10 Best Fishing Rod Brands and Prices at Low Prices

In addition to fishing line, fishing rod is also an important thing in fishing activities. The rod is used as a reel holder or a place for strings to rest. It is not difficult to find various brands of fishing rods that have the best quality.

The better the quality of the fishing rod, the more comfortable the fishing rod will be. With a fishing rod, your hands will also be safer and protected from the friction of fishing line in general. Choosing a fishing rod must be done properly and correctly.

Practical Ways to Choose Quality Fishing Rods

In order for your fishing activities to be more comfortable and safe, the quality of the fishing rod is also very important. So, how do you choose a good fishing rod? Below are some easy ways to choose a fishing rod, including:

1. Adjusting the Fishing Technique


When doing fishing activities, of course you will need a type of rod that is more comfortable when used. The use of fishing rods that are in accordance with fishing techniques will make your fishing activities easier.

If your fishing technique changes frequently, then you should look for a type of rod that is flexible to use for various terrains.

2. Adjust the Fishing Spot with the Type of Rod


Each fishing spot, must have its own level of difficulty. This spot condition will affect the length of the rod and the material of the rod itself. The harder the fishing spot, the more you have to look for a strong fishing rod.

3. Pay attention to the reel used


Adjustment of the reel with the rod is also quite important to note. The more suitable the type of reel and rod, the easier your fishing activities will be.

Recommended Quality Fishing Rod Brands

After knowing the procedure for choosing a good fishing rod, then next you also have to know the collection of the best brands that provide quality fishing rods. Below, there are several choices of fishing rod brands and their specifications at a glance:

1. Maguro


This fishing rod brand, has started marketing its products since 2000. Maguro is already quite popular as one of the high-quality fishing rod brands. Maguro comes with a wide selection of types of rods that you can adjust to your needs.

The fishing rod also has a very safe and comfortable grip technique. Suitable to accompany your daily fishing activities.

2. Exori


This time, the Exori brand comes with a rod made of fiber and carbon. The quality of the power is quite good, you can even use it to lure big fish in the ocean.

The rod from this brand is flexible enough to be used in various fishing fields. Joran Exori comes with an affordable price offer, but the quality is not fake.

3. Pioneers


This fishing rod product from Pioneer has a very good popularity among anglers. The quality of the rod is very elastic to use. The material is also quite strong and durable. Even when used for fishing with heavy loads, this rod is not easily broken.

This popular fishing rod brand has been around since 1938. With its strong qualifications and makes the wearer comfortable, Pioneer comes with affordable prices and quality that is not cheap.

4. Abu Garcia


Longer than the previous fishing rod, this Abu Garcia has been around since 1921. The material used to make this fishing rod is of high quality. Even so, the fishing rod product is very light to use.

That way when used, it doesn’t make you tired. This rod is also capable of lifting the weight of even heavy fish. Its use can be adapted to various terrains or fishing spots. No wonder this rod is often used by classy professional anglers.

5. Seahawk


This fishing rod is specially made for fishing in ocean spots. Because it is made specifically for fishing in the ocean field, the quality of its strength certainly does not need to be doubted.

This tool is not easily broken, even when used to lure large and heavy fish. Seahawk comes with several choices of types of rods. Not only presenting types of fishing rods for fishing in the sea, Seahawk also has types of fishing rods for rock fishing.

The material used to make this fishing rod is ceramic material in layers. The material also has anti-rust features, so it will be very durable in use.

6. Aiwa


This fishing rod product from the Aiwa brand is known for its flexibility quality. The materials used are ceramic and fiber materials. The flexibility of this material makes this rod not easily broken when used for fishing for large fish.

In this tool also inserted iron material used to increase the strength of the fishing line. This Aiwa fishing rod is equipped with anti-rust properties. It’s perfect for those of you who are looking for a fishing rod for flexible terrain, whether it’s used in marine or regular river areas.

7. Tornado


The next quality fishing rod brand is Tornado. The rod material is made of carbon material. Because it is made with carbon material, it is certain that this rod is very light to transport and very comfortable to hold.

Even though it is light, the lifting strength of the fishing rod is quite good and it is not easy to break. This fishing rod from the Tornado brand comes with a very elegant and modern design of course. With this modern design, the Tornado rod is suitable for both men and women.

This product issued by Tornado is perfect for those of you who are looking for a fishing rod for daily fishing needs. Terrain like the banks of rivers, lakes, beaches, and ponds, are suitable for using this fishing rod. Very flexible, right?

8. Kenzi


For those of you who are beginners or maybe already very professional, this type of fishing rod issued by the Kenzi brand is worth a try. Kenzi fishing rods are made with materials that have a high level of elasticity, so they are very flexible and not easily broken when used.

Kenzi rods are very flexible to use for various fishing spots or terrain. Kenzi comes with a variety of colors and sizes of rods, which you can customize to your needs.

In addition, the Kenzi rod also has a design that is very easy to operate. So even for those of you who are still beginners, you can use this rod easily and comfortably. Kenzi fishing rod products have several types with a relatively affordable price range.

9. Relix


If you are looking for a fishing rod with a luxurious and very modern design, then this rod from the Relix brand can be the right choice.

Not only suitable for fishing for big fish, Relix is ​​also very effective for fishing for small fish with an easy technique. This fishing rod product from Relix is ​​a local Indonesian product that has been around since 1991.

In addition to its luxurious design, the quality of the strength of this rod is also very good. You could say, the quality of Relix fishing rods is not inferior to foreign fishing rods.

10. Shimano


As the name suggests, this fishing rod is a product from Japan. This brand has been around since 1921. The rod material is made to be flexible enough for use in fresh water and sea water. The quality is high-end which really supports your fishing activities.

From the various brands of the best fishing rods above, you can adjust it to your needs. In addition to considering the budget, also consider the techniques you usually use. That way, the rods purchased can be used more effectively.


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