12 Brands of Electric Ovens that are Good and Save Electricity

Additional features in the oven also need to be considered. One feature that is quite important is the timer. With this feature baking cakes becomes more convenient. This feature allows the cake to cook evenly without burning.

Review of 12 Best and Low Watt Electric Oven Brands for Business

Indeed, there are many electric ovens on the Indonesian market. But not all of them use low power. Here are 12 recommended electric oven brands that are good and energy efficient, namely:

  • 1. Oxone OX-858BR


This electric oven from Oxone is an oven with a capacity of 18 liters that is equipped with a rottiserie. This feature can be used to grill BBQ-style meat by means of a skewer. In addition, this oven is also equipped with a timer for a maximum of 60 minutes.

With this oven, the activity of making cakes becomes easier because it not only bakes but can also be used for baking, heating, and defrosting. Only with 1 oven all activities can be done at once. This oven also ensures that cakes and food cook evenly without burning.

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