Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in the World for All Skin Types

Talking about beauty is certainly not far from the terms cosmetics and make up. Along with the times, cosmetics offer formulations that are much safer while adjusting to trends from year to year. The best cosmetic brands in the world are growing and making many innovations.

In addition, cosmetics also began to be used comprehensively, not discriminating between men and women. This attraction is increasingly profitable for workers in the beauty sector, such as make-up artists, hairdressers, and others.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cosmetic Brands in the World

Choosing cosmetics must be done carefully, considering that its use is long-term. The various aspects that a brand offers must really provide benefits for you.

1. Shop for cosmetics from the official store


Of course, no one wants to get fake cosmetics for everyday use. One way to anticipate this is to buy equipment at an offline official store or an official store when shopping online.

Official stores usually present a Beauty Advisor (BA) to provide input on recommended and suitable products for buyers.

2. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices


It is undeniable that world-class cosmetic brands sold in Indonesia are still quite expensive. Some may look for other alternatives by market researching shops that sell cheaper prices.

This is indeed legal, but check again if the price offered is very far below the market. It could be that the product is counterfeit and even harmful to the health of the wearer.

3. Research the advantages and disadvantages of the product to be purchased


Even though it looks ‘wow’ and is definitely of high quality, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages of a product that can be compared with other products.

This is of course natural and unavoidable. The most important thing is that you are able to adapt it to every usage requirement.

Best Cosmetic Brand Recommendation in the World

1. NARS Cosmetics


Debuting in 1994, Nars first sold 12 lipstick products in New York. Francois Nars as the initiator then continued the development of other beauty products, ranging from eyeshadow palettes to blush and lip gloss.


  • Using modern packaging designed directly by Fabien Baron
  • Ease of consulting with make up artists at local outlets
  • A very large selection of cosmetic color shades
  • Optimal pigmentation and easy to apply


  • Prices tend to be expensive
  • The risk of counterfeit goods in the market
  • If it doesn’t fit, it’s easy to trigger allergies

2. Benefit Cosmetics


Since 1976, Benefit has accompanied the world of beauty with the characteristics and attractiveness of each of its products. Jane and Jean Ford managed to introduce attractive branding for every type of makeup needs with the best quality.


  • Carrying unique themes and concepts
  • Each product applicator is easy to use
  • The pigmentation and absorption of the product feels perfect
  • Durable while giving a high class touch


  • Sometimes it’s easy to cause dry skin or lips
  • Relatively expensive price
  • Products still tend to be hard to find

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia Soare, the founder of this luxury cosmetic brand, initially believed that eyebrows were an important asset to determine the final result of an appearance. Starting from Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian, Anastasia Beverly Hills brings a variety of your cosmetic needs.


  • Always beautiful new colors and shades
  • Already trusted by many Hollywood celebrities
  • Luxurious packaging with guaranteed quality results
  • High pigmentation, long lasting


  • Can trigger an itching reaction
  • A bit hard to find in Indonesia
  • Risk of buying counterfeit goods

4. M.A.C Cosmetics


Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo founded M.A.C Cosmetics in 1984. M.A.C itself stands for Make-Up Art Cosmetics. In addition to its worldwide reputation, M.A.C has also provided facial, lip, nail, and perfume beauty products.


  • More famous, so easy to find anywhere
  • Beautiful formula and color choices
  • Loved by loyal consumers, including world-class artists
  • Choice of quality products


  • Has the risk of becoming a reference for counterfeit goods
  • Sometimes it causes a cakey finish on dry skin

5. L’Oreal


This brand has been around for more than a century. Precisely in 1909 until now, L’Oreal has presented many hair care and coloring products, facial beauty, nail coloring, and skin care or skin care.


  • Bringing to life a unique beauty philosophy in women
  • Using advanced and latest research and technology
  • The products are diverse for women, men, and children
  • The price is quite affordable


  • Sometimes it’s easy to itch
  • Packaging does not attract attention

6. Maybelline


As the best cosmetic brand in the world, almost all products from Maybelline are used by beauty salons. No wonder you see this brand almost every day, including on the dressing table for regular personal use.


  • Many provide waterproof make-up
  • Have a long-lasting matte lip product
  • Long lasting with an attractive aroma
  • Beautiful color choices


  • Some products can’t be applied properly
  • The risk of clumping of mascara products

7. CoverGirl


Initially, the CoverGirl cosmetic brand was developed by the Noxzema Chemical Company. Subsequently, the brand merged as part of Procter & Gamble (P&G). From year to year, the growth is starting to be seen with the number of artists as CoverGirl’s official endorsers.


  • The formula of each product is long lasting
  • Feels light and easy to blend on the face or lips
  • Easy to apply and high pigmentation
  • Providing complete beauty products


  • Sometimes gives oxidize effect
  • The smell tends to be very strong and striking

8. Urban Decay


Of course you are familiar with this one brand because it is widely used by world-class beauty vloggers or make-up artists. Stand up and start ringing his name in New Port Beach, California. At first, the choice of cosmetic colors was dominated by red, pink, and nude which were suitable for young people.


  • Best pigmentation and all out color
  • There are many choices of colors and types of eyeshadow
  • Lasts all day
  • The shade offered is always anti-mainstream and unique


  • Sometimes it’s easy to react to itching
  • Most products only focus on shimmer

9. Revlon


Charles and Joseph Revson and CR Lachman worked to establish Revlon in 1932. With beauty products in the form of enamel nail polish, until now, Revlon has released many types of cosmetics for fans around the world.


  • Long lasting, proven claims to last all day
  • The choice of products can be adapted to many skin types
  • The applicator is more flexible and practical
  • More economical price


  • Less variety of color choices
  • Texture tends to be too thick and a bit heavy

10. Shiseido


It has been the best cosmetic brand in the world since 1872 and started to introduce its products in Japan. The name Shiseido itself is adapted from a classic book originating from China. Her various treatments and beauty consist of make up, perfume, as well as skin care.


  • Utilizing technological developments in the processing of various products
  • Always innovate
  • Easily adaptable to all-time beauty products
  • Carrying a brand that pays attention to Asian beauty


  • Prices tend to be expensive
  • The products are still often counterfeited

Now, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to invest in the best makeup products in its class. The best cosmetic brands in the world are always innovating and making new breakthroughs for the needs of every beauty enthusiast.


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