easy to put anywhere
  • Have different speed levels
  • Strong wind speed

Weaknesses of sanex wall fan 12 inch

  • It’s made of plastic so it’s not sturdy
  • The shape is not elegant

Price sanex wall fan 12 inch

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 135,000
Blibli IDR 130,000
Shopee Rp 129.000
JD ID IDR 137,000
Lazada IDR 137,000

8. KDK Wall Fan


Aside from being an air conditioner, sometimes a fan is also used to beautify the room. One fan that has a modern design is the KDK wall fan. The combination of black and white makes this fan look minimalist and modern.

This product is also one of the good hanging fan brands that can beautify the room. The transparent color of the blades can make this fan look more charming. In addition, of course, this fan still carries out its main function well, namely as air conditioning.

The advantages of KDK wall fan

  • Proven superior quality
  • Has a minimalist and modern design
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Has a propeller size of 40 cm with a transparent color
  • Has a good rotating speed

Weaknesses of KDK wall fan

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Hard to find in ordinary electronics stores

KDK wall fan price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 397,000
Blibli IDR 389,000
Shopee IDR 388,400
JD ID IDR 370,900
Lazada Rp 396.000

9. Maspion K Wall Fan


Hanging fans are still the fan choice used to cool the family. The choice of a fan that is suitable for use is a wall fan that has good air circulation features. In addition, its minimalist size is suitable for use in a narrow room.

With a long strap, this fan is easy to adjust the speed according to your needs. Enjoy the cool air with the use of this fan that is able to reach various corners of the room.

The advantages of Maspion K Wall Fan

  • Easy to find
  • The price is cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Have a good air circulation function
  • Have different fan speed

Weaknesses of Maspion K Wall Fan

  • Machine quality is not very strong
  • Not very attractive design

Maspion K Wall Fan Price

Store Name Price
Bukalapak Rp 226.000
Blibli IDR 260,500
Shopee IDR 270,000
JD ID IDR 279,000
Lazada Rp 268.000

10. Turbo Wall Fan CFR 5889


An innovative fan that can be used as a cooling fan is the Turbo Wall Fan CFR 5889. The blades of this fan are stacked so that air circulation is better. In addition, this fan engine is also strong and has high power.

The advantage of this fan is that it does not make a noisy sound so it does not cause discomfort. In addition to being a wall fan, this fan can also be set as a standing fan.

Advantages of Turbo Wall Fan CFR 5889

  • Multifunctional can be used as a wall fan or standing fan
  • It has double propellers for better air circulation
  • Strong engine quality
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Reach all corners of the room

Disadvantages of Turbo Wall Fan CFR 5889

  • The price is quite expensive
  • No color variants

Price Turbo Wall Fan CFR 5889

Store Name Price
Bukalapak IDR 285,000
Blibli IDR 245,000
Shopee IDR 279,000
JD ID IDR 287,000
Lazada Rp 296.000

Best Product Recommendation

Of all the products mentioned, the best fan goes to the WF 20 Inch Tornado Fan. With the ability of a strong engine, this fan is able to make the atmosphere of the room cooler and cooler. In addition, there is an advanced swing system feature that is able to evenly distribute the air throughout the room so that it feels cooler. Its sturdy shape makes this fan have a minimalist and charming design.

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Fans are still one of the electronic products that are believed to cool the room. Based on needs, there are various types of fans ranging from standing to wall mounted. The price of the fan varies according to the ability to buy

How, already know how to find the right fan for daily needs? Choose a product according to the needs and quality of the product. Don’t forget to choose the best fan brand that is good and durable so that the room always feels cool.

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