10 Brands of Hair Dye Non-Damaging & Long Lasting

Coloring hair is part of the lifestyle of today’s women. There are even men who like to dye their hair color to support fashion. This hair dye brand itself is very diverse. You can easily find them in cosmetic stores and supermarkets.

Some are from local brands, some are from abroad. Of course, each brand has its own advantages. However, you have to be good at choosing which products best fit the characteristics of your hair, so as not to have a bad impact on your appearance.

Tips for Choosing Hair Dye


For those of you who want to buy hair dye products, there are some tips that must be done in order to get the best products to support hair health. First, make sure that the product you want to buy is registered with the POM to test its safety.

In addition, you can also analyze in advance the ingredients used in the hair dye itself. Make sure to always use dyes with safe raw materials. Products with hazardous raw materials should be avoided.

Also ask your relatives who may be experienced in choosing hair dyes, in order to get good product suggestions. This aims to prevent you from the risk of counterfeit products that are widely circulated in the market.

Recommended Best Hair Dye Brand for You

If you are reluctant to do some of the tips above, don’t worry because here we will provide 10 recommendations for the best hair dye brands. Immediately, here are the products that are highly recommended:

1. Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color


The first option you can choose is Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color, which carries the natural concept of its product this time. This product, which is priced at Rp. 65,000, has several natural color variants that are suitable for your daily life.

Using 3D Color Technology, Revlon provides 13 natural color variants for its consumers. This hair dye also has a luxurious and extra fragrant aroma. The texture is also very fluid and easy to apply, with plastic gloves which are a bonus inside.

2. NYU Crme Hair Color


Our other recommendation is the NYU Crème Hair Color which is priced at a minimalist price, only IDR 33,000 for each small package. This product is highly recommended for those of you who like bright colors.

NYU ensures that its products are free from the element ammonia. Even though it’s only a small amount, the use of this NYU product is more than enough to dye shoulder-length hair. Its use is also very easy, because you will be given a bonus brush and plastic gloves when you buy it.

3. John Frieda Precision Foam Color


Another hair dye brand that is no less amazing is John Frieda, with its Precision Foam Color product. Unlike other types of products, John Frieda presents hair dye with a foam concept that is very easy to use.

The texture of this dye is also very soft and can seep into the hair roots. The results of bright and natural colors are also its own advantages. Priced at a fairly affordable price, this brand has included conditioner in the product packages they sell.

4. X-pert Color Hair Spray


Another recommended product is X-pert Color Hair Spray. This product is a temporary hair dye, so it is very suitable to be used when you want to fill out an event or contest. The color that arises due to the use of this X-Pert product will disappear after shampooing.

This one product is quite cheap, because it is only priced at Rp. 40,000. However, the quality is indeed superior and practical. Perfect for those of you who like to experiment. The available color variants are also very striking and bold.

5. Miratone Conditioning Cream Color – 5BU Deep Burgundy


Another great choice for coloring your hair is Miratone Conditioning Cream Color. This product provides a very exotic dark red color option, if used by those with tan skin. This one product is only priced at IDR 36,000 in the marketplace.

It contains a pH balance that makes hair much stronger. Not only that, this Miratone product is also equipped with natural moisturizers to smooth your hair. Hair color will also look much more natural when using it.

6. Etude Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring


Another hair dye brand that is highly recommended next is Etude. This brand carries natural ingredients that are very safe for hair health. Unlike other hair dyes, the Etude brand does not mix ammonia into it. Therefore, this one dye is almost odorless.

Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring from Etude uses flower extracts that give extra natural color, with a long period of time. On the other hand, the flower extract can also make your hair healthier and stronger.

7. Sasha Hair Colorant


Another option that we also recommend for you is Sasha Hair Colorant. This product is one of the leading hair dyes at a very affordable price. Although it is priced at a low price, you don’t need to doubt the quality of this one product.

The color variants owned by Sasha products are also quite complete and you can adjust them to your individual tastes. The natural colors in Sasha’s products have been tested to be durable and do not fade. The product also includes a conditioner and a mixing spoon, to facilitate the process of using it.

8. Garnier Color Naturals Cream


The choice of brands that you can try is Garnier Color Naturals Cream. This original Indonesian product carries comfort with the use of 100 natural ingredients. So, it will not have any impact on your scalp.

Very suitable for use by those with sensitive skin. Moreover, in this one product there is a natural oil content, which makes hair more moist even under the hot sun. The color results from Garnier Color are proven to be natural and healthy.

9. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic


The next brand that is also recommended is BSY Noni with its superior product Black Hair Magic. This one product can blacken your hair to the maximum. Of course this product is also effective for covering stubborn gray hair.

Even though it has a slightly pungent smell, this product has a good impact because it gives a deep black color result. The ingredients used are also 100% natural.

10. Creative Image Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color


Creative Image Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color is the last recommendation. This one product presents an ombre feel that is so beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, only blue is available for the ombre.

Although the price is quite high in the market, this Creative Image product has many color variants that can be adjusted to your taste. The raw materials used are also guaranteed to be natural and free from peroxide, alcohol, and ammonia.

Whatever brand of hair dye you choose, make sure to use it according to the prescribed dosage and rules. Do not overdo it, because it can damage the texture and fiber of your hair.


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