8 Brands of Good and Durable Electric Air Coolers

Usmile.id – Air coolers and air conditioners are two different things, although they are slightly similar but are very different. If the air conditioner is to cool the room, then the air cooler functions to cool the room with a fan-like function but is given a water tank. This air cooler is cheaper, easy to maintain, can be moved around and a good brand of air cooler automatically saves electricity as well.

Unlike air conditioners that consume a lot of power, air coolers are much more efficient, so for homes with small power, an air cooler is more suitable. However, because of its cooling function with the help of the air cooler, it can make the room humid. For that, before buying an air cooler, make sure to pay attention to the tips below so that not only a good air cooler is obtained but the air cooler does not have a negative impact.

Tips for Buying a Good Air Cooler and Things to Consider Beforehand

As discussed earlier, the air cooler works by sucking in hot air which is then passed through the water tank and cooler air is expelled. This can cause the room to be too humid and several other negative effects. In addition, there are also many brands of air coolers scattered around so choosing one is not an easy thing, the tips below will answer all the problems above.

  • 1. Measure the Size of the Room

Before choosing an air cooler, really measure the area of ​​the room so that the air cooler is not too big. If the air cooler purchased is too large, it can make the room humid and the potential for mold to appear is quite large. By knowing the area of ​​​​the room that will be given the air cooler later when buying an air cooler, you can consider this.

  • 2. Ensure Smooth Air Circulation

The air cooler works by sucking in hot air, so if there is no air change then there is no more hot air being sucked in so the room is too humid. This too humid room will not feel cold anymore because of the existing humidity.

So make sure the room where the air cooler will be placed has good air circulation. With good air circulation, a good air cooler will also last longer because its work is not too heavy. If forced air circulation is not smooth, you should not turn on the air cooler for more than 4 hours continuously.

  • 3. Choose Air Cooler Size

After knowing the two main points before choosing an air cooler, it is time to choose the size of the air cooler. There are different sizes of air coolers, to choose the right one, you can pay attention to the size of the room. However, because the air cooler is portable and can be moved around, it doesn’t matter if you buy it considering all the rooms.

At the time of putting it later, as long as the air circulation is smooth, just adjust the time. For example, for a small room, do not turn it on for more than 2 hours. As for the appropriate room, it can be turned on for as long as needed.

  • 4. Pay attention to the capacity of the water and ice tanks

The capacity of the water and ice tanks in each air cooler is usually different, not necessarily the large water tank that can accommodate a lot of ice. So this really needs to be considered, lest if you need a large ice box, it turns out that the air cooler is not capable.

For this, in addition to seeing the information on the packaging, you should directly ask the seller. Sometimes there are things that don’t come in the box like certain tricks.

One more thing to note about the storage tank problem is what kind of water can be put in it. Generally just plain water without the addition of fragrance or anything because it can clog the filter. However, it is possible that there is an air cooler that can be scented or the like.

  • 5. Choose one with clear water indicator

The water indicator for this cooler is very important because when the water cooler is turned on and the tank is empty, it’s done. The pump in charge of draining water will no longer be able to be used and is unlikely to be serviced.

The price of this pump, although it depends on each brand, is certainly not cheap. So choosing an air cooler that has clear water indicators and whenever possible has warning signs is very important. When this water pump cannot be used, this air conditioner is no different at all from a regular fan.

  • 6. Choose the one equipped with remote

Previously, this remote did not function to regulate the temperature like the one in the air conditioner. This is because the air cooler has not been able to set the temperature, if you want it cooler then manually add ice.

The existing remote serves to set whether the cooling function will be turned on or not. In addition, it can also be used for fan speed levels. If there is more than one type of fan, the remote can also determine which fan to turn on, this way it becomes more practical.

  • 7. Power Required

Actually, the power needed is not as big as AC, but for those who have small electrical power in their homes or want to save more, don’t forget this one. Clear information about power is usually complete on the packaging box or user manual card.

  • 8. Buy Brands that are Easy to Claim Warranty

The air cooler is indeed easy to maintain, you only need to drain the water tank at least 2 times a month and clean the filter. However, it is still possible that the filter is damaged and the pump does not work even if you don’t forget to put water in.

Choosing a brand that is easy to claim warranty will be very helpful in this regard. Also make sure that the warranty provided is at least one full year and the official warranty is written. If it’s a distributor warranty, it depends on the distributor who distributes it, usually claims are difficult and the warranty time is also shorter.

  • 9. Buy Only from Trusted Sellers

Trusted sellers can usually help with warranty claims and also make sure the products they sell are functioning properly. Not to mention for big sellers, they don’t hesitate to provide a store guarantee for 3-5 days from use.

For online sellers, also choose one that has a store warranty, usually a product return guarantee is written. The time of the return warranty varies, generally a 15-day return guarantee is currently valid.

  • 10. Consider Product Prices

Considering the price of the product before buying something should always be done so that the purchase made is worth it. Of course, this depends on the assessment of each individual and the budget that has been prepared.

All the tips needed to buy a good air cooler, what to consider first have all been discussed. Now to be more complete and useful, this time the information will be equipped with a recommendation for an air cooler brand that is not only good and durable but also saves electricity.


8 Recommended Brands of Durable and Quality Electric Air Coolers

To find out what brands are included in the recommendations below, just take a look, right? All of the recommendations are definitely energy efficient, durable when used and a good brand of air cooler.

  • 1. Sekai AC 0251


The best 2019 air cooler brand is equipped with a remote and only consumes 65 watts of power, so it definitely saves electricity. In addition, the water pump is equipped with a water safety switch technology that automatically turns off when the water runs out.

In the water storage tank, the filter can filter dust so that the air that comes out is clean and the air cooler is more durable because it doesn’t get stuck. For fans, there are 3 fan speeds provided with wide swings so that they are cooler.

Advantages of Sekai AC 0251

  • Air blowing force more than 450 M3/H
  • Only consumes 0.3 liters of water per hour
  • Equipped with a responsive remote control
  • Official 1-year warranty
  • There are wheels on the legs to make it easier to move
  • The price is friendly

Disadvantages of Sekai AC 0251

  • The water tank capacity is only 4.5 Liters
  • The ice box is not big enough

Price for AC 0251

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 826,588 7% discount
Tokopedia Rp 898.000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 826,500 7% discount
Bukalapak IDR 808,500
Lazada IDR 835,000

  • 2. Sanken Sac-38


This product is one of the best air coolers at a friendly price, just imagine that it is equipped with water ions but still under 1 million. These water ions make the air that comes out safe and clean from germs so parents don’t have to worry about the dangers of the air cooler for babies.

The power required is also only 69 watts, not to mention the capacity of the water tank reaches 6 liters. Another advantage of the Sanken Sac-38 is that the filter is equipped with bacterial water which keeps the air clean.

The advantages of Sanken Sac-38

  • Large water tank up to 6 liters
  • The power required is only 69 watts
  • There are 4 ice storage boxes
  • The price is affordable
  • Sanken 1 year official warranty
  • Has a wide angle swing with 3 speed levels
  • Water indicator is clearly visible
  • Has wheels at the bottom
  • Have timing
  • Equipped with remote

Disadvantages of Sanken Sac-38

  • Not suitable for small rooms
  • Including a brand that is quite popular so when it’s rare the price can go up

Price Sanken Sac-38

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 865,000
Tokopedia IDR 895,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 895,000
Bukalapak IDR 889,000
Lazada IDR 835,000

  • 3. Kangaroo KG50F09


Kangaroo KG50F09 is a multifunctional air cooler that is not only a fan but also a humidifier. As one of the best air coolers of 2018, this product is equipped with normal, natural and sleep automatic settings. So that the coolness can be adjusted to your needs and when you sleep the air temperature can be just right.

The pump section has applied humidifying technology and the filter is equipped with an ionizer, so it’s not only durable but healthier. Then the problem of power, this one conditioner only requires 65 watts of power, very energy efficient, right?

Advantages of Kangaroo KG50F09

  • The water tank capacity reaches 8 Liters
  • There are normal, natural and sleep modes
  • Saving electricity
  • Equipped with ionizer
  • Equipped with remote control

Disadvantages of Kangaroo KG50F09

  • Water indicator is not clear
  • The price is a little higher

Price Kangaroo KG50F09

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 1,250,000
Tokopedia IDR 889,000 35% discount
Shopee Indonesia IDR 1.130.000
Bukalapak IDR 889,000 35% discount
Lazada IDR 800,000 46% discount

  • 4. Sanyo REF-B130


This air cooler is slightly slimmer than the others, making it perfect for smaller rooms. Although the size is not too big, it is equipped with sleep mode and ionizer.

For speed is also equipped with 3 levels so that it is easy to adjust. This mode can be set manually or using the available remote control.

The advantages of Sanyo REF-B130

  • The slimmer shape makes it suitable for small spaces
  • There is a sleep mode
  • Already equipped with an ionizer
  • Has 3 fan speed levels
  • Can be set manually and automatically
  • Official warranty for 1 year

Disadvantages of Sanyo REF-B130

  • There are no wheels at the bottom
  • The price is quite expensive

Price Sanyo REF-B130

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 1,015,000
Tokopedia IDR 1,000,800
Shopee Indonesia IDR 1,250,000
Bukalapak IDR 1,550,000
Lazada Rp 949,000 30% discount

  • 5. Sharp PJ-A26MY-B


The Sharp PJ-A26MY-B is arguably the best sharp air cooler brand with satisfying reviews from its users. This one brand is really a favorite because it is not only proven to be efficient and durable but has many advantages and the price is affordable.

The water tank capacity is quite large, namely 6 liters, with the addition of ice, this water cooler is even able to make the temperature in the range of 3-5 degrees Celsius. The installed auto swing lovers make the air spread horizontally so that it can cool the whole room.

Advantages of Sharp PJ-A26MY-B

  • The bottom is equipped with wheels
  • The price is friendly
  • Equipped with the latest filter technology
  • Friendly price
  • Sharp official warranty for 1
  • year responsiveremote controller
  • Available in 2 colors, namely black and white

Disadvantages of Sharp PJ-A26MY-B

  • Not suitable for small rooms
  • The air cooler is large enough that it requires a spacious room

Price of Sharp PJ-A26MY-B

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 755,000 15% discount
Tokopedia Rp 749,000 10% discount
Shopee Indonesia IDR 900,000
Bukalapak IDR 850.000
Lazada IDR 840,000

  • 6. Mayaka CO-023 AL

Mayaka-CO-023 AL

Mayaka CO-023 AL may be the air cooler that is needed if the house is not only hot but also a lot of mosquitoes. This one air cooler is equipped with a mosquito repellent and a strong pad system.

At the top, there is a button that can make the wind direction to the left or right. For filter problems, Mayaka CO-023 AL is HEPA certified so it is definitely safe and germ-free.

Advantages of Mayaka CO-023 AL

  • Has evaporation core technology
  • There is a mechanical button for settings
  • Can be used as a mosquito repellent
  • There are 3 speed levels
  • At the bottom there are wheels
  • Friendly price

Lack of Mayaka CO-023 AL

  • There are only 2 ice boxes
  • Quite difficult to get except in big cities

Price Mayaka CO-023 AL

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp 699,000 12% discount
Tokopedia IDR 800,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 861,000
Bukalapak IDR 778.000
Lazada IDR 823,000

  • 7. Symphony Ice Cube i AC


Symphony Ice Cube i AC may not be heard too often, but this one brand is a good ice cooler and saves electricity. Moreover, it is equipped with a timer system for up to 7 hours and a reliable alarm when the tank is empty.

For those who have problems with mosquitoes, this one product can help and comes with advanced filters so that the air quality is better. This air cooler is intended for a large room, so it is only natural that the power required reaches 105 watts.

The advantages of Symphony Ice Cube i AC

  • Very large water tank up to 17 liters
  • Equipped with dura pump technology so that the pump is more durable
  • Air cooler can be changed direction without changing position
  • Equipped with wheels at the bottom
  • Has 3 different speed levels

Disadvantages of Symphony Ice Cube i AC

  • Especially for large rooms
  • The price is quite expensive

Price Symphony Ice Cube i AC

Store Name Price Information
Blibli IDR 1,520,000
Tokopedia IDR 1,580,000
Shopee Indonesia IDR 1,200,000 20% discount
Bukalapak Rp 1,619,000
Lazada Rp –

  • 8. Gree KSWK-0502A


Gree KSWK-0502A comes with a 3D filter that is able to filter dust and bad particles, so that the air quality is healthier to breathe. Wind direction can also be changed not only right and left but up and down unlike most air coolers.

The bottom is equipped with wheels that make this one product easy to move from one room to another. Then the problem of power, it is definitely saving electricity because it only requires 65 watts.

Advantages of Gree KSWK-0502A

  • Saving electricity
  • Gree official warranty for 1 year and comes with a manual
  • The bottom has a strong wheel
  • The fan type is soft fan
  • Using 3D filter technology for filtering

Disadvantages of Gree KSWK-0502A

  • Not equipped with remote
  • The water tank capacity is only 5 liters

Price Gree KSWK-0502A

Store Name Price Information
Blibli Rp925.000
Tokopedia Rp 945.000
Shopee Indonesia Rp 950.000
Bukalapak Rp 950.000
Lazada Rp 950.000

Best Air Cooler Product Recommendations

To choose one of the best 2019 air cooler products from all the recommendations that are not only good but also energy efficient and durable above, is not an easy thing. So that various factors need to be considered, including the issue of the price offered.

The final decision, Sharp PJ-A26MY-B is the best product recommendation for this time. In terms of a very affordable price, then the various existing facilities include energy saving, equipped with remote control and a large enough tank capacity.

This one product also provides 2 color choices, namely black and white so that it can be adjusted to the design of the room. The existence of a strong wheel at the bottom also cannot be ignored because it makes it easier if you want to move it to another room.


To get an air cooler that saves electricity, is good and definitely durable, there are several things that need to be considered. This has been stated in the tips that have been shared above. Then, before deciding to buy an air cooler, there are also things to consider, such as ensuring that air circulation is running well.

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After knowing the tips, it’s easy to determine the brand of an electricity-saving air cooler that is not just good and durable. Some of the brand recommendations above can be used as a consideration in determining which one to choose.

After all the things have been discussed, it’s time to end the topic of discussion about the air cooler this time. For those who have questions, they can be submitted, or if you want to share useful information, this is also certainly allowed.

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