10 Best Fishing Hook Brands, Sharp, Strong and Sharp

Fishing activities certainly cannot be separated from the fishing equipment, such as fishing hooks. The quality of the fishing hook can even be said to affect the success during the fishing process. That way, you need a fishing hook brand recommendation so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Guide to Choosing Fishing Hooks According to How to Eat Fish

1. Sucking


Fish that eat their bait using a sucking method generally have sharp teeth characteristics. That’s because it aims to cut the bait when it’s in the mouth. The types of fish of this type include split gongs, groupers, and other similar fish.

Thus, it is recommended that you use a hook that has a long, hooked eye. Don’t make the wrong choice of other types of fishing hooks, so that you don’t have trouble fishing by sucking.

2. Snatching


It is recommended that you use a big game hook or a tuna hook for grabbing fish. That’s because this type of hook has a hook shape that is perpendicular to the base.

You can choose this type because if the fish grabs the bait, the hook will still hook the fish. Moreover, the advantages of this type of fishing hook are that it does not turn straight when hit by the beat of the fish, and has strong durability.

It should be noted that when the fish grabs the bait, the force of the beat is about 10 times the weight of the fish. For example, if the fish weighs 11 kg, the pounding is about 110 kg. So it can be seen, that the selection of a strong fishing hook is very important in this case.

3. Bite


Biting is a way of eating that is often used by thorn fish, gelama, and various other small fish. Fish will eat the bait given without moving much, especially when the bait is moving or stationary.

It is recommended that you choose a fishing hook that sticks out or is straight forward, as these are the best choices for fish with a bite to eat. In addition to the type of fishing hook, you should also choose a hook size that is not too big.

4. Ragut


Fish will generally be quiet when eating the bait you give to fish that take the bait in a hesitant way. This happens if you fish using drift techniques or basic bottom fishing techniques.

It is recommended that you choose a circle hook or a fishing hook with a bent eye. The circle hook itself is a special hook for hooking, when the fish eats the bait while it is in its mouth.

The advantage of using this type of hook is that the hook will not injure the fish when exposed to the hook, because in general only the lips are connected to the fishing hook. Though it will cause injury to the fish when you remove it.

10 Recommended Strong Fishing Hook Brands

1. Loomis


You will have an amazing fishing experience when using Loomis. The reason is, this brand of hook has the best material quality. This privilege is in line with its slogan, namely pro cut.

That way, the problem of sharpness in the fishing line does not need to be doubted. In addition, you will also find it effective to trap fish and get more results than before.

2. Maguro


Maguro is another best fishing hook brand, you can even find one easily. Moreover, Maguro prices are very diverse, so you can choose according to your needs and at affordable prices. The price of the Maguro hook brand starts from Rp. 5000 to Rp. 111,000.

Anglers usually use Maguro to catch small fish, such as sardines and mackerel. Although the size of the hook is relatively small, it can be used many times and has enough strength to attract a number of fish.

3. Owner Akita Kitsune


Owner Akita Kitsune is another best hook brand that prioritizes affordable prices. Even so, you don’t need to doubt the quality anymore. This product is original made in Japan with various sizes.

You can have them ranging from small to large, so you can choose based on your fishing needs. You will have an Owner Akita Kitsune by spending money starting from Rp. 22,000.00.

4. Gran Zeek ABL


This fishing hook brand is not inferior to the others, because Gran Zeek ABL is one of the brands that is budgetless or low-priced, but super tough in durability. The sharpness on the side of the hook will also make the hook strong to catch your catch.

You only need to spend from Rp. 30,000.00 to Rp. 72,000.00 to get this Gran Zeek ABL branded fishing hook.

5. Hemus


Japan also has other fishing hooks besides the Owner Akita Kitsune brand, namely Hemus. The hook is claimed to be handmade or handmade. This hook also has extraordinary sharpness.

Even manufacturers claim to be 10x sharper than other brands. In addition, this hook has 3 blades, making it suitable as an option as the best fishing tool. You can use this tool for a fee ranging from Rp. 11,000.00 to Rp. 125,000.00.

6. Yamato Izumejina


If you haven’t found a fishing hook that suits you, try to make Yamato Izumenji the best choice. This hook is for you if you have a penchant for catching small fish. The price of this brand is starting from Rp. 17,000 s.d. IDR 135,000.

7. Zoc Major Craft Assist Hook


This fishing hook brand from Zoc Major Craft Assist Hook is the best hook because of the complete support of the solid ring and the utility of the assist hook. Moreover, the Zoc hook has the advantage of being made from selected materials and is resistant to rust.

The price on the market to get a hook for this brand is priced starting from Rp. 90,000 to Rp. 195,000.

8. Gamakatsu


Those of you who have been in the fishing world for a long time must be familiar with the Gamakatsu brand. They are known to the public as producers of quality fishing hooks, because they use top-class materials.

Thus, it can produce a more satisfying fishing experience for mania anglers. The price is also very varied, ranging from Rp. 11,000, – to Rp. 2,400,000, -.

9. Decoy


Decoy products perfect their products with a variety of quality metal materials. This one hook has a material that is tough. Moreover, you can get it at an economical price, but very high quality.

You can use it as a complementary tool to support your fishing hobby. You can buy a Decoy brand of hook with a price range from IDR 9,100 to IDR 451,000.

10. Daichi


You can use Daichi as a mainstay brand of fishing hooks to complete fishing equipment. Daichi hooks generally add a variety of quality ingredients in their composition. So that the quality of the hook is guaranteed. You can use this hook by paying Rp. 8,500 to Rp. 616,000.

You can make your fishing hobby more fun by choosing one of the recommended fishing hook brands mentioned above. You don’t have to worry or fear that the hook will hurt or bend, because the quality has been confirmed.


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