10 Best Magic Com Brands That Are Good And Long Lasting

Usmile.id – As one of the main sources of carbohydrates, rice is always the main choice to fill the stomach. So it’s no wonder that in every home and restaurant there is a rice menu available. That’s why it’s important to know which is the best magic com brand that is good and durable.

Currently, apart from cooking rice, magic com also has other functions. Unlike the rice cooker which is usually used to cook only rice, magic com can make a variety of dishes. For some people, magic com can be used to make vegetables, heat food to make cakes. Before buying magic com, it’s good to know how to choose magic com properly.

Review Tips for Choosing Magic Com

Choosing products for cooking cannot be done arbitrarily. This is because of the health of yourself and your family who can get sick because of bad products. Before buying magic com, follow these tips so you can choose the right magic com and according to your needs.

1. Size

There are various choices of magic coms to choose from, ranging from small to jumbo sizes. If magic com is purchased for boarding children who live alone, small to medium sizes are sufficient. However, if for a large family then choose magic com with jumbo size. Choose the size that suits your needs so you don’t waste the remaining rice.

2. Features

It turns out that various brands of magic com offer various interesting features that can be used by their users. Some of the features include slow cook, keep warm, quick cook to delay timer logic. If you really need all these features, then choose the latest magic com. However, if magic com is only used to cook rice, a simple feature will suffice.

3. Material

It is common knowledge, that ingredients that are not safe from magic com will contaminate the food inside. The chemicals that coat magic com can even increase the risk of getting cancer. Choose magic com products that are certified and use safe ingredients.

4. Durable

Compared to buying magic com almost every year, it is better to use magic com which is durable. With this resistance, it will certainly save costs and also be more comfortable to use. Do a variety of research that can help to determine which product suits your needs.

Those are some quick tips that can be done before buying magic com. The safety of the materials used is a major concern. Don’t forget to always adjust your family’s needs and finances before buying magic com. Currently, there are quite a lot of cheap and quality magic com brands.

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List of 10 Best Magic Com Brands in Indonesia that are Good and Most Durable

Various electronic brands are competing to issue their best magic com products. Various features and affordable prices make consumers have many choices. Here are the 10 best magic com brands to choose from.

  • 1. Philips HD 3132


The Philips brand is trusted with quality products and is safe to use. With their magic com product, the Philips HD 3132, cooking will be easier. There is a smart heating technology that can make rice always warm and delicious.

With a capacity of 2 liters, this magic com is able to cook rice for 14 people. No need to bother cleaning this magic com, because the cooking pot is very easy to remove. This Magic com has a sturdy and strong and minimalist shape and can be used for a long time.

Advantages of Philips HD 3132

  • Safe to use
  • Has a non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of stainless steel so it is durable and long lasting
  • Cooked rice can stay warm for up to 48 hours

Disadvantages of Philips HD 3132

  • The cable is short so have to put magic com near the plug
  • The consumption of electricity is quite high, which is 400 watts

Price Philips HD 3132

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 452,500
Shopee IDR 474,000
Tokopedia IDR 489,000
Bukalapak IDR 481.500

  • 2. Cosmos Magic Com Harmond – CRJ6601


When talking about the magic com brand, Cosmos is one of the brands that has long had quality products. One of the products is Cosmos Magic Com Harmond – CRJ6601. Magic com has a power-saving feature and is of course safe to use.

Having a pot with a fairly thick size, this magic com is able to keep rice warm for a long time. Magic com is also able to keep rice free from contamination from bacteria and odors. The size is light enough so that it can be carried anywhere, including when traveling.

Advantages of Cosmos Magic Com Harmond – CRJ6601

  • Saving electricity
  • Can prevent bacteria from entering
  • Can prevent odor
  • Keeps rice warm for a long time
  • Light and easy to carry

Weaknesses of Cosmos Magic Com Harmond – CRJ6601

  • Small size only 0.8 liter
  • No other types available

Price Philips Cosmos Magic Com Harmond – CRJ6601

Shop Price
Lazada Rp 268.000
Shopee IDR 259,000
Tokopedia IDR 260,000
Bukalapak Rp269,000

  • 3. Miyako MCM509


An electronics brand from Indonesia, Miyako is also famous for its affordable and quality magic com products. One of them is Miyako MCM509 which is very easy to use. The appearance is also attractive, suitable for mothers who like beauty in the kitchen.

Despite having a large size with a capacity of 1.8 liters, this magi com turns out to have a light weight. This is because magic com is made of strong plastic. Meanwhile, the pan uses aluminum spray which is able to kill bacteria.

Advantages of Miyako MCM509

  • Can be used for steaming because it has a streamer feature
  • Has 3 heating elements so it can heat rice well
  • Safe from bacteria
  • Keeps rice warm for a long time
  • The price is quite affordable

Weaknesses of Miyako MCM509

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Only two color options available

Price Miyako MCM509

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 260,000
Shopee Rp 239,000
Tokopedia IDR 229,000
Blibli IDR 213,000

  • 4. Panasonic Digital SR DF181


One of the premium magic coms to choose from is the Panasonic Digital SR DF181. With a full range of features, this magic com can cook rice, steam food, warm and make porridge. In addition, it is very easy to operate this advanced product.

The design looks modern and minimalist, there is an indicator panel that can monitor the situation when cooking. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, this product is suitable for small families.

Advantages of the Panasonic Digital SR DF181

  • There are many features
  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Can keep rice warm for a long time
  • There is an indicator panel
  • Strong and durable

Weaknesses of the Panasonic Digital SR DF181

  • The price is quite expensive
  • The use of electricity is quite high

Price of Panasonic Digital SR DF181

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 789.00
Shopee IDR 880,000
Tokopedia IDR 811,000
Blibli IDR 807,000

  • 5. Sanken SJ 150 SP


If the family needs only to cook rice and keep it warm, then the Sanken SJ 150 SP is the right choice. This magic com can make fluffier rice and keep it warm so it’s still delicious to eat. With a pan made of stainless steel, this magic com is anti-rust.

No need to worry when buying this product, the buyer will be provided with a 1 year official warranty. With a simple model, magic com is suitable for people who live alone. The capacity of this magic com is 1.2 liters

The advantages of Sanken SJ 150 SP

  • Equipped with complete accessories such as rice spoons, measuring cups and others
  • Stainless
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Has a 6 in 1 function for cooking, steaming cakes, making porridge, warming rice, warming food and cooking instant noodles
  • Can keep rice warm for up to 48 hours

Weaknesses of Sanken SJ 150 SP

  • Limited color options
  • High enough power

Price Sanken SJ 150 SP

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 399,000
Shopee IDR 378.000
Tokopedia IDR 381,000
Blibli IDR 365.000

  • 6. Denpoo DMJ199SP


Another domestic product that has good quality magic com and can compete with other brands. The Denpoo DMJ199SP has good cooking qualities and can also make porridge and heat other foods.

With a simple button, this magic com can quickly cook rice and keep it warm. Made of stainless steel, this magic com pan has non-stick properties. Heating can be done optimally because of the aluminum and iron layers.

Advantages of Denpoo DMJ199SP

  • Saving electricity
  • Can kill bacteria
  • Non-stick
  • Can maintain optimal pressure
  • Can keep the rice warm to the maximum

Weaknesses of Denpoo DMJ199SP

  • Few color choices
  • Pretty big size

Price Denpoo DMJ199SP

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 286.000
Shopee IDR 273,000
Tokopedia IDR 278.000
Blibli IDR 280,000

  • 7. Trisonic T-707A


The magic com brand that is quite in demand in the market is Trisonic T-707A. Magic com has various functions including cooking and heating food.

Having a pretty attractive appearance, this magic com has non-stick properties because the pan is made of stainless steel. Magic com is capable of cooking up to 1.8 liters of rice. The buttons available are also quite simple so they are easy to operate.

Advantages of Trisonic T-707A

  • Easy to use
  • Has a minimalist design
  • The price is quite affordable
  • Saving electricity
  • Durable and non-stick

Weaknesses of Trisonic T-707A

  • No color choice
  • Has a fairly heavy mass

Price Trisonic T-707A

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 250.000
Shopee IDR 203,000
Tokopedia IDR 185,000
Bukalapak IDR 164,000

  • 8. Electrolux ERC 6603W


One more premium magic com that can be chosen, namely the Electrolux ERC 6603W. Equipped with the latest technology, this magic com has 9 cooking modes that can help cooking activities in the kitchen.

One of the interesting features is the auto shut technology that can keep the magic com safe when the engine is too hot. Magic com is also able to make rice and food cooked well because there is a micro steam valve.

Advantages of Electrolux ERC 6603W

  • There is an LCD Display
  • Can heat rice evenly
  • Can adjust the pressure in the pan
  • Has an attractive design
  • Guaranteed cleanliness and safety

Disadvantages of Electrolux ERC 6603W

  • The price is quite expensive
  • The use of electricity is quite high

Electrolux ERC 6603W price

Shop Price
Lazada Rp 945.000
Shopee IDR 980,000
Tokopedia IDR 930,000
Blibli IDR 935,000

  • 9. Black Decker RC 1860 – B1


Food safety is the main thing for family health. One of the magic com brands that are safe to use is the Black Decker RC 1860 – B1. Magic com has a non-stick pan so that the rice is not contaminated with chemicals.

This product has a glass lid so you can monitor the food inside. There is also a steam vent that can maintain pressure in the pan. Magic com can also spread heat well and evenly in all directions.

Pros of Black Decker RC 1860 – B1

  • Non-stick
  • Can distribute heat evenly
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Stable vapor pressure

Weaknesses of Black Decker RC 1860 – B1

  • Use is quite complicated
  • Need regular maintenance

Price Black Decker RC 1860 – B1

Shop Price
Lazada Rp 368.00
Shopee IDR 354,000
Tokopedia IDR 358.000
Blibli IDR 374,000

  • 10. Maspion Mini Travel Cooker MRJ – 052


Not only for cooking at home, but magic com is also needed for Indonesian travelers who travel. If you are traveling abroad where it is difficult to find rice, then magic com mini is the right choice.

One of the right mini magicoms is the Maspion mini travel cooker MRJ – 052. With its small size, this magic com can be taken anywhere. In addition, this magicom has an anti-rust coating. Food becomes safe and not contaminated with chemicals.

Advantages of Maspion Mini Travel Cooker MRJ – 052

  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Low electricity usage
  • Anti-rust
  • Easy detachable cable
  • Small size

Weaknesses of Maspion Mini Travel Cooker MRJ – 052

  • Capacity is only 0.5 liters
  • Simple features

Price Maspion Mini Travel Cooker MRJ – 052

Shop Price
Lazada IDR 260,000
Shopee IDR 275,000
Tokopedia IDR 253,000
Blibli IDR 243,000

Best Product Recommendation

Based on all products from well-known brands, the best magic com product recommendation is Philips HD 3132. With the latest technology, this product is able to keep rice warm for 48 hours. Especially if you are going to cook rice with a lot of capacity, this product is able to cook with a lot of capacity. This product is also very easy to clean and certainly safe to use.


Cooking rice is an activity that is carried out almost every day by the people of Indonesia. Due to frequent use, choosing a good magic com is important. Determine the needs of the family and choose the best magic com. Also pay attention to the safety of the ingredients used so that the rice is not contaminated with chemicals.

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How, have you found the magic com to choose? With the various tips that have been given and various brands of magic com that have proven their quality, hopefully the quality of cooking will be even better.

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