8 Brands of Good and Durable Electric Air Coolers

  • 3. Choose Air Cooler Size

After knowing the two main points before choosing an air cooler, it is time to choose the size of the air cooler. There are different sizes of air coolers, to choose the right one, you can pay attention to the size of the room. However, because the air cooler is portable and can be moved around, it doesn’t matter if you buy it considering all the rooms.

At the time of putting it later, as long as the air circulation is smooth, just adjust the time. For example, for a small room, do not turn it on for more than 2 hours. As for the appropriate room, it can be turned on for as long as needed.

  • 4. Pay attention to the capacity of the water and ice tanks

The capacity of the water and ice tanks in each air cooler is usually different, not necessarily the large water tank that can accommodate a lot of ice. So this really needs to be considered, lest if you need a large ice box, it turns out that the air cooler is not capable.

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