10 Best Genuine Honey Brands that are Good for the Body

Usmile.id – Honey is known to have many benefits for the body, not just an additive to food or drink, but can be used as a panacea. Now there are even some of the best real honey brands that provide health benefits. Where Indonesia is famous for its pure honey.

There are many types of pure honey from the archipelago, the name of honey also depends on the nectar produced. For example, calliandra honey is the most popular. It is produced from the nectar of calliandra flowers that bees collect and turn into honey. It is said that reportedly famous for curing disease.

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Tips for choosing the best real honey that is good for the body

Now because there are many types of the best real honey, it is often wrong to choose the right honey for consumption. In addition, there are some bad guys who sell mixed or mixed honey. In order to avoid harm, before buying try to look at the following characteristics of real honey.

1. Know the Type of Honey

There are many types of pure Indonesian honey. Each honey is produced from the nectar of a different flower. Like coffee honey that comes from the coffee plant. Even the aroma is typical of coffee and the taste is not too sweet. This coffee honey is suitable to increase appetite, reduce insomnia to the body’s immune.

It is different with the famous calliandra honey, it looks cloudy and thick. Honey derived from the Calliandra flower is widely used for treatment. Moreover, to overcome digestive problems, such as difficult bowel movements or pregnant women who should not take drugs and are having sleep disorders.

2. Honey Thickness Level

This is the parameter of pure honey, which has a high level of viscosity. If you find honey in a runny condition, it could be that a lot of water or sugar has been added. The easiest way to check is to pour honey and watch the bubbles appear, this is the easiest to do.

Pay attention to the bubbles that appear, if the honey has been added to the water it will immediately appear a lot of bubbles. If it is pure honey, it can be harvested in the rainy season, so that honey is mixed with water a lot. Pure natural honey has a thick consistency and tends to be black in color.

3. Pay attention to the color of honey

Honey contains iron, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, manganese and potassium. This makes the honey color tend to be dark. Even for pure honey from outside Java, most of Kalimantan has a high acidity level so the color tends to be darker.

Good quality honey is dark, not black. Because it has a high acid level and less cook to treat. In addition, the aroma of pure honey will feel stronger and pungent. Try to compare lighter honey with dark honey, the aroma will be more pungent and dense.

4. Honey Cleanliness Level

Usually consumers do not like pure natural honey which is dirty and has lots of flakes. Though this is good and genuine from nature. Factors that make honey dirty and there are dust flakes, because the filtering process is not perfect. Usually honey farmers only use ordinary filters.

It is different from factory-produced honey, it is fairly clean with attractive packaging. However, pure honey will still look cloudy, this is influenced by the pollen content. The higher the pollen content, the honey will still look dirty and remain safe for consumption.

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10 Best Genuine Honey Brands that are Good for the Body

So you already know what pure honey looks like and don’t immediately think that this expensive honey is classified as good quality honey. If you’re still confused because it’s a cloud, here are some recommendations for good original honey for the body according to its type and have different properties.

1. Ath Thoifah Honey Super Kaliandra Cattle Honey



Honey that is produced from the nectar of the Kaliandra flower, the red flower of the Calliandra is mostly used. The benefits of calliandra honey can restore energy quickly and are often used as a source of energy reserves. Now it is a natural supplement to keep the immune system from getting sick easily.

Especially for women the benefits of calliandra honey for fertility and can be used to speed up pregnancy. In addition, it is also good for beauty that can be used for masks and heals and eliminates burns. Regular use will remove scars.

The advantages of Ath Thoifah Honey Super Kaliandra Cattle Honey

  • Genuine calliandra honey bred from green plants
  • Calliandra honey is bright in color, not cloudy with a not overpowering aroma
  • The aroma is fragrant and increases appetite
  • Can restore and be a backup source of energy
  • Helps heal bone loss (osteoporosis)
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Prevent and treat cancer
  • Increase hormone production in men and women
  • Overcome digestive problems, such as difficult bowel movements
  • Relieve minor pains such as migraines, headaches to fever
  • Overcome the problem of insomnia. Helps eliminate bed-wetting habits in children
  • Can be used as a face mask with high vitamin C content
  • Treating and removing news wounds without a trace
  • Honey that can increase fertility and get pregnant fast
  • Honey is good for natural facial skin masks

Lack of Honey Ath Thoifah Super Kaliandra Cattle Honey

  • Only large sizes available at least 500 grams
  • You can only make purchases via online and preferably at a trusted online store

Price of Ath Thoifah Honey, Super Kaliandra Cattle Honey

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 76,000 500 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 130,000 1000 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 77,000 500 grams
Lazada Rp. 76,000 500 grams
Blibli Rp. 85,000 500 grams
Jd.id Rp. 94,000 500 grams

2. Honey Malissa Nusantara Randu



Randu honey is arguably the most popular in Java, because it is produced from the nectar of the flower of the kapok tree or kapok tree. The characteristics of honey are light brown, clear and not cloudy. The benefits of randu honey can increase the body’s resistance so as not to get sick easily. So it is good for consumption from children to adults.

In addition, the benefits of randu honey for beauty can be used for masks. The skin becomes smoother, softer and removes black spots from acne scars. Especially for Malissa honey, besides being good for direct consumption. Can remove burn scars that are difficult to remove with external drugs.

The Advantages of Malissa Nusantara Randu Honey

  • Honey that is clear like light brown that tastes good
  • Sweet taste that is safe for consumption by diabetics
  • The pure cottonwood honey tastes sweet and a bit sour
  • Regular consumption can increase immunity so you don’t get sick easily
  • Can treat thrush naturally
  • Can increase appetite for children to adults
  • Good for brain development because it can launch the blood circulation system to the brain
  • Protect liver health
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Accelerate the recovery period after surgery to minor injuries
  • Helps remove external scars from fires
  • Able to help lose weight by reducing fat content
  • Prevent minor illnesses such as coughs and colds
  • Suitable for facial care as a mask
  • Safe for consumption for children
  • Already got a distribution permit and passed the BPOM test
  • Halal certified from MUI

Lack of Honey Malissa Nusantara Randu

  • Only sold in large bottles of 500 grams
  • Hard to find in stores or pharmacies
  • Only serve online purchases

Price of Honey Malissa Nusantara Randu

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 149.000 1000 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 60,000 500 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 150,000 1000 grams
Lazada Rp. 65,000 500 grams
Blibli Rp. 70,000 500 grams
Jd.id Rp. 85,000 500 grams

3. Health Manuka Honey



Honey produced from Manuka flower essence is not native to Indonesia. This flower grows in New Zealand and includes wildflowers, so it is free of pollution and pesticides. It is very popular because it tastes sweet, with a more complete nutritional content than other types of honey.

Besides having a lot of goodness for health, it turns out that the type of honey is good for face masks. Because it can help restore skin elasticity, remove acne scars. In addition, it contains natural antibiotics which are good for the skin and health.

Benefits of Manuka Honey Health Manuka Honey

  • Pure honey from New Zealand which is free of pesticides and pollution
  • Honey with high nutritional content which is good for health
  • Honey contains Methylglyoxal compounds which are effective as natural antibiotics
  • Suitable for natural anti-bacterial drugs for children to adults
  • Has a good empirical content to increase male and female fertility
  • Can increase the body’s immune system so it is not easy to get sick
  • Overcoming gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery, colitis, stomach acid and diarrhea
  • Streamlining the respiratory tract and overcome sore throat naturally
  • Honey for wound healing or can heal external and internal infections
  • Maximum efficacy should be consumed directly with a wooden spoon and not metal materials such as stainless steel

Disadvantages of Manuka Honey Health Manuka Honey

  • The price is expensive
  • The size is too small
  • Not recommended for gastric patients

Manuka Honey Price Health Manuka Honey

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 490,000 MGO 100+ 250 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 575,000 MGO 100+ 250 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 543,000 MGO 400+ 250 grams
Lazada Rp. 583,000 MGO 30+ 250 grams
Blibli Rp. 678.000 MGO 100+ 250 grams
Jd.id Rp. 602,000 MGO 100+ 250 grams

4. Pure TJ Honey



Honey processed ingredients are packaged in a modern and more hygienic way. Don’t worry, Ternojoyo honey or better known as pure TJ 100 honey and only uses quality natural honey. It has even been proven that the benefits of tj honey for pregnant women are very good as a source of backup energy.

In addition, it can maintain the condition of the body so as not to get sick easily. Honey, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is easy to find and the price of pure tj honey is very affordable. Available in various sizes, from the smallest 150 grams to 500 grams. Suitable for daily family needs.

The advantages of Pure TJ Honey

  • Modern and hygienic processed honey
  • 100 percent only using selected pure honey
  • Harvested from own honey farm
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Can improve body condition and keep the immune system from getting sick easily
  • Can be a source of stamina reserves, especially for pregnant and lactating women
  • Natural remedies to reduce fever and overcome cough and cold in children
  • Can increase appetite
  • Contains Bee Pollen which maintains stamina so you don’t get sick easily
  • Royal jelly contains antioxidants that are good for the skin
  • Can be added to natural masks so that the skin becomes more glowing and tight
  • Honey with herbal ingredients
  • Can be consumed directly or added to food and beverages
  • The price is affordable and easy to get
  • Already passed the BPOM test
  • Halal certified from MUI

Lack of Pure TJ Honey

  • Not suitable for diabetics
  • Consumption of too much can cause indigestion due to high fructose content

Pure TJ Honey Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 41,000 500 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 42,000 500 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 55,000 500 grams
Lazada Rp. 52,000 500 grams
Blibli Rp. 49,000 500 grams
Jd.id Rp. 45,000 500 grams

5. Uray Honey



This natural honey (raw honey) native to Indonesia has Grade A for purity, even being the best honey in Indonesia. Uray honey is the result of bee production from nature without any mixture. The way of packaging without any chemical process, this is the main advantage that other types of honey do not have.

Uray honey does not need to go through a processing process and can be consumed directly. Not only good for health, many beauty clinics use raw honey for face masks. The reason is that it contains antioxidants that will fight the signs of premature aging of the skin.

Benefits of Uray Honey

  • Indonesian raw honey with grade A
  • Honey with the best quality and maintained its purity
  • Pure honey from nature produced by bees without any mixture and processing
  • Honey that can be consumed directly without being processed
  • Honey that comes from flower essence so it is effective to activate all glands in the body
  • Relieve and help cure respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma
  • Can be a source of energy reserves with natural fructose and sucrose content without causing obesity
  • Can relieve sore throat
  • Relieves heat, colds and other minor annoyances
  • Natural hot medicine that is safe for children
  • Contains Pinocembrin which is a natural antioxidant
  • Contains complete vitamins such as vitamins A, B complex, C, E and H
  • High mineral content so that it makes the body look fresher
  • Suitable for facial treatments such as masks because it can moisturize and soften the skin
  • Can repair damaged or dead skin cells, treat acne and remove black spots
  • Can add volume and blacken hair naturally
  • Contains karsigon substances that can cure stomach cancer and advanced bone
  • Prevent premature aging with high antioxidant content
  • Contains real pollen so that it can increase the body’s immune system so it doesn’t get sick easily

Lack of Uray Honey

  • Hard to get
  • The price is expensive
  • Can’t last long

Uray Honey Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 150,000 640 ml
Tokopedia Rp. 160,000 640 ml
Bukalapak Rp. 165,000 640 ml
Lazada Rp. 190,000 640 ml
Blibli Rp. 155,000 640 ml
Jd.id Rp. 195,000 640 ml

6. Super TJ Honey



Often experience fatigue and lethargy for no apparent reason, consumption of honey is super tj so that the body can be refreshed. This is because it only uses 100 percent natural honey and no added preservatives. In addition, there is Royal Jelly as a natural multivitamin to increase the body’s immune system.

Another benefit of super tj honey is that it can increase the body’s stamina so it doesn’t get sick easily. Suitable for men and women, both young and adults. The price is affordable, easy to get and available in various main choices. It even contains natural herbs that are good for the body.

The advantages of TJ Super Honey

  • Pure honey without added preservatives
  • 100% natural honey from our own harvest
  • Honey contains royal jelly which can be a natural multivitamin
  • Royal jelly can increase stamina and keep the body fit
  • Keeping the body’s immune system so that it doesn’t get sick easily in the transition season
  • Can be a backup energy source that is easily soluble in the body
  • Can increase vitality for both men and women
  • Can increase appetite
  • Suitable for use as a mask because honey can rejuvenate the skin optimally
  • Contains Bee Pollen which is a natural antioxidant
  • Can reduce fever and pain disorders in children without drugs
  • Herbal honey that does not cause side effects
  • Can be drunk directly or mixed in drinks and food
  • The price is affordable and easy to get
  • Available in various sizes
  • Already got distribution permit from BPOM
  • There is a halal certification from MUI

Lack of TJ Super Honey

  • Excessive consumption can cause blood sugar levels to rise
  • Not suitable for children under 1 year old

Price of TJ Super Honey

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 47,000 500 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 44,000 500 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 59,000 500 grams
Lazada Rp. 52,000 500 grams
Blibli Rp. 46,000 500 grams
Jd.id Rp. 63,000 500 grams

7. Al Shifa Honey



Raw honey from the Middle East has grade A and premium grade. The reason is that there is no mixture and it is still hygienic. Honey that has been proven to maintain and increase stamina to keep the body fit and healthy. Honey derived from the essence of date palms and bidara without pollution and pesticides.

The benefits of original Al Shifa honey for pregnant women can provide energy and become stamina during pregnancy. This pure honey also keeps the baby’s condition healthy and does not experience premature birth. In addition, this raw honey also helps maximize the baby’s brain development since in the womb.

Advantages of Al Shifa Honey

  • Original imported raw honey from Saudi Arabia
  • 100 percent pure, no added preservatives and no processing
  • Claims the best honey in the world. Produced from olive flower essence, dates and Black Seed
  • Honey that can cure all kinds of diseases
  • Honey is very thick but tastes good
  • Honey that is free from fermentation with little water content
  • Honey with Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) certification with guaranteed quality
  • Maintain and increase body stamina
  • Keep your immune system so you don’t get sick easily
  • Accelerate the recovery period after surgery or after illness
  • Streamlining the digestive system
  • Suitable as a natural supplement or multivitamin
  • It is recommended as a companion menu during fasting, breaking and sahur
  • Can remove impurities in the body with regular consumption
  • For pregnant women, it can strengthen the fetus and avoid premature birth
  • Increase the stamina of pregnant women and fulfill complete nutritional needs
  • Maximizing baby’s brain development in the womb
  • The content of vitamin B complex can increase appetite for children to adults
  • Suitable for additional nutrition and nutrition for seniors
  • Safe for direct consumption or mixed with food and beverages
  • Already get official permission from BPOM
  • Halal certified from MUI

Lack of Al Shifa Honey

  • The price is expensive
  • Small size
  • Can only be purchased online

Al Shifa Honey Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 155,000 1000 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 162,000 1000 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 200,000 1000 grams
Lazada Rp. 150,000 1000 grams
Blibli Rp. 175,000 1000 grams
Jd.id Rp. 351,000 1000 grams

8. Pure Madurasa Honey



The first and pioneer honey in Indonesia. Affordable prices with good quality with a taste and aroma that has been liked since time immemorial. Honey that is processed without heating so that it provides the benefits of original madurasa for the face to make it firmer, fresher and look more glowing.

In addition, the benefits of the original madurasa for the lips to overcome chapped and internal heat disorders. Especially during the transition season, just apply it in the morning and at night before going to bed. Sensitive lip skin will feel more moist, not easily dry and not bleed when friction occurs.

The advantages of pure Madurasa honey

  • Pure pure honey from Indonesia
  • 100 percent pure honey without added preservatives
  • The price is economical with ergonomic packaging
  • Packaged in glass bottles so it won’t change the taste, shape and properties
  • The taste is good, the aroma is not overpowering and the honey tastes natural
  • Honey is thick but still comfortable for direct consumption
  • Efficacious to increase and maintain stamina
  • Suitable for increasing the appetite of children to adults
  • Safe to add to beverages such as herbs or milk
  • Available in various packaging, the price is affordable and practical
  • TOP Brand and become a pioneer of honey in Indonesia
  • Already obtained distribution permit from DinKes and BPOM
  • Halal certified from MUI

Lack of Pure Madurasa Honey

  • Not for consumption by children under 3 years old
  • Consumption not according to the rules can cause diabetes or impaired blood sugar levels

Pure Madurasa Honey Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 80,000 910 ml
Tokopedia Rp. 87,000 910 ml
Bukalapak Rp. 96,000 910 ml
Lazada Rp. 89,000 910 ml
Blibli Rp. 84,000 910 ml
Jd.id Rp. 75,000 910 ml

9. Javara Novio Rainforest Pure Raw Honey


This beautiful forest honey from West Java is unique and quite rare. Although taken from the forest, this is a honey bee from longan flower essence. So many are also called longan honey. Having a characteristic yellow color, one of the benefits of Javara honey is that it can relieve back pain quickly.

In addition, the benefits of raw honey are very good for speeding up the recovery period, both for external and internal wounds. It is highly recommended to consume a lot to strengthen the kidneys or post-surgery recovery. It is even believed to be able to maintain skin moisture and make the face look more glowing.

Advantages of Javara Novio Rainforest Pure Raw Honey

  • Raw honey from the beautiful forests of West Java
  • Honey is unique and quite rare
  • Forest honey that comes from honey bees sucking longan flower essence
  • The color of honey is bright yellow, very clear and does not emit a pungent aroma
  • It tastes good and smells good
  • Can increase appetite naturally
  • Improve and improve kidney function
  • Regular consumption will make the brain work optimally
  • Can relieve back pain quickly
  • A source of stamina reserves so you don’t get sick easily
  • Can relieve and eliminate flu, cough, cold and fever without medicine
  • Honey is safe to use for masks
  • Functions as an anti-aging that can maintain moisture and reduce signs of aging
  • Can speed up the recovery period after illness such as after surgery
  • Can remove stains due to external wounds
  • Raw raw honey without the addition of many additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for consumption with drinks such as herbs or milk
  • Passed the test from BPOM
  • There is already a halal certification from MUI

Disadvantages of Javara Novio Rainforest Pure Raw Honey

  • The size is too small
  • Hard to find and only available in certain seasons

Javara Novio Rainforest Pure Raw Honey Price

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 120,000 Black Honey 150 ml
Tokopedia Rp. 147,000 White Honey 150 ml
Bukalapak Rp. 130,000 Cotton Blossom 150 ml
Lazada Rp. 145,000 Coffee Blossom 150 ml
Blibli Rp. 168.000 Strawberry Blossom 150 ml
Jd.id Rp. 136,000 Longan Blossom 150 ml

10. Natural Honey Spec Super Honey



100% pure honey without any additives. It is even claimed to be an herbal product that is safe for daily consumption. The benefits of super honey can increase stamina and keep the body healthy throughout the day. In addition, it can improve the body’s metabolic system, especially for digestion.

Not only that, super honey for beauty can be a secret recipe for looking youthful. The reason is that it contains natural anti-aging so that the skin will look smooth, tight and avoid signs of premature aging. Safe to use as a face mask so that it can accelerate the regeneration of dead skin cells.

The Advantages of Natural Honey Spec Super Honey

  • Pure honey 100 percent original from nature
  • No added water, preservatives or other chemicals
  • Pure honey that can repair and maintain stamina to stay fit throughout the day
  • Overcoming digestive problems such as constipation
  • Improve the body’s metabolic system
  • Overcome dehydration, chapped lips and heat in a natural way
  • Boost your immune system so you don’t get sick easily during the transition season
  • Honey that contains anti-aging to prevent premature aging
  • Safe to use as a mask at night so that the skin feels firmer, supple and eliminates fine lines
  • Can increase appetite for children to adults
  • It tastes good, honey is not too thick and does not emit a pungent smell
  • The price is affordable with exclusive glass jar packaging
  • Passed BPOM test and is safe for consumption
  • Already got a halal certificate from MUI

Disadvantages of Natural Honey Spec Super Honey

  • Only one small size available
  • Only available online and not always available

Price of Natural Honey Spec Super Honey

Store Name Price Information
Shopee Rp. 45,000 350 grams
Tokopedia Rp. 52,000 350 grams
Bukalapak Rp. 47,000 350 grams
Lazada Rp. 55,000 350 grams
Blibli Rp. 43,000 350 grams
Jd.id Rp. 57,000 350 grams

Recommendations for the best real honey that is good for the body

Less familiar with all these types of honey, there are recommendations for genuine and pure natural honey that are suitable for daily consumption even at affordable prices. Ath Thoifah honey, super calliandra honey, is not only good for health but is suitable for use as a natural multivitamin.

It tastes good, the aroma is not overpowering and will be liked by children to adults. It is safe for regular consumption three times a day and can be drunk directly. Honey will not change the taste, color and efficacy when mixed with food or drink.

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All the best real honey has good properties for the body, but it should be adjusted to the needs. If sick can be consumed directly but for daily use as a multivitamin. We recommend only one spoon before bed, this is enough to meet nutritional needs.

Thank you for listening to information about pure honey that is original from nature. Please leave a trail by liking and commenting, you can even share it on social media to provide information to those closest to you.

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