10 Good & Best Indonesian Cosmetic Brands 2021

Cosmetics are developing rapidly from time to time. Its fans have reached almost all men and women in the world. Domestically, there are many Indonesian cosmetic brand owners who do not want to lose to continue to innovate to become the best make-up product provider.

In addition, local cosmetic users are increasingly showing interest in the advantages of the products they use. If you’ve just wanted to try local products, check out our selection tips and recommendations for you.

Tips for Choosing Indonesian Cosmetics

Each product certainly has its own charm. However, it never hurts to re-examine the composition and other choices before buying a cosmetic product.

1. Cosmetics must pass the BPOM test


Each brand has definitely passed the BPOM test process to ensure that each product is worthy of being sold in the market. You must be careful to get the BPOM serial number on the packaging of a product.

2. The smell is not strong


The smell of make-up that is too strong and easily causes dizziness, in fact, you should avoid. It could be that these products use chemicals in large quantities before they are sold to users.

3. Check the latest testimonials and reviews


Technological developments have helped many people to share insights about the use of products. Testimonials are an important form for you to learn about their strengths, advantages, and compatibility with types that meet personal requirements.

4. Adjust to the needs of the skin


Each product usually has linked skin compatibility claims, from dry skin to oily skin. Start with cosmetics that are able to meet the condition and color of the skin so that the effect is natural and the better for maintaining makeup all day long.

Recommended Indonesian Cosmetic Brands

1. Make Over


Is a cosmetic brand that was developed until now by PT Paragon Technology. As a professional make up brand, Make Over has completed the best bold makeup for fans throughout Indonesia.


  • The quality is guaranteed and equivalent to international products
  • Has been trusted as an Official Partner in various fashion shows
  • The price is affordable, even though the quality is comparable to high end products
  • Have done a complete product innovation


  • Coverage is still not enough for acne prone skin
  • After use, the skin tends to be dry
  • Some products still clog pores

2. Wardah


Besides Make Over, Wardah is also under the auspices of PT Paragon Technology as a halal brand in Indonesia. Using a formulation that has been adapted to a natural and sweet look using bright and fresh colors.


  • The content is harmless and proven to be halal
  • More economical price
  • Easy to lighten facial dullness
  • Soft and light texture and aroma


  • Vulnerable to trigger allergic reactions
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin owners

3. BLP Beauty


Despite its young age, the brand raised by Lizzie Parra is able to show its quality for every makeup fan. Several awards have been won as evidence of the best innovation, especially for young people and millennials.


  • Vegan base ingredients that do not contain harmful chemical formulas
  • Beautiful and varied color choices according to conditions in Indonesia
  • The aroma and texture is not overpowering, tastes sweet and soft
  • High pigmentation


  • Some products are a bit difficult to clean
  • The shade is very bright, so you shouldn’t overdo it

4. Rollover Reaction


The product, which was founded by Naya Tinanda with three friends, is often awarded as the best brand in Indonesia. In addition to cosmetics, Rollover Reaction also presents effective make-up cleaning products.


  • Many issued multifunctional products, such as lip and cheek stain
  • Coverage tends to be high
  • Simple packaging, but feels elegant
  • High enough pigmentation for long lasting makeup


  • The price is still relatively expensive
  • The face is easier to get oily
  • Some products do not provide refills

5. Goban Cosmetics


This Indonesian cosmetic brand is often mistaken for foreign origin. Brand reading is indeed done with a French accent to “Gobang”, presenting international quality at prices that tend to be more affordable.


  • The formulation feels comfortable for everyday use
  • Attractive packaging so it’s easy to determine the color indicator
  • High pigmentation, durable and long lasting
  • All products use natural ingredients


  • The type of color choice tends to be a bit
  • Skin tone and color are a bit difficult to adjust

6. ESQA Cosmetics


Not a few also think this product is included in the range of foreign products. There are many variations of ESQA products that captivate the hearts of fans with beautiful colors. Suitable for those of you who dare to apply fresh tropical-style make-up throughout the day.


  • Claims vegan and cruelty free ingredients, safe for everyone
  • Luxurious and elegant packaging
  • High quality and does not damage healthy skin
  • Gives a glowing and natural finish


  • Prices tend to be more expensive
  • The final result tends to be sticky and a little annoying

7. Purbasari


If this brand tends to be popular because of its body scrub products, you can actually try the best cosmetics that are suitable for Indonesia’s tropical conditions. Various cool color tones can be obtained and selected for everyday wear.


  • Really affordable price
  • The choice of colors is very diverse
  • Light and easy to apply formulation
  • Smells good and doesn’t sting


  • Less durable
  • The packaging is not attractive and some are not sturdy

8. Emina


Become a subsidiary that is also side by side with Make Over and Wardah. Emina has a target market of young people in their teens and helps them to look fresh all day long. There are many bright colors that are liked by fans of natural makeup.


  • Lightweight formulation and easy to apply
  • Perfect for everyday wear, with or without makeup
  • The price is more economical
  • Quality and able to support the needs of teenage skin


  • Less durable and have to be applied several times
  • Sometimes not suitable for oily skin

9. Minerals Botanica


An Indonesian cosmetic brand that was founded in 2014 in Bandung, West Java. Until now, his name has been known to the United States. With undoubted quality, this product has fulfilled the makeup needs of every fan.


  • Various product variations, from make up to skin care
  • Natural ingredients that are safe for the continuity of healthy skin
  • Elegant and not boring packaging
  • Feels durable and long lasting


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Still hard to find, rarely sold online shop

10. MIZZU Cosmetics


This make-up brand presents a complete product, slowly but surely. There are various choices of shades that are a favorite of cosmetic lovers. In addition, the quality is proven because it has worked with many influencers in Indonesia.


  • The price is affordable and economical
  • Unique, attractive packaging with an elegant theme
  • Good pigmentation, long lasting after application
  • Beautiful color choices and usually a favorite in the market


  • The shade name of some products is not printed, it is relatively easy to remove
  • The packaging is still easy to leak

There are many Indonesian cosmetic brands that you must try to use as needed. Whether it’s for everyday makeup or important events, local products have shown their quality and talent to match international products.


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