10 Brands of Face and Body Sunblock for Teens and Children

10 brands of face and body sunblock for teens and children

Using sunblock during the day is something you should not miss. Sunblock plays a role in protecting the skin from sun exposure, especially UVA and UVB. Before choosing a sunblock brand, here are things to consider and product recommendations.

Tips for Choosing Sunblock

1. Read the label before buying


Pay attention to what ingredients are contained in the sunblock. Choose a sunblock that has a broad spectrum of protection, at least SPF 30. Sunblocks with that SPF level are usually able to ward off UVA and UVB rays.

2. Check the content of sunblock


Sunblock is divided into two types, namely mineral content and chemical content. Although many say that the mineral content will be better, but there are also those who do not agree. This is due to the way of use and different results on the skin.

Mineral sunblock contains zinc oxide which protects the skin from UV rays. But unfortunately, this sunblock cream will leave the impression of a whiter and thicker skin. While chemical sunblocks are more easily absorbed by the skin, they will irritate sensitive skin.

3. Check the water resistance


We recommend that you choose a sunblock that has good water resistance. Sunblock is used every time you start your activity. Of course sunblock can be removed when you sweat without realizing it. While not many know that the use of sunblock needs to be repeated.

Since 2011, no sunblock brand has been created and can last all day. The water resistance of sunblock generally indicates how long the sunblock will last. Usually the effective time of sunblock is only around 80 minutes.

10 Good Sunblock Brands for Teens and Children

1. Banana Boat Sport SPF 110


It’s rare for sunblock products to have a very high SPF, but the Banana Boat brand has them. It has an SPF of 110 so it can last for more than 3 hours. The packaging is a tube and is available in a size of 30 ml so it is easy to carry everywhere.

The advantage of this sunblock is its light texture like water. After use, sunblock will immediately settle without clogging the pores on the skin. This product is suitable for those of you who do outdoor sports during the day to avoid sunburn.

2. Garnier Super UV Spot


For those of you who have normal to oily skin, you should try this sunblock. Its SPF is at level 50 which spectrum is able to ward off UVA and UVB rays. This sunblock can also prevent darkening of the skin, dullness, and dark spots.

In the sunblock is also accompanied by vitamin C and vitamin E. Both vitamins help brighten the skin and protect from the effects of pollution. Because it gives a bright effect, you can use this sunblock as a makeup base.

3. Bioderma Photoderm


Bioderma Photoderm is a sunblock containing a patented ingredient called Cellular Bioprotection. Not only for adults, this sunblock is also formulated for children. The material is soft, prevents dullness, and protects from UV to the maximum.

Although the price is quite expensive compared to other brands, you only need to use it a little. The texture of the sunblock is similar to water, not sticky and doesn’t leave white patches. There are no parabens or perfumes in this product.

4. Nature Republic California Aloe


The content of aloe vera or aloe vera in this sunblock makes the texture can soothe and moisturize the skin. Unlike other sunblocks, the effect after use is to cause a pink color. So, your skin will look bright in 10 minutes.

The SPF level in this sunblock is 50 so it can protect from exposure to harmful rays for the skin. You only need to apply it a little and then spread it on your face. Sunblock can also improve uneven skin tone.

5. L’oreal Paris UV Perfect


This sunblock product has a cream-like texture, but is suitable for those of you who have oily skin. This sunblock is designed for tropical users with SPF 50, its water-like formula, and ensures oil-free skin all day long.

This sunblock has quite a lot of roles. In addition to counteracting UV rays, L’oreal UV Perfect can also be used as a moisturizer and primer. In it there is a detoxyl content that can protect the skin from particles so as to prevent acne.

6. Emina Sun Protection


The Emina brand sells sunblock at a very affordable price. But the SPF in it is only at level 30, so you need to use it repeatedly for maximum results. The texture is creamy and leaves white patches so you don’t have to use powder anymore.

It contains aloe vera and panthenol. The role of both is to moisturize the facial skin. Emina Sun Protection is also suitable for any skin type. With diligent use, your skin is protected from sun damage and sunburn.

7. Skin Aqua Moisture milk


Skin Aqua has a sunblock series with various SPFs. However, the Moisture milk series has the highest SPF at level 50. The texture is similar to milk but easily absorbs into the skin. The advantage of this sunblock is its affordable price.

In addition to high SPF, it contains hydraulic acid, collagen, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. This product guarantees skin moisture, keeps skin supple, and avoids pollution. Comes in a small package, this product practically fits in your bag.

8. Wardah UV Shield


This sunblock series from Wardah provides greater protection than before. Now sunblock can block UVB rays as well with SPF 30. The content is also equipped with vitamin E as an antioxidant to nourish the skin.

The main ingredient of this sunblock is aloe vera extract which is cool when applied to the face. There is also vitamin B5 to ensure the skin stays moisturized. In the face sunblock class, Wardah sells 40 ml packages at low prices.

9. Kojie San Sunblock


Not only famous for its lightening soap, Kojie San also has sunblock products for the face. With spF 50, this sunblock is able to protect the skin from sunburn. It contains sunactyl ingredients to repair damaged skin.

In addition, this sunblock contains shea butter and vitamin E. After use, you will feel smooth and supple skin. This product comes in a 50g flip tube packaging that can fit in your bag.

10. Someby Mi Truecica


This product from Korea has an SPF of 50 with an essence content of up to 85%. The texture is creamy, but when rubbed, it absorbs quickly into the skin. It contains Centella asiatica which is gentle on the skin.

Although the price is quite expensive, this product guarantees a light content on the skin, without coloring, without fragrance, and also without parabens. Protection for the skin not only from the sun but also from damage caused by pollution.

When choosing sunblock, make sure that the ingredients are suitable for your skin. Various brands of sunblock are sold at cheap to expensive prices. However, it does not guarantee that the expensive one will be suitable for the skin. Adjust to your needs, allergies, and also your pocket.


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