10 Brands of Good and Fragrant Baby Shampoo

10 brands of good and fragrant baby shampoo

Usmile.id – Baby’s hair and head are not as strong as adults, so the use of baby shampoo brands really must be considered carefully. Not only good and fragrant, but shampoo for your little one should also not irritate or trigger other health problems.

That is why when choosing which shampoo is the most appropriate, you should pay attention to many things and not just the brand. So what should be considered before choosing a shampoo for your little one? Can be seen

Tips for Choosing the Best Shampoo for Your Little One that is Safe, Good, and Fragrant

For those who are still unsure how to choose a shampoo brand that is safe, good, and fragrant for your little one, it seems that the following tips can help. Just take a look at the full tips below:

1. Free from Harmful Substances

Shampoo for babies, of course, contains a different formula than that of adults. So what is safe for adults is not necessarily safe if used for baby shampoo ingredients.

Some ingredients to avoid in baby shampoo include parabens, diazolidinyl urea ethanolamines, octinoxate, and oxybenzone. Apart from the ingredients on the side, of course there are other hazardous materials which are usually derivatives. Complete information about this can be seen directly on the BPOM Indonesia website.

2. No Tears Label

Why is shampoo with a no tears label important? This is because baby shampoo is not supposed to cause irritation and is completely safe. Shampoo labeled no tears will not cause pain and make your little one fussy.

Shampoo with no tears label is also safer, because the ingredients in it are not as harsh as those of adults. So if you can’t find this label anywhere on a baby shampoo container, then you shouldn’t choose that product.

3. Choose Mild Shampoo

The mild shampoo here still has nothing to do with no tears. Shampoo with mild characteristics will not cause allergic reactions. So a mild shampoo will be very suitable for your little one who already has signs of an allergy to something.

4. Pay attention to the nutritional content of the shampoo

Currently there are so many baby shampoos, so we can choose which one is the most suitable for your little one. For example, your little one’s hair is thin, so choosing a brand of baby hair thickening shampoo will be better.

5. View Label

Everything you need to know about a shampoo is on the label, so even the small print is not to be missed. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the label, even if it’s quite difficult to read or even understand.

There will be information about the expiration date, to what ingredients the shampoo has. If you find harmful substances, then immediately avoid shampoo even though it comes from a popular brand.

Well, those are tips for choosing which shampoo brand is safe and not just fragrant and good for your little one. If you need a recommendation for the best shampoo brand that is definitely safe, does not cause allergies and is good for your little one, we have prepared it.

10 Recommendations for the Best Baby Shampoo Brands that are Good and Fragrant

Among the 10 best brand recommendations below, it seems that there are some brands that are still quite foreign. However, there is no need to worry that everything recommended is equipped with a brief, complete review along with prices and advantages and disadvantages. So please judge for yourself, which brand do you want to choose on the following recommendations:

1. Pigeon Pump Chamomile


Pigeon Pump Chamomile is a baby shampoo for sensitive heads because it is a hypoallergenic product. This product not only contains chamomile extract but also contains jojoba oil which protects the skin.

Besides being able to be used for shampoo, Pigeon Pump Chamomile can also be used to clean the body or as a substitute for soap. A balanced pH makes this one brand completely safe and will not irritate your little one’s skin.

Pros of Pigeon Pump Chamomile

  • Clean the scalp until clean
  • Keep baby’s skin moist
  • Safe to use for bathing as a substitute for soap
  • The scent is soft and not too much
  • Makes baby’s skin smooth and not dry

Disadvantages of Pigeon Pump Chamomile

  • The scent doesn’t last long
  • Travel packs are hard to find

Price Pigeon Pump Chamomile 400 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 41,820
Tokopedia Rp 36,550
Lazada IDR 40,020
Bukalapak IDR 38000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 41,820

2. Burt’s Bees Calming Baby


Burt’s Bees Calming Baby may still be quite foreign to the ear, but don’t get me wrong, this baby shampoo is 98.9% guaranteed natural. So it will not be harmful to your little one, even though his skin is very sensitive.

It contains B vitamins, and natural soy protein which makes the skin smooth and soft. The scent of vanilla and lavender is also the perfect combination, it’s rare that no baby shampoo combines these two gentle scents.

Burt’s Bees Calming Baby

  • 98.9% guaranteed natural and safe for your little one
  • Tears Free
  • The scent is calming and gentle
  • Contains soy protein and B vitamins
  • Keeps baby’s skin moisturized
  • Absolutely no harmful chemicals

Disadvantages of Burt’s Bees Calming Baby

  • Not many choices of scents available
  • It’s quite difficult to get it in ordinary stores

Price Burt’s Bees Calming Baby 170 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 220,000
Tokopedia IDR 220,000
Lazada IDR 220,000
Bukalapak IDR 220,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 220,000

3. Johnsons & Johnsons Shiny Drops


Johnsons & Johnsons Shiny Drops baby shampoo seems to be a legend, maybe this brand has been known even since the time of our parents. The content of argan oil and silk protein in it not only makes your little one’s hair soft, but also makes it stronger.

Some of the ingredients made from pure water make this baby shampoo pH balanced and safe to use and does not cause stinging. The price is quite affordable also makes this one brand still popular.

Advantages of Johnsons & Johnsons Shiny Drops

  • Contains pH balanced argan
  • oil and silk protein extracts
  • Makes baby’s hair smooth and strong
  • Can be used for adults
  • Not stinging and not irritating

Disadvantages of Johnsons & Johnsons Shiny Drops

  • Not yet available large packaging
  • For this one fragrance series, it’s quite difficult to get

Price Johnsons & Johnsons Shiny Drops 200 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 31,800
Tokopedia IDR 31,800
Lazada IDR 34,400
Bukalapak IDR 34,400
Shopee Indonesia IDR 31,800

4. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo



For babies who are super sensitive even to soap, Cetaphil Baby Shampoo will be very suitable and safe. Besides being present with a natural camomile scent, this brand is proven to be hypoallergenic and also does not contain soap.

The pH contained is definitely natural, so there is no reason to be afraid to try this product for your little one. The content of calendula and marigold flowers also adds a plus and makes the hair and skin of the little one smooth, soft, and fragrant.

Pros of Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

  • Does not contain soap
  • It is a hypoallergenic product
  • Contains calendula and marigold flowers
  • Effective against dry skin on your little one
  • Safe and non-irritating even though babies are sensitive

Disadvantages of Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

  • No big packs available
  • It’s quite difficult to find this brand and most of them are still being bought and sold online

Price Cetaphil Baby Shampoo 200 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 82,392
Tokopedia IDR 80,000
Lazada IDR 74,900 11% discount
Bukalapak IDR 80,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 80,000

5. Cussons Baby Shampoo Celery Candle


Cussons Baby Shampoo is able to support the growth of your little one’s hair so that it is strong and thick. As we know candlenut and celery are experts to help nourish hair.

In addition to the content of candlenut and celery, almond oil is also added in it which makes your little one’s skin soft. Then there is also pro vitamin B5 and a balanced pH content that further enhances this one product.

Pros of Cussons Baby Shampoo

Contains pro vitamin B5

It has the main ingredients of celery and candlenut which are very good for hair growth

Almond oil that keeps your little one’s skin soft

Balanced pH content

Make your little one’s hair black and shiny

Disadvantages of Cussons Baby Shampoo

  • Not suitable for bathing
  • The scent doesn’t last long

Price Cussons Baby Shampoo Candlenut Celery 100 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 29,700
Tokopedia IDR 26.000
Lazada IDR 27.000
Bukalapak IDR 30,200
Shopee Indonesia IDR 29,000

6. My Baby Shampoo Soft & Smooth


Baby shampoo with this unique packaging is able to keep your little one’s hair smooth, soft and fragrant. The content of honey and olive oil also keeps the skin moist, not dry and also does not cause itching.

My Baby Shampoo Soft has been clinically tested, so it is safe to use for your little one and will not cause irritation. For your little one who already has thick enough hair, the hair will also be easier to comb.

Pros of My Baby Shampoo Soft

  • Makes your little one’s hair easy to comb
  • Make skin soft
  • The distinctive aroma of honey and olive oil
  • Easy to get
  • The packaging is unique and cute

Disadvantages of My Baby Shampoo Soft

  • The bottle is sometimes slippery if you hold it wet
  • This fragrance variant is quite difficult to find in the mini market

Price My Baby Shampoo Soft & Smooth 100 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 15,400
Tokopedia IDR 14,000
Lazada IDR 14,000
Bukalapak IDR 15,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 15,000

7. Sebamed Baby Shampoo


Sebamed Baby Shampoo is safe to use for newborns. Its formula is extra mild, and contains a natural moisturizer that functions to keep the skin from drying out.

The price of this baby shampoo is indeed more expensive than other brands, but everything is worth it. The pH content is ideal for your little one, and contains absolutely no coloring ingredients.

Pros of Sebamed Baby Shampoo

  • 100% alkali free
  • Has extra chamomile
  • Safe to use for newborns
  • Hair becomes easier to comb
  • Recommended for little ones who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders

Disadvantages of Sebamed Baby Shampoo

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Hard to get

Price Sebamed Baby Shampoo 250 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 134,000
Tokopedia IDR 134,000
Lazada IDR 135,000
Bukalapak IDR 135,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 134,000

8. Bambi Baby Shampoo


Bambi Baby Shampoo is a baby shampoo with a natural formula and natural pH that is safe to use for your little one. This shampoo contains an anti-irritant complex so it is safe to use for babies who still have sensitive skin.

For your little one who already has hair that is difficult to manage, Bambi Baby Shampoo makes it easy to comb and remains soft. The chamomile scent in it also makes it calm and pleasant to breathe.

The advantages of Bambi

  • Baby Shampoo natural pH
  • Contains anti-irritant complex
  • Makes hair easy to comb
  • Smells soft
  • Does not cause irritation

Disadvantages of Bambi Baby Shampoo

  • There are not many fragrance variants available
  • Small size

Price Bambi Baby Shampoo 100 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 20,000
Tokopedia IDR 20,000
Lazada IDR 20,000
Bukalapak IDR 20,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 20,000

9. Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo


This shampoo is not well known in Indonesia, but it is not uncommon for someone to review baby shampoo for adults using this product. The content of wheat, vitamin E, and oats, really makes hair healthier and grows relatively fast.

This shampoo also has added conditioner, so it is certain that the hair is not only shiny, and soft, but the hair is also easy to manage and doesn’t tangle easily. As for the skin, there is no need to ask again, the ingredients above also make the skin smooth and not dry.

Pros of Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

  • Makes skin smooth and not dry
  • Contains wheat, oats and vitamin E
  • Can be used for adults
  • Contains conditioner
  • Safe, and non-irritating

Disadvantages of Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

  • The price is quite expensive
  • It’s hard to find it in convenience stores or regular stores

Price Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo 354 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 225,000
Tokopedia IDR 225,000
Lazada IDR 230,000
Bukalapak Rp 235.000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 225,000

10. Tropee Bebe Double Pack


Tropee Bebe Double is a domestically produced baby shampoo that uses a variety of original spices. One of the ingredients that stands out is extra candlenut.

For children who have hair growth problems, you can also use this one product. Thanks to the content of candlenut, oleumaleurites, moluccanasemen, and oleum cocos, this product is reliable.

The advantages of Tropee Bebe Double

  • Contains candlenut oil
  • Great for stimulating hair growth
  • Can be used for children
  • It doesn’t hurt the eyes
  • Doesn’t dry out the scalp

Disadvantages of Tropee Bebe Double

  • Not yet available in various sizes
  • Generally sold in one package

Price Tropee Bebe Double Pack 70 ML

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 40,600
Tokopedia IDR 40,000
Lazada IDR 40,000
Bukalapak IDR 43,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 42,000

Recommended Best Baby Shampoo Brands

Determining which is the best brand for your little one is not an easy matter, is it? Moreover, we have to consider the condition of the little one who is very sensitive. Then, of all the brands that have been recommended above, all of them are the best.

So to choose one must be a brand that offers more, right? Therefore, the recommendation for the best shampoo brand this time fell to Sebamed Baby Shampoo. This product not only keeps baby’s skin and hair smooth, soft and fragrant.

Sebamed Baby Shampoo is recommended for little ones who have skin problems such as eczema. When babies suffer from skin disorders like this, they are quite confused which products are not safe. So Sebamed Baby Shampoo deserves to be recommended as the best product this time.

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Based on the tips above, shampoo products for your little one must be safe and non-irritating, so you need to check the packaging label. What nutrients the shampoo offers is also an important consideration.

After that, choose which brand is the best baby shampoo that is not only fragrant but really good for your little one. So that there will be no problems such as irritation that may be caused by choosing the wrong product.

Hopefully this information about choosing the recommended baby shampoo fiber can be useful.

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