8 Good Quality and Durable UPS Brands

Usmile.id – UPS is an important thing to deal with sudden power outages. This temporary power storage device is able to turn on immediately when the power goes out and helps us to secure data on the PC. If in the past there were many shortages of UPS that made people reluctant and the price was expensive, now there are many quality UPS brands.

Not only quality, the best UPS 2019 is now available in various price ranges that can be adjusted to the pocket. Of course, in order to get the best, good, and certainly durable, you can’t just buy it based on the price. There are several other things to consider before buying this one data rescue tool.

Tips for Buying the Best UPS that Fits Your Needs Good and Durable

To buy a UPS that is not cheap, there are several things to consider so as not to make the wrong purchase. What are the things to consider? Check below for more tips:

1. Understand the Need for UPS

What will the UPS be used for? For personal use or work? Of course, with these 2 things, it is certain that the UPS that will be purchased will be different, right?

UPS for sure needs better quality because the data that needs to be saved is more important. While personal use can be more flexible because it only affects yourself.

2. How Much Power Required

The UPS is supposed to be able to make the device live long enough to save data or wait for the generator to turn on. However, if the power required by the device is greater than the UPS power, the hope of saving data, let alone waiting for the generator to turn on, will not happen.

So it is necessary to know how much power is needed, in order to buy the right UPS. It can also be calculated how long we need the UPS to stay on.

3. How Long Will It Take

For personal use it usually only takes a few minutes so that what you are doing can be saved and the PC shuts down properly. However, generally for work, there are those who need a UPS to be able to keep working even if the power goes out.

From here the two are very different, a UPS that can be used to be a power source for hours is definitely more expensive. The more batteries needed, the more expensive the UPS marketed, right? So know well how long it will take.

Also consider whether it is necessary to use a generator or not. Both can and are safe to use together.

4. How Many Devices Need a UPS

There are UPSs with one socket and there are UPSs that have multiple sockets. So it’s not always one UPS for one device, yes, some can be used together.

Calculate how many devices need a UPS because buying one that can be used together will be cheaper than buying one by one. This will also save more UPS storage space which is sometimes quite large in size.

5. Desired Features

Today’s UPS is quite sophisticated, and does not only function as a power supply. Currently there are many features offered by UPS such as USB port, Disconnection and also control via PC.

Not all UPS have these features, the more features of course the price offered is also the more expensive. However, indeed these features help and facilitate the use of UPS so it depends on the wishes of each.

6. Warranty

The warranty factor really needs to be considered before buying a UPS, not because this device breaks quickly. However, it is more of an anticipation measure considering the price is quite expensive and the service price is also not cheap, especially if you need to replace the device.

For this reason, this warranty option still needs to be considered, try to choose a brand with an easy warranty claim. Usually, many people share their experiences about owning a UPS on forums, so you can find out the ins and outs from there.

After knowing how and what to consider in buying a UPS, now it’s the turn of brand recommendations. Complete recommendations for various types of UPS have been prepared, ranging from those that can be used individually to the best UPS for servers.

8 Recommended Best Quality UPS Brands Today

For those who have been waiting for the brand recommendation, please just take a look. The following recommendations are complete in terms of reviews, and the latest purchase price for each recommended UPS. Here are the best current UPS brands to choose from:

1. Vertiv Liebert Online UPS GXT3-1000RT230


Vertiv Liebert Online UPS GXT3-1000RT230 is a high quality UPS that always delivers stable power and does not fluctuate or drop out. The main battery in it is also guaranteed not to decrease in quality for up to 5 years.

For this one series, it is an online double conversion type with additional software settings on a PC. Then the power it has is 1000VA/900 watts.

Advantages of Vertiv Liebert Online UPS GXT3-1000RT230

  • Is a well-known UPS brand
  • Easy warranty and service
  • Available in various power requirements
  • Guaranteed not to overheat
  • Power output is stable and does not fluctuate

Disadvantages of Vertiv Liebert Online UPS GXT3-1000RT230

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Not available in large quantities because it still needs to be imported

Price Vertiv Liebert Online UPS GXT3-1000RT230

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka Rp 12,925,000
Tokopedia Rp 12,500,000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 12,500,000
Bukalapak Rp 12,500,000
Lazada IDR 15,200,000 15% discount

2. Micropack UPS 1250va tr1250a


Micropack UPS 1250va tr1250a is quite reliable because it can automatically turn on immediately when there is a power outage. The output power that comes out is also stable and will not go up and down even if the UPS has been used for a long time.

This UPS has a large enough capacity of 1250VA with 937.5 watts. Micropack UPS brand power storage device 1250va tr1250a has a transfer time of 4-6v minutes with a backup time of 30 minutes.

Advantages of Micropack UPS 1250va tr1250a

  • Backup time 30 minutes
  • Transfer time 4-6 minutes
  • The capacity is quite large, namely 1250 VA
  • Stable power output
  • Automatic on/off available

Disadvantages of Micropack UPS 1250va tr1250a

  • In the body of the product it is not written how much the capacity is so many are swapped
  • Quite hard to get even on the online market

Price Micropack UPS 1250va tr1250a

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 2.756.000
Tokopedia IDR 3,047,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 3,047,000
Bukalapak Rp –
Lazada Rp –

3. FSP UPS EP 1500VA


The FSP UPS EP 1500VA is a line interactive UPS with a fairly large capacity of 1500 VA. This UPS improves the AVR and keeps the power output stable even when the UPS is in a low battery state.

Another advantage of the FSP UPS EP 1500VA can be controlled using a PC via a computer. In addition, there is an auto restart function that will automatically function when there is a disturbance in the UPS or PC system.

Advantages of FSP UPS EP 1500VA

  • The power generated is quite large
  • Can be controlled via PC
  • Has an auto restart function
  • Simulated sine wave
  • Increase AVR
  • 2 years warranty period

Disadvantages of FSP UPS EP 1500VA

  • Quite rarely found in direct or offline sales
  • This type is still not produced in Indonesia

Price FSP UPS EP 1500VA

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 2,208,000
Tokopedia IDR 2,100,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 2,300,000
Bukalapak IDR 2,208,000
Lazada IDR 2,500,000

4. APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA SRT3000XLI



APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA SRT3000XLI is the best UPS for PC Games for those who play games not just a hobby. This UPS is also suitable when used for server computers.

The type is online double conversion with a very large capacity of 3000 VA. Even though the capacity is large, the recharging time only takes 3 hours from empty to full.

Advantages of APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA SRT3000XLI

  • Fast recharge time
  • Large capacity that is 3000 VA
  • The battery can last up to a maximum of 5 years
  • There is direct control via the UPS on the built-in small LCD
  • There is a USB port

Disadvantages of APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA SRT3000XLI

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Pretty heavy

Price APC Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA SRT3000XLI

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 25,999,000
Tokopedia IDR 25.400.000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 25,900,000
Bukalapak IDR 25,000,000
Lazada IDR 25,900,000

5. Eaton 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U


Another one of the best UPS brands for computers with advanced and latest features, namely the EATON 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U. This UPS has a very high efficiency level, even in an online state it can reach 94%.

This UPS is equipped with a USB port, remote on/off terminal, terminal block output relay, and 1 communication slot. Unlike other brands, the EATON 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U is also equipped with a frequency converter mode.

Advantages of EATON 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U

  • Has a USB port
  • There is a remote for on/off
  • The power capacity is quite large, namely 3000 VA
  • Form factor 2u Tower
  • Online efficiency reaches 94%

Disadvantages of EATON 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U

  • The price is very expensive
  • This series is for limited sale

Price EATON 9PX UPS 1000VA 9PX1000RT2U

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 35,995,000
Tokopedia IDR 35,995,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 35.700.000
Bukalapak Rp 34.900.000
Lazada IDR 36.005.000

6. ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA


ActusGlobal UPS has many series and most of them are intended for home use with smaller power capacity and friendly price. The power capacity for this series is 1200 VA, but there is also a 600 VA series which is exactly the same.

The battery backup time is up to 6 minutes with a transfer time of 10 minutes. For warranty issues, there is a 1 year full warranty which includes service and replacement of parts.

Advantages of ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA

  • Several power variations available
  • The price is quite friendly
  • The power capacity for this series is 1200 VA
  • Battery backup time 6 minutes
  • Transfer time 10 minutes

Disadvantages of ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA

  • The battery charging time is quite long, which is 8 hours
  • No USB feature

Price ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 1.140.000
Tokopedia IDR 1,090,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 1,200,000
Bukalapak IDR 1,100,000
Lazada IDR 1.140.000

7. ICA UPS 302B


UPS ICA UPS 302B is well known for both personal, office, and industrial users because it has various series and variations in capacity. Especially for this series, the type uses line interactive with 600 VA.

Apart from being a UPS, the ICA UPS 302B also functions to stabilize the incoming current when the electricity is on. The turnaround time from the state of using electricity and the UPS automatically turns on during a blackout is also very fast so that there is no difference in current.

Advantages of ICA UPS 302B

  • Can function as a stabilizer
  • Well-known brand
  • 1 year official warranty period
  • The incoming voltage is very stable
  • Almost all online stores provide it

Disadvantages of ICA UPS 302B

  • For this series, you have to order it in advance
  • Smaller capacity

Price ICA UPS 302B

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 2,280,000
Tokopedia IDR 2,180,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 2,200,000
Bukalapak IDR 2,200,000
Lazada IDR 2,380,000

8. ALPHA UPS Power Modules FXM 2000


ALPHA UPS Power Modules FXM 2000 is actually a lesser known brand and is quite difficult to get. However, that does not mean that this product is not good, and of good quality, because the technology used is already using the latest.

The main advantage of this UPS is its resistance to hot temperatures that can reach 50 degrees. In addition, UPS can also be used for more than 1 device.

Advantages of ALPHA UPS Power Modules FXM 2000

  • 1 year warranty
  • 2000 W/VA . power capacity
  • Fast transition
  • Battery voltage 46 VDC
  • Stable outflow

Disadvantages of ALPHA UPS Power Modules FXM 2000

  • The price is quite expensive
  • To get this product, you need to pre-order first

ALPHA UPS Power Modules FXM 2000

Store Name Price Information
Bhinneka IDR 22.900.000
Tokopedia IDR 22,980,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 22.700.000
Bukalapak IDR 22,800,000
Lazada IDR 22.900.000

Best UPS Brand Recommendation

From the review of the advantages and disadvantages above, all the recommended brands are not only good quality but also good and durable. All of them are already the best UPS, some can be used for individual use, offices, to industry.

However, for the best brand recommendation, this time it fell to ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA. This UPS is not too expensive and is still in the range of 1 million. Although priced at a friendly price, the power capacity is quite large, namely 1200 VA.

This UPS is very sufficient when used for individual use or in the office if only to store documents. Furthermore, to make it more optimal and the computer can still be used when the power goes out, the ActusGlobal UPS 1200VA can be paired with a generator.

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To choose the best UPS, it is necessary to consider what scale of use the UPS is for? Then how much capacity and also the desired time is also very important to consider.

Furthermore, if there is an excess of funds, there is no harm in choosing a UPS with certain additional features that can maximize use. All the recommendations for quality UPS brands above are the best and of course good and durable and guaranteed.

So you no longer need to choose which UPS, from buying tips to the best brand recommendations. Happy hunting for the UPS that fits your needs, and don’t forget to also provide this useful information.

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