10 Pudding Brands for Babies and Diets

10 pudding brands for babies and diets

Pudding brands of various flavors and shapes can be easily found in the Indonesian market. Not only delicious, pudding is also rich in nutrients. The sensation of legit, sweet, and soft food unites in the mouth when consuming it.

You may make pudding a favorite food. Pudding can also be a safe food for your little one to eat, because it is rich in fiber and other mineral nutrients. However, have you been selective in choosing instant pudding?

Selective Tips for Choosing a Pudding Brand

Being selective in choosing a particular pudding brand can be the starting point for consuming a really healthy and delicious pudding. It is possible that fake brands are still on the market. Here are tips for choosing a brand that can be done:

1. Read the Pudding Composition


A good brand only uses good basic ingredients. Authentication with the taste of pudding from natural ingredients is a must. Therefore, the pure raw materials used are usually used in large enough quantities.

The composition can be seen on the edge of the packaging or the outer box which is widely used as an outer wrapper for instant pudding. Along with the composition you can see the nutritional content of the selected pudding brand. From here you can also adjust the needs of the pudding to be purchased.

2. View Expiration Date


Also look at the expiration date, especially if you buy the product at a grocery or wholesale shop. The expiration date can show the quality of the pudding that will be consumed. We recommend that you choose a pudding with an expiration date that is still far away.

Not infrequently also bad guys manipulate the expiration date to encourage the selling power of the product. To avoid the most undesirable, you certainly have to be careful in choosing products with a certain expiration date.

3.   Find Out Brand Information


Finally, find out information about the brand. Brand affects the production of pudding. With a good brand, it will also produce good instant pudding. However, on the other hand, if the pudding information is not found on the internet, do not buy the product.

If you are confused about finding the official website of a particular brand, you can look for information related to the brand on the official website of BPOM Indonesia. Registered brands are certain to be safe for consumption by consumers.

Recommended Pudding Brand

Pudding with various brands can be an option to support the body’s nutritional needs that cannot be formed on its own. The following pudding brand recommendations can be selected and adjusted to individual tastes:

1. Nutrijell Pudding


The number one brand of gelatin in Indonesia, it turns out that it does not only produce clear agar in various flavors. Nutrijell also presents instant pudding products as its superior product.

There is no need to ask about taste. A legit sweet taste can be obtained from the Nutrijell pudding dough. Various flavors can be adjusted according to taste because Nutrijell’s puddings are sold in various flavors.

2. Haan Pudding


Haan as one of the food brands with various products is much sought after because of the easy manufacturing process. Products such as instant ice cream are also much sought after because of their delicious taste.

Not only instant ice cream and jelly products, you can also try buying instant pudding products. No less practical, how to make it can be done with only 3 steps of manufacture. Haan pudding is also equipped with creamy fla.

3. Cocoon Pudding


Cocoon pudding is produced and specially formulated so that the results formed can be as soft as silk. The softness of the pudding texture that is formed can even be seen from the outer shape of the pudding.

The method of making pudding from the Cocoon brand is also no less practical than other instant brands. Those of you who like the soft texture of the pudding can cook this brand of pudding, without having to mix other ingredients.

4. Inaco Pudding


Lazy to cook pudding? If so, you can buy instant pudding ready to eat Inaco. Inaco itself is widely known as a producer of ready-to-eat jelly and pudding with a very good taste.

You can easily find this ready-to-eat pudding in supermarkets. Storing Inaco pudding in the refrigeration will maintain the nutritional content and shape of the pudding, so it doesn’t change even until it reaches your hands.

5. Wong Coco Pudding


Another pudding brand that is widely known by the Indonesian people, namely Wong Coco. This brand is known for its soft texture and perfect taste. Coupled with the nata de coco topping which is placed on the top of the pudding.

You can feel a fresh and soft sensation from one cup of Wong Coco pudding. Puddings are available in various flavors from orange, mango, strawberry, chocolate, to lychee.

6. Vita Pudding


No less recommended Vita Pudding much talked about because the taste is so evocative. Vita Pudding can be easily found in supermarkets to certain grocery stores.

With a practical way of cooking, you can create Vita Pudding into a typical home-cooked meal. Starting from being frozen or eaten with your favorite vanilla fla, it can still spoil anyone’s tongue.

7. Promina Silky Pudding


Unlike other pudding manufacturers, the Promina brand presents Promina Silky Pudding products. This product is specially formulated for children who are learning to chew.

It can also be served to children as a healthy snack at home. Pudding is enriched with real fruit pieces that will add nutrients and natural fiber needed for your little one’s body.

8. Agaros Pudding


Aragos pudding is a product issued from the same manufacturer, namely the Swallow jelly brand. Agaros pudding has a denser texture, but remains chewy when eaten.

Not requiring too much water, this instant pudding forms a pudding very quickly. This pudding also has many flavors that can be adjusted to personal taste.

9. Nayz Pudding


Still rarely heard, the Nayz pudding brand is an instant pudding brand that is intended for babies. Its soft texture with balanced nutritional content can support the nutritional needs of babies.

Nayz pudding can also be used to train simulator organs in babies, such as training reflectors on the hands to training the sense of taste on the tongue. Can also be used to stimulate the growth of milk teeth.

10. Milna Toddler Instant Pudding


Another pudding specially formulated for toddlers, Milna Toddler Instant Pudding can be the right choice for your little ones. Milna, who has been widely known to produce baby biscuits, was also involved in producing pudding.

Milna Toddler Instant Pudding is still hard to find. However, you can order and buy it in the online market through buying and selling platforms that are widely spread today. The price offered is quite friendly with the wallet.

Which pudding is your choice? Adjust the type of pudding with the age that will consume it. Do not add too much sugar to the pudding because it can damage the structure of the fiber contained in it.


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