10 Good Stamina-boosting Adult Vitamin Brands

Usmile.id – Solid activities make nutrient intake usually less than optimal and make the body easily weak. For this reason, adult stamina-enhancing vitamin supplements are needed so that this does not happen. Taking additional vitamins also has other benefits, such as maintaining immunity so you don’t get sick easily.

Unfortunately, not all vitamins are suitable for the body and can increase stamina while providing many other benefits. We must be good at choosing which ones are appropriate and which ones should be avoided.

Tips for Choosing Supplementary Vitamins That Are Suitable for the Body

All the tips below are not difficult to follow and they are all for your own good. So as much as possible do not ignore the following tips, yes:

1. Pay attention to the content that the body needs the most

Paying attention to which vitamins are most needed by the body is very important. The trick is to find out what we eat and what we don’t. For example, if there is a lack of vegetable consumption, then supplements with additional vegetable extracts will be better.

2. Watch for Allergies

Some supplements have their own ingredients, and not all of these ingredients can be consumed by everyone. There are some ingredients that, although beneficial, can cause allergic reactions. Such as gluten, and also dairy products. Although the content of the allergen is not much and may not appear at the beginning, but with daily consumption, allergy symptoms will appear as well.

3. Content of Vitamins and Minerals Offered

The content of vitamins and minerals offered must be complete, so that we do not need to consume a lot of vitamins to get maximum results. After all, the more vitamins you take, it doesn’t always get better. Consuming the necessary vitamins with the right amount and time, is most recommended.

So pay attention to the packaging label carefully, if necessary ask the pharmacist before buying it. Don’t buy a product just because you’re tempted by the brand, taste or advertisement.

4. Long-Term Goals

Currently there are many types of vitamins, so there are many choices which one can be consumed. Well, of the many vitamins they usually have specialized. For example, there are vitamins that are given collagen, or vitamins that are given a higher vitamin D content.

This long-term goal needs to be considered before choosing which vitamin to take. If you want while maintaining youthful skin, vitamins that have antioxidants and collagen are better. However, if you focus more on teeth and bones, a high vitamin D content is better.

5. Consult a Doctor

For those who have certain disease conditions or allergies, you should consult this first with your doctor. So that the doctor can help determine the dose and when it is safe to take vitamins. By giving it to the right person, eating vitamin intake can also be maximized and the results will be felt quickly, right?

So, those are tips on how to choose a stamina-boosting vitamin supplement that is appropriate and safe to consume every day. Easy and can be done by anyone right? If so, now is the time to recommend which brands are good and safe, to make it easier to choose.

10 Recommended Adult Stamina Enhancing Vitamins that are Good and Safe to Consume Every Day

Taking vitamins to increase stamina so that activities are not disturbed is certainly important to do every day. The problem is, are all the good vitamins can and are safe to be consumed every day? If others are not sure, but the recommendations below are safe and can be consumed every day, here are the recommendations:

1. Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 1000 IU


Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 1000 IU is a stamina-boosting vitamin that focuses more on strengthening bones and muscle density. By consuming Vitamin D3 regularly, you can make your heart rate stable so you don’t get tired easily during activities.

The high content of calcium and phosphate in it also reacts immediately to prevent dangerous bone diseases such as osteoporosis. While the active form helps fight cancer causing the body to be fitter and healthier.

The advantages of Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 1000 IU

  • Contains active form
  • High content of calcium and phosphate
  • Maintain bone and muscle density
  • Regulate the rhythm of the heartbeat more stable
  • Boost immunity

Lack of Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 1000 IU

  • Should be consumed only after eating
  • No smaller packs available

Price Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 1000 IU 180 Softgel

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 355,000
Blibli IDR 375,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 375,000
Bukalapak IDR 365.000
Lazada IDR 375,000

2. Enervon Active


Enervon Active is a vitamin C supplement that does not contain acid so it is safe for ulcer sufferers. The price of this immune vitamin is also very affordable, for every 30 tablets it is only priced at Rp. 35,000.00.

Besides being rich in vitamin C, Enervon Active also contains the mineral zinc which helps strengthen bones. Consuming it every day will help maintain bone density so as to avoid the risk of joint inflammation and other bone problems.

Advantages of Enervon Active

  • Comes in various sizes starting from the contents of 4 tablets
  • Available in small packages in the form of tablet strips and bottles
  • Contains the mineral zinc
  • The content of vitamin C is not acidic so it is safe for ulcer sufferers
  • Safe to consume every day
  • The price is friendly

Lack of Enervon Active

  • Lack of additional vitamins such as vitamin B
  • Must be consumed after eating

Price Enervon Active Tablet 30

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 35,500
Blibli IDR 36,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 35,800
Bukalapak IDR 36,000
Lazada IDR 35,500

3. Nature’s Aid Vitamin C 500 mg


Natures Aid Vitamin C 500 mg is a chewable vitamin C tablet with an orange flavor that contains rosehips and high citrus bioflavonoids. This vitamin increases stamina by keeping blood flowing smoothly, and helps the body return to fitness quickly.

So for those who need vitamins for the healing period after illness, Natures Aid Vitamin C 500 mg is the right choice. Not to mention the 500 mg vitamin C contained in it also helps the absorption of iron or iron faster.

The advantages of Nature’s Aid Vitamin C 500 mg

  • Contains rosehips and bioflavonoids
  • Contains 500 mg of vitamin C
  • Helping post-illness healing
  • Quickly restore condition
  • Increases iron absorption in the body

Natures Aid Vitamin C deficiency 500 mg

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Quite difficult to find in pharmacies or ordinary drug stores

Price Natures Aid Vitamin C 500 mg 180 Tablets

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 611,000
Blibli IDR 611,800
Shopee Indonesia IDR 611,000
Bukalapak IDR 611,000
Lazada IDR 611,000

4. Squalene Salmon Fish Liver Oil Omega


Squalene Salmon Fish Liver Oil Omega is more about maintaining a healthy body so that we don’t quickly lose stamina during activities. In it there is a balanced content ranging from Omega 3, 6, 9 to AA and DHA which helps the brain to think clearly.

Vitamin supplements that contain vitamins A and D, this can also be good if consumed by children. Of course, with different doses, yes, all the descriptions are written in full on the packaging box.

Advantages of Squalene Salmon Fish Liver Oil Omega

  • Contains Omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Contains AA and DHA
  • Contains vitamins A and D
  • Can be consumed by children
  • The price is affordable

Lack of Squalene Salmon Fish Liver Oil Omega

  • Still hard to find in small pharmacies
  • The softgel form is quite large so it is difficult for children to consume

Price Squalene Salmon Fish Liver Oil Omega 100 Softgel

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia Rp 46,700
Blibli IDR 42,000 66% discount
Shopee Indonesia IDR 45,000
Bukalapak IDR 46.000
Lazada IDR 42,000 22% discount

5. Melilea Green Field Organic GFO


If the vitamins above are in the form of softgels and tablets, it is different from Melilea Green Field. This product is in the form of a powder with a fresh vegetable taste, and is consumed by dissolving it with water.

In it not only contains vitamins B or A, but there is also protein content derived from soy bean juice. For those who are too busy and don’t have time to pay attention to the content of the food they consume, Melilea Green Field can be the right companion so that the body can carry out maximum activities.

Advantages of Melilea Green Field

  • High in fiber
  • Contains soy protein
  • Comes with the taste of fresh vegetables
  • Contains vitamins A and B
  • Safe to drink 3 times a day

Disadvantages of Melilea Green Field

  • You have to add water first and it can’t be consumed right away
  • No other flavor options and only vegetables

Price Melilea Green Field Organic GFO 16 Oz

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 478,400
Blibli IDR 478,600
Shopee Indonesia IDR 760,000 2 Bottle Special
Bukalapak IDR 478.000
Lazada IDR 479,000

6. Sundown Natural Maximum Strength


This stamina-boosting vitamin, which is also a vitamin to keep the body fit, is quite difficult to get in Indonesia, even though the price is not so expensive. The most important thing about Sundown Natural Maximum is that this product does not contain gluten and dairy derivatives, so it is safe for those who have allergies.

Each softgel contains vitamins B, D, various minerals to conjugated lionel acid which can increase immunity as well as stamina. This product has no added sugar, sodium, or artificial flavors so Sundown Natural Maximum is tasteless or bland.

Advantages of Sundown Natural Maximum

  • Does not contain gluten and dairy products
  • Free of added sugar, artificial flavors and sodium
  • Contains conjugated lionel acid
  • Can increase stamina and immunity at the same time
  • The price is quite affordable

Disadvantages of Sundown Natural Maximum

  • The softgel form is quite large
  • Still quite difficult to find both online and offline

Price Sundown Natural Maximum Strength 90 Softgel

Store Name Price Information
Amazon Rp 138.000
Iherb IDR 140,000
Tokopedia IDR 168.000
Bukalapak IDR 168.000
Lazada Rp –

7. Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin D


Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin plays a role in increasing the absorption of calcium in the bones so that the bones remain strong and do not lose their density. Next, Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin also keeps the muscles perfectly attached to the bones so that no activity is disturbed.

This vitamin D supplement also functions to increase and facilitate blood flow. So that the body does not get tired easily, and daily activities run smoothly.

Advantages of Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin

  • Helps absorption of calcium in bones
  • Keeps blood flow smooth
  • Maintain bone density
  • Ensures that the muscles are perfectly attached to the bones
  • Keep your body from getting tired easily

Deficiency of Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Still quite hard to get

Price Swisse Ultiboost Calcium Vitamin D 250 Tablet

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 412,000
Blibli IDR 425.000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 425.000
Bukalapak IDR 414,000
Lazada IDR 394,000 11% discount

8. Puritan Pride Vitamin C Multivitamin


Puritan Pride Vitamin C is a great immune vitamin with 1000 mg of vitamin C and other minerals. The content of wild rose hips and bioflavonoids in it also makes this one product more complete and complex.

Not to mention Puritan Pride Vitamin C adds stamina by helping to ward off free radicals and also accelerates the repair of damaged cells. So that the body becomes healthier, easier to do activities and always fit every day.

Pros of Puritan Pride Vitamin C

  • Contains bioflavonoids
  • Contains wild rose hips
  • Vitamin C content 1000 mg
  • Fight free radicals
  • Maintain immunity

Lack of Puritan Pride Vitamin C

  • Tablets are big and difficult to take
  • Quite hard to get

Price Puritan Pride Vitamin C Multivitamin 100 Tablets

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia Rp 139,000
Blibli IDR 132,000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 138.000
Bukalapak IDR 135,000
Lazada IDR 132,000

9. Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals


Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals are immune data vitamins for adult men and women that are rich in essential daily minerals and nutrients. In it the content of vitamins A, B, C, to D is very complex and in a balanced amount.

Besides being rich in vitamins, Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals also contains important minerals such as manganese, magnesium and potassium. Everything is designed in such a way as to make the body remain stamina and able to carry out activities without distractions and easily tired.

The advantages of Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Contains vitamins A, B, C, to D
  • Contains manganese, potassium and magnesium
  • Can be consumed every day
  • Designed to maintain endurance and make the body stay stamina

Lack of Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals

  • The price is quite expensive
  • The tablet form is quite large

Price Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals 120 Tablets

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 322,000
Blibli IDR 322,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 320,000
Bukalapak IDR 322,000
Lazada IDR 320,000

10. Nutriwell Vitamin C



Nutriwell Vitamin C is vitamin C that is made without using ascorbate so it is very comfortable on the stomach and safer. This vitamin will also not cause gastrointestinal disturbances for those who have stomach problems.

Each tablet contains vitamin C which is high enough so that it can maintain the immune system perfectly. The mineral content in Nutriwell Vitamin C is also able to prevent the body from developing atherosclerosis.

Advantages of Nutriwell Vitamin C

  • Does not contain ascorbate
  • High content of vitamin C
  • Contains complete minerals
  • Does not cause gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Prevents atherosclerosis

Nutriwell Vitamin C deficiency

  • Tablets that are too big
  • Difficult to consume
  • Must be consumed after eating

Price Nutriwell Vitamin C 30 Tablets

Store Name Price Information
Tokopedia IDR 80,000
Blibli IDR 73,500 30% discount
Shopee Indonesia IDR 80,000
Bukalapak IDR 172000 60 Tablets
Lazada IDR 80,000

Recommended Brands of the Best Adult Stamina Enhancing Vitamins

The best vitamin brands not only have to contain complete vitamins and balanced minerals. However, this good stamina-boosting supplement must also be safe for consumption by anyone, even those who are more sensitive and have allergies, right?

If so, then Sundown Natural Maximum is the best brand. Although it is quite difficult to find in Indonesia, this brand is indeed a good one. This supplement product does not contain sweeteners, flavorings, and does not even contain dairy products in it at all.

Sundown Natural Maximum is also gluten free, so those who can’t eat gluten at all can also experience the benefits of this product. This product with excellent quality, can be consumed every day and without harmful side effects.

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Even though you feel healthy and eat regularly, your body still needs additional stamina-boosting vitamin supplements. What we consume directly cannot be digested and absorbed by the body 100%.

To complete this, adult stamina enhancing vitamins are needed so that activities run smoothly and the body remains healthy. For which vitamins are the best, of course, need to be adjusted to the needs of the body, for example, consuming less fiber, calcium, or even vitamin C.

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