10 Best Fishing Line Brands, Cheap, Strong & Anti-Crill

For most people, fishing activities can be a free time filler. In addition to being a hobby, fishing can also provide teaching about the meaning of patience. To get fish easily, you need to choose the best brand of fishing line.

This fishing line is a very important component in fishing activities. The reason is, the better the quality of the strings, the easier the fish can be obtained. One of them is because of the strong factor of the strings in transporting fish.

The Right Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Lines

The selection of fishing line can not be done arbitrarily. There are several things that need to be considered to get quality strings. To make things easier for you, below are some great tips for choosing the best fishing line:

1. Pay Attention to the Strength of the Strings


The strength of the strings is the most important thing to consider. Good strings, must have strength that can withstand and lift heavy loads. To find out the strength of this string, it is usually done using a universal testing machine.

The way this strength test works is usually by pulling the strings up to a length of 50 cm. Then the speed is set with a pull of 200 mm every minute, then the strings will be tested until they break. From there you will see how much the maximum strength of the strings is.

2. String Extension When Pulled


When a fish is caught, the strings will automatically lengthen due to the attraction of the fish’s weight. From here, you will know the maximum point where the strings are stretched.

3. Friction Resistance


In this case, a good string will have resistance to any object that is at risk of eroding it. Whether it’s from rocks, rils where the strings run, and various other objects that may rub against the strings.

How to determine the strength of friction, is usually done by swiping the strings on the sandpaper in a rotating manner, until the strings break. The more the number of turns of the string, the better the frictional strength.

4. Flexibility


To test the flexibility of a string, you need to know the value of the resistance when the string is bent. The greater the resistance value, the stiffer the string. Therefore choose strings with a more flexible flexibility.

Best Fishing Line Brand Choice

After knowing several ways to select good and correct strings, then next you need to know some well-known brands of fishing line that have good quality. Below are some of the brand choices:

1. OPT-HT Optima


This fishing line from the OPT-HT Optima production, has a texture that is easy to sink in water. The type of string used is transparent string, or what is often known as fluorocarbon. If you like fishing for gold fish, then this fishing line is more appropriate to be an option.

This fishing line is also very flexible to be used in various terrain conditions where fishing. The tenacity of the strings is also quite good.

2. Braided Line Ocean Xtreme X8 XPower


For those of you who want to fish for cork fish, this fishing line is a worthy choice. The strings from this brand have excellent resistance to use in water fields where there are many plants.

The elasticity of the strings can be said to be very good, so that when used it is not easy to get caught. In addition, the strength is quite good when pulled, so the strings are not easily broken even though the weight of the fish is heavy.

3. Ogawa Qian Liu


This string with the Ogawa QianLiu brand has become popular since 2015. The fishing line product has very good flexibility. That way, the heavy fish load will not be an obstacle to fishing.

The design of the strings is made thinner, but the strength is still good for transporting heavy fish. Not only for fishing in the river, this string is also very suitable for fishing in ponds or ponds.



Want to make a good trick to catch fish? This V-Tros CS string deserves to be your best choice. This type of string is classified as transparent or fluorocarbon. Its transparent nature is able to make fish unaware of the presence of the strings.

This makes it easier to catch fish. Strings from this brand come with a wide selection of diameter sizes. The smallest diameter is 0.18 mm.

With this diameter, the strings are capable of lifting fish loads of up to 1.5 kg. The maximum diameter size is 0.35 mm, which can lift fish up to 47 kg.

5. Maguro Uranium


This time, Maguro Uranium strings are made with monofilament material. This material is round in cross section and is a single string type. The durability is unquestionable, strong enough and the texture is made anti-wrinkle.

These strings are sold with a length of about 300 meters and a diameter of about 0.23 mm. Strings from Maguro Uranium are more appropriate for fishing in freshwater conditions.

6. Natuna


The strings from the Natuna brand are classified as PE braided strings. The material is made with UHMWPE multifilament material. This string has a very long size, making it suitable for fishing in very deep water.

To be precise, this string has a length of up to 150 meters. Natuna comes with several diameter size options. Each of these diameter options has a different carrying strength.

The maximum resistance it has is up to 8.3 kg. No wonder the strings from the Natuna brand are often used to lure big fish in the ocean.

7. Owner Broad


Owner Broad comes with premium quality fishing line. Although the price is a little more expensive, the quality is unquestionable. The length of this string has a size of up to 300 meters. Its durability is great for hauling heavy big fish.

8. Utecate N-Nylon


As the name implies, this brand produces nylon strings. This type of nylon is indeed the right string to use for fishing in various water fields and various types of fish. The length of this string is around 150 meters. The size of the diameter varies, according to needs.

In addition to the strength of the load, the strings of this brand also have good resistance to use for a long time.

9. Saltwater Varivas


Do you have a hobby of fishing on the high seas? This string from the Varivas Saltwater brand is perfect for you to choose. The strings are made with excellent resilience and tensile strength. The design is indeed made flexible and appropriate for fishing on the high seas.

10. VIP Access Alphalon


This one string is already quite popular in the fishing world. Kenur and strings have a very good strength. The diameter is about 0.3 mm. the resistance of the load that can be carried by this string can reach 13 kg.

With a load strength that can be said to be up to 25 lbs, this string is suitable for fishing for large fish.

The various choices of fishing line brands above, can be a reference and reference for those of you who are looking for the best quality fishing line. You can adjust the quality of the string to your daily fishing needs.


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