8 Good and Durable Vacuum Cleaners


Handheld vacuum, as the name suggests, this type of vacuum cleaner is portable, making it easier to use to reach difficult corners. In fact, this type of vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean cars. Although the capacity of the tube it has is much smaller.

Stick vacuum, this type is almost the same as a handheld vacuum, only a little longer and more complex in function. Stick vacuum can also be used to mop the floor so that it is practical and saves time.

Robot vacuum, is the latest technology that allows the robot to clean all corners automatically. Unfortunately, this robot vacuum can only clean the floor and cannot clean other things such as mattresses, chairs and even cars.


  • 3. Choose the Type of Vacuum That Fits Your Needs

After knowing the type of vacuum cleaner, now it’s just a matter of knowing which type is most needed. It’s easy, just adjust it to your respective routines and habits.

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