10 Best Spray Gun Brands

A spray gun is a tool that you can use to carry out the painting process, so that the results are better, smoother, and of course save on the use of paint. You should choose a high-quality spray gun brand, so that the final painting result will be better but easier to do.

If you are still confused about making a choice, we will provide some tips for choosing a quality spray gun along with recommendations for brands that produce spray guns. For that, you must read this article to the end and don’t let anything be left behind or missed, OK!

Tips for Choosing a Quality Spray Gun

The spray gun uses compressed air or air obtained from the compressor, to be able to spray the paint in the storage tube in atomic form (atomization). The quality of the results will be better if the wind used is getting stronger, because the size of the paint that is released will be smaller.

If the wind that is released is not strong enough, the paint will be rough and resemble an orange peel so it is not good to look at. Because of that, you need to choose a quality spray gun so that the final result is better.

We have summarized some tips to be able to choose a quality spray gun and according to the material you want to color. That way, you’ll get a nice, smooth finish. These tips include:

1. Choose HVLP Type Spray Gun for Wood Material


This spray gun with the High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) type is suitable for you to use on wood materials. The reason is, this type of spray gun produces relatively low air pressure, thereby increasing the efficiency of the paint sticking to the wood material.

Although it is very suitable for wood materials, you must know that the process of using this type of HVLP cannot be done in a short period of time.

2. Choose LVLP Type Spray Gun for Sealer Application


Sealers usually have a high viscosity (thickness). If you want to apply a sealer, you can use a spray gun with the Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) type. In addition to sealers, you can use this type of spray gun for base coat applications which also have high viscosity.

3. Choose an Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun for Top Coat and Sealer Applications


You can use the LVLP type spray gun for high viscosity materials, but it is not recommended for top coat applications because of the low atomization rate. While the HVLP type cannot be used for high-viscosity materials.

To overcome this, you can choose a spray gun with the type of Air Assisted Airless or Air Mixed which can be used for the application of high-viscosity materials (sealer). In addition, the spray gun type also has a high atomization rate.

Recommended Quality Spray Gun Brands

After determining the type or type of spray gun you want to use, you must choose the spray gun brand that suits your needs. We have several brands that can be highly recommended, because they have high quality.

The recommended brands of the spray gun are:

1. Kairos SGL F75


This spray gun produces a very fine spray of paint and also has a wide spread area. With a force of air pressure from 2.5 to 4.5 kgf, you can use this spray gun even with the addition of a small compressor.

You can use this Kairos SGL F75 spray gun to apply a base coat or also a clear coat. The paint tube of this spray gun can hold up to 400 cc of paint.

2. Tekiro Ryu F75


Tekiro is a Japanese brand that produces high quality spray gun products, which you can get by spending around 150 to 200 thousand rupiah. The reservoir tube is located at the top of the spray gun with a capacity of up to 400 cc.

To be able to produce quality and good results, you must pay attention to the distance from the use of the spray gun. The optimal distance for using a spray gun or painting distance using this product is 15 to 20 cm from the object you want to paint.

3. K3B MC Tech


Similar to Tekiro, which is a product of a Japanese company, K3B MC Tech is a spray gun product from a Japanese company, MC Tech Japan. With a special regulator, you can adjust the air pressure coming out of this spray gun.

4. H&L


This H&L brand spray gun has been widely used by beginners and even seniors and professionals. Although priced at a low price, the spray of paint that comes out of the nozzle hole is very small and also smooth.

5. Shogun


You can get this spray gun at a price of around 150 to 160 thousand rupiah. Although it is classified as a cheap spray gun product, you can use this product for various types of paint, such as base paint, epoxy, clear coat, or also accent paint such as glitter color.

6. Xenon 1.5mm F75G


This spray gun uses brass material which is a kind of yellow copper material. The size of the Xenon 1.5 mm F75G spray gun is relatively small and tiny. The result of painting using this product is very smooth and even, due to the small size of the nozzle hole.

7. Santana


You can easily find this Santana brand spray gun on the market, because it is one of the brands that has a lot of enthusiasts. When you buy a spray gun, you can already get a bonus cleaning brush and also a key that functions to disassemble this spray gun.

8. Rutland Spray Gun Set


The shape of this spray gun product is different from other products, because the position of the reservoir tube is not on top.

With six types or variants of nozzles, you can perform various painting techniques using only one product from Rutland. You can also adjust the spray settings on this product.

9. Sagola F75G


Our last recommended spray gun is the Sagola F75G. With a tube size of 77 x 100 mm in diameter, the ideal pressure can reach up to 50 psi. The nozzle hole of this product is 1.5 mm, so it can produce a smooth spray.

The storage tube in this spray gun is on top with a combined gravity feed, so that the appearance of this tool becomes more minimalist, concise, and also practical. You can get products that are categorized as the best (from 400 ml tube sizes) at a price of 130 to 150 thousand rupiah.

From the 9 recommended spray gun brands that we have provided, you can choose a spray gun that suits your needs and also your budget. Don’t forget to adjust the type of spray gun to use as we mentioned in the tips for choosing a spray gun.


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