15 Best/Famous Men’s Watch Brands (Branded)


  • 3. Recognize the Color of the Leather and Band

Skin color also affects the choice of watch. Not that white people are suitable to use all types of watches, but it is recommended with bright colors to make it more visible. For Indonesian brown skin tones, it is recommended to choose neutral colors such as beige, maroon or gray.

In addition, pay attention to the type of watch strap. This will affect the use, for example, luxury watches usually use metal materials and seem heavier. Meanwhile, when looking relaxed, for example choosing the type of canvas or leather. The type of watch strap will also affect the comfort of the user.


  • 4. Adjust Wrist Size

This is what you should pay attention to before buying a watch. Small wrists, should avoid watches with a diameter above 38.5 mm. This is to avoid the impression of being too heavy and even feels loose when used.

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