8 Good and Durable Vacuum Cleaners

Usmile.id – Dust and mites are enemies that are difficult to see and clean, especially when using ordinary household tools such as brooms and dusters. These tiny parasites will not easily go away unless a complete and thorough cleaning is carried out to the narrowest corners. Well, this is where the function of a vacuum cleaner, a good vacuum cleaner brand will easily solve this problem.

If the problem of dust and mites has been resolved, the house will be cleaner and healthier for the whole family to live in. Unfortunately, there is not only one type of vacuum cleaner, each type also has its own specialty, so if you buy the wrong one, the results will not be optimal. For this reason, below are tips for choosing a good vacuum cleaner and according to your needs so that it is durable and maximum when used.

Tips for choosing a good vacuum cleaner that fits your needs, lasts and is maximized when used

In order to choose a good vacuum cleaner that suits your needs so that when used it lasts and produces maximum results, there are several things you need to know. The things you need to know are all in the tips for choosing a vacuum cleaner below, please take a look and hopefully it’s useful, right?

  • 1. Know What Vacuum Cleaners Are Used For

The first step that must be known is what the vacuum cleaner will be used for? To clean the bedroom? cleaning the car? cleaning liquid or cleaning dust?

After knowing what to clean the vacuum cleaner, then go to the next step. Make sure you know how to use it, so you don’t choose the wrong type of vacuum cleaner later.

  • 2. Knowing the Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Currently the most common are upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, stick vacuums, and robotic vacuums. How to use each vacuum cleaner is different because they have a different shape.

Upright vacuum, this type is most often found in homes because of its very easy use. The shape of the vacuum cleaner is upright on the suction side, and is equipped with a flexible pipe and a tube that is quite large. This type can be used to clean floors and chairs.

Handheld vacuum, as the name suggests, this type of vacuum cleaner is portable, making it easier to use to reach difficult corners. In fact, this type of vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean cars. Although the capacity of the tube it has is much smaller.

Stick vacuum, this type is almost the same as a handheld vacuum, only a little longer and more complex in function. Stick vacuum can also be used to mop the floor so that it is practical and saves time.

Robot vacuum, is the latest technology that allows the robot to clean all corners automatically. Unfortunately, this robot vacuum can only clean the floor and cannot clean other things such as mattresses, chairs and even cars.

  • 3. Choose the Type of Vacuum That Fits Your Needs

After knowing the type of vacuum cleaner, now it’s just a matter of knowing which type is most needed. It’s easy, just adjust it to your respective routines and habits.

For example, for those who are very busy, a robot vacuum will be very helpful because it works automatically and does not need to be supervised. Then if you need to clean all the rooms while mopping the floor, a stick vacuum can be the right choice.

  • 4. Know the Capabilities of the Vacuum Cleaner

Now there are vacuum cleaners that are able to suck both dry and liquid things. There is also a vacuum cleaner which in addition to functioning as a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum can also double as a dryer.

Then the problem of vacuuming ability, pay attention to whether the vacuum has a vacuum level control or not. This level of control capability is especially useful when the dust being cleaned is on a cloth or doll with dangling fibers such as feathers.

  • 5. Make sure the filter used is good

To get a good and durable vacuum cleaner when used, make sure the filter technology is functioning perfectly. This is so that the dirt that has been sucked up does not turn over and come out again through the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Not infrequently when the vacuum has not adopted the latest filter technology, after a while the filter system decreases in quality. This can be dangerous because the dust comes back out at high speed so it spreads easily.

  • 6. Vacuum Cleaner Specialties

This specialization relates to the main function of a vacuum cleaner, for example, some are specifically for sucking mites and some are able to dry clothes. If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner with a special function, don’t forget to pay attention to this section. Generally on product packaging, detailed information must be available.

  • 7. Vacuuming Ability

For a good vacuum cleaner, it must be able to suck dust cleanly with just one sweep. Usually if you buy directly at the store, there are units that you can try so you can compare the quality of the vacuum cleaner.

If you want to buy online, then looking at the results of reviews on social media, blogs or youtube, can help. Make sure you only buy on official accounts or trusted sellers.

  • 8. Power Required

Vacuum cleaners usually don’t require a lot of power, but for frequent use this should be noted. The power required by the vacuum cleaner is usually already informed on the packaging box.

  • 9. Consider the Vacuum Cleaner Size

If you use a vacuum cleaner almost every day, then choosing a size that is not too big and heavy will be better. This is related to health factors, maybe with a heavy vacuum cleaner, the body actually feels achy.

  • 10. Sound Produced by Vacuum Cleaner

The noise produced by a vacuum cleaner is certainly very disturbing, especially if faced every day. For that, choosing a vacuum cleaner that is not noisy is highly recommended so that cleaning the house is more fun.

  • 11. Vacuum Cleaner Price

This one factor should still be considered so that when shopping does not exceed the limit. Don’t let it be because you buy a vacuum that is beyond your ability, in the future finances will be difficult.

It seems that the tips above are enough, in this way a good vacuum cleaner, as needed and durable when used, can be obtained easily. If you want to make it easier to decide which is the best vacuum cleaner, the recommendations of the brands below can help.

10 Recommended Vacuum Cleaner Brands That Are Good, As Needed and Durable

All of the recommendations below have been chosen by the best 2019 vacuum cleaners, so they are definitely good and durable. Regarding the needs, it can be adjusted by knowing the detailed reviews of each brand below:

  • 1. Samsung Canister VC15K4110VR


The Samsung Canister VC15K4110VR brand, is the most popular because it is able to suck up dust to the smallest particles. The filter section has also applied the latest technology so that dust will not come out again. So it is also suitable for cleaning mattresses or springbeds to be free from dust.

In the turbine section, it is guaranteed that it will not be stuck so that vacuuming activities can be completed quickly and without hassle. While the problem of power, this Samsung product requires 390 watts.

Advantages of Samsung Canister VC15K4110VR

  • The tube can accommodate 1.3 Liter of dust
  • Power cable up to 7 meters long
  • HEPA H13 certified
  • The noise level is very low at 86 dBA
  • The turbine is guaranteed not to jam so it is more durable
  • Official warranty for 1 year

Disadvantages of Samsung Canister VC15K4110VR

  • Only one type of vacuum head is available
  • Not equipped with a replacement vacuum head

Price Samsung Canister VC15K4110VR

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 1,428.000 20% discount
Tokopedia Rp 1,419,000 40% discount
Shopee Indonesia Rp –
Bukalapak IDR 1,773,000 40% discount
JD ID Rp 1,379,000 44% discount
Lazada IDR 3,372,000

  • 2. Black + Decker A2B650-B1


For those who need a flexible vacuum cleaner, the Black + Decker A2B650-B1 may be considered. Each unit is equipped with a brush, tube, upholstery nozzle, and flexible hose, so it can be used to clean many things.

Not to mention, this one product is also equipped with a one-touch pedal operation that makes the vacuuming process easier. In terms of price, it is also friendly, so it is not wrong if this one product is one of the cheap quality vacuum cleaner brands.

Advantages of Black + Decker A2B650-B1

  • Has one touch pedal operation technology
  • Equipped with power lock
  • Has a complete vacuum cleaner head replacement accessories
  • Friendly price
  • The vacuum cleaner head is easy to disassemble
  • Can be multi-functional because it has many different vacuum cleaner heads

Disadvantages of Black + Decker A2B650-B1

  • The cable is not long because it is only 3.5 meters
  • Power consumption is quite large, namely 650 watts

Price Black + Decker A2B650-B1

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 459,000
Tokopedia IDR 512,000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 449,000
Bukalapak IDR 479,000
JD ID IDR 525,000
Lazada Rp 449,000

  • 3. BOLDe Vacuum & Blow Cleaner Super Hoover Cyclone


This vacuum cleaner is a type of handled vacuum cleaner so it is more flexible and easy to use. The suction mouth has 2 types, one can be used to clean the floor and the other is a narrow angle.

BOLDe Vacuum & Blow Cleaner Super Hoover Cyclone is equipped with auto shutdown heating, so when it gets too hot it will automatically turn off. For those who don’t like noise, the noise level produced is only 78 dBA, while the power required is only 150 watts.

Advantages of BOLDe Vacuum & Blow Cleaner Super Hoover Cyclone

  • Can be used to clean the car
  • Low noise level
  • Comes with a 1 year official warranty
  • The electric power needed is only 350 watts
  • Vacuum power generated 18 KPA
  • Easy to use and doesn’t hurt
  • Friendly price

Disadvantages of BOLDe Vacuum & Blow Cleaner Super Hoover Cyclone

  • The size of the tube is not so big only 0.3 Liter
  • There are many fake brands, so you need to be careful

Price BOLDe Vacuum & Blow Cleaner Super Hoover Cyclone

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 374,000
Tokopedia IDR 379000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 478.000
Bukalapak IDR 485.000
JD ID IDR 379,000
Lazada Rp 349,000 17% discount

  • 4. SHARP EC-HX100Y-S Mite Catcher Vacuum Cleaner


The SHARP EC-HX100Y-S Mite Catcher is the best anti-mite vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter certification. The way it works is by heating the surface of the mattress to 40 degrees Celsius to eradicate the mites. After that, the limp mites are sucked up by centrifugal rotation so they don’t come back.

This vacuum cleaner is also equipped with plasmacluster ions so that it can keep the mattress moist and keep it smelling good. For those who don’t like cigarette smoke, this tool can also clean cigarette smoke and its harmful particles by spreading hydroxyl.

Advantages of SHARP EC-HX100Y-S Mite Catcher Vacuum Cleaner

  • Able to eradicate mites and their feces
  • Contains plasmacluster ions
  • Can heat and suck up dirt to the smallest particles
  • HEPA Certified
  • Popular brands that are easy to get
  • Official warranty for one full year

Disadvantages of SHARP EC-HX100Y-S Mite Catcher Vacuum Cleaner

  • The price is quite expensive
  • The suction head is short and no other type is given

Price SHARP EC-HX100Y-S Mite Catcher Vacuum Cleaner

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 3,138,000 10% discount
Tokopedia IDR 2,900,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 3,314,000
Bukalapak IDR 3,015,000
JD ID IDR 2,269,000 46% discount
Lazada IDR 3,384,000

  • 5. Philips Power Pro Aqua


This vacuum cleaner is the best stick vacuum cleaner because it is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner. Not only for cleaning floors, sofas or mattresses, but also for cleaning wooden surfaces.

One of the most prominent features is the water tank which can hold 0.2 Liters of water to be used to mop floors and other objects. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is also quiet with 83 dB, and is equipped with a power cyclone and a tri active turbo nozzle.

Advantages of Philips Power Pro Aqua

  • Using advanced filter technology from Germany
  • Capable of sucking up particles up to 0.3 micron
  • Surface cleaned up to 50 cubic m each way
  • Not noisy
  • Equipped with tri active nozzle

Disadvantages of Philips Power Pro Aqua

  • The suction tube size is only 0.6 Liter
  • While only one color is available

Philips Power Pro Aqua price

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 3,400,000
Tokopedia Rp 3.199.000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 3,299,000
Bukalapak IDR 3,850,000
JD ID IDR 2,650,000 20% discount
Lazada Rp 2,999,000

  • 6. Kurumi KV 03 Robot Vacuum


Kurumi KV 03 Robot Vacuum is an automatic vacuum cleaner with the latest design and technology. This product is not only equipped with a water tank, but is also equipped with 3 cleaning modes.

The cleaning robot is able to clean down to corners, in a zig zag fashion, and even reach hard-to-clean areas such as under the sofa. For the battery, the capacity is 2200 mAH with the auto charge feature on the docking charging station.

Advantages of Kurumi KV 03 Robot Vacuum

  • Big enough battery
  • Equipped with automatic charging technology
  • Has a water filling container
  • There are 3 different cleaning modes
  • Comes with a rolling brush
  • Has 2 side brushes
  • Controlled by remote
  • Cleaning time can be scheduled

Disadvantages of Kurumi KV 03 Robot Vacuum

  • Charging time can be up to 6 hours
  • The capacity of the reservoir is only 0.5 Liter

Price Kurumi KV 03 Robot Vacuum

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 2,250,000
Tokopedia Rp 2,344,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 2,422,000
Bukalapak Rp 2.450000
JD ID IDR 2.450.000
Lazada IDR 2.450.000

  • 7. Electrolux Z1220 Bagged


Electrolux Z1220 Bagged is one of the best products from Electrolux which is equipped with flexible and lightweight pipes. The Hygienic filter installed is the latest technology so that not only is it good and durable, this product is also satisfying.

Not to mention that there are still long cables and large wheels that make moving around during vacuuming a breeze. For the problem of dust storage tubes, the capacity is also quite large, namely 4.5 liters.

Advantages of Electrolux Z1220 Bagged

  • Light and easy to use because it is flexible
  • Big wheels make moving easy
  • The cable is quite long
  • 1 year official warranty from the time the product is turned on
  • Large storage tube capacity
  • The price is affordable

Disadvantages of Electrolux Z1220 Bagged

  • Not accompanied by an additional suction mouth
  • There is no other color alternative

Price Electrolux Z1220 Bagged

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 853,000 11% discount
Tokopedia IDR 850.000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 888.000
Bukalapak IDR 9,65,000
JD ID IDR 1.050.000
Lazada IDR 1,164,000

  • 8. Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2-in-1

Xiaomi-Mijia-Roborock 2-in-1

The Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2-in-1 is the second generation of robotic vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi that has undergone various improvements. One of them is in terms of the battery which is now 5200 mAh, the LDS sensor, and the use of the SLAM algorithm.

The cleaning system used by this dust-cleaning robot is a tornado vacuum that is able to clean up to the deepest sidelines. One more advantage it has is the presence of a fairly large water tank.

Pros of Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2-in-1

  • Able to customize cleaning route
  • Big battery power
  • Equipped with remote control
  • Capable of scanning the room quickly up to 3 x 360 degrees per second
  • Perfect coordination of brush and brush roll for deep cleaning

Disadvantages of Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2-in-1

  • The price is quite expensive
  • Still quite hard to find and most of them are still sold online

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2-in-1 Price

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 5,949.000
Tokopedia IDR 4,200,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 4,956,000
Bukalapak IDR 4,250,000
JD ID Rp 5,998,000
Lazada Rp –

Best Vacuum Cleaner Product Recommendations

All brands of vacuum cleaners above come with the best quality so they must be good and durable when used. The recommended brands also consist of various types of vacuum cleaners, so it’s just a matter of deciding which one is most needed.

So, if you have to choose one of the best products is not an easy thing. Each vacuum cleaner has its own advantages. However, if you still have to choose, Philips Power Pro Aqua is the best choice.

Philips Power Pro Aqua comes with a 3 in 1 feature that can not only vacuum the floor but can also be used on wood and can also be used for mopping. This product is even equipped with a tri active turbo nozzle and a power cyclone.

In terms of price, it is quite expensive when compared to others, but all worth it. The features and advantages provided are very good so the price offered is reasonable if it reaches that number.


The eight products that have been recommended above come with the best quality so that they are automatically good and durable. Each brand has been reviewed and explained how to use it, so it’s just a matter of considering your needs at home to choose the best one.

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Even if the product you choose is different, it doesn’t matter because all good vacuum cleaner brands are recommended. Adjusting to existing needs or practicing the tips above can also help choose the right product.

So much information about tips and recommendations for a good, durable vacuum cleaner complete with a review. If you have any questions or want to share this article, please feel free as long as you don’t forget to write down the source, okay?

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